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Back To Bed

Today is the first working day of 2016.  It was supposed to be my first day back at the office after the holidays, but instead it was back to bed for me.

It seems that all the fun and late nights over the last 2 weeks have finally caught up to me and I came down with a brutal cold yesterday.  It started with razor blades in my throat Saturday night, but progressed to a full blown cold yesterday.  I was up all night coughing and blowing my nose and got very little sleep.

Normally I would haul my sick self into work and suffer through the day at my desk.  Today, however, since I didn’t need to drive my son into school (he doesn’t start back until tomorrow), I took advantage and just decided to stay in bed.  I loaded up on Advil and cold meds, got cozy under the covers, and actually got a few hours of sleep.

Now, I’ve dealt with work stuff for a few hours and can hear my pillow calling me again.  Being sick sucks, but naps are fantastic!

cold meds

Hopefully this cold doesn’t stick around for too long.  I really don’t have time to be sick.

Have any secret cold remedies you can share?


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