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The Friday Five


It has been quite some time since I’ve done a Friday Five (apparently my last one was October 16!) Yikes!  Oh well…let’s get to it.

  1. I am on vacation!   Next week is March Break here in Ontario, and as has been tradition for the last 9 or so years, we are off to Okemo Mountain in Ludlow, VT for our annual ski week with friends and family.  It should be an interesting trip, since the weather isn’t exactly cooperating for skiing.  While Okemo makes snow and has some of the best conditions in the East right now, they can’t do much when it’s well above freezing!  The snow is melting and the forecast continues to look warm for the week (those temps are in Celcius, by the way)
    okemo forecast
  2. From the slopes to the beach!  When we get back from Okemo, we are home for a day or so, and then we are off to Cuba for a week of fun in the sun.  We went to Cuba last year with some friends in May, and they wanted to go back.  This week works well since Easter is in there, so the kids only miss a few days of school.   We are going back to the same resort – Iberostar Mojito.  It is not the best resort we have ever been to, but it’s cheap, clean and will do the trick.  We had a good time there last year, so we’re pretty confident we will again.  Two more families are joining us this year, so we are pretty much guaranteed to have a good time!. Can’t wait for this view again!
  3. We are smack in the middle of the CrossFit Open.  Tonight I will be hitting Friday Night Lights at our gym to do 16.3.
    This should be an interesting one, since I’m pretty sure I can’t do a bar muscle up.  I’ve actually never done a jumping chest to bar pull-up either, so that will keep things fun!  I’m thinking I will end up going scaled for this, although, there have been lots of video’s posted on the gym facebook page of people getting their first bar muscle ups, so I may have to take a little time to give that a try.  I’m pretty sure I can be at least this graceful: (click the image to be taken to the’s quite funny)
    16.3 graceful

  4. I’ve been a reading machine!  While my blogging record for the year has been pitiful, my reading game has been on point!  I finished my 20th book early this morning (after midnight while reading before going to sleep).  I’ve enjoyed all but one book that I read.  I did not like book 19 – How Should A Person Be, by Sheila Heli.  I just couldn’t get into it.  I thought about stopping, but it was supposed to be good, and I saw it on a list of 21 books from the last 5 years every woman should  by the Huffington Post, so trudged through.  I was so happy to finally be done.  In the end, I have no idea how a person should be!
  5. I’m hoping to stick to my macro plan while on vacation.  I’ve been doing a pretty good job lately of sticking within my macro ranges.  The scale has not been plummeting, but I’m feeling pretty good, sleeping like a rock, and feeling strong in the gym.  I realize that there will be some indulgences on vacation (beer and Vermont Sharp Cheddar while at Okemo) and blender drinks in Cuba, but I’m hoping I can eat well around those treats.  I’m also going to pack my workout gear for both trips. I know for a fact I will have to do at least 1 workout in Cuba since 16.5 happens while I’m there and scores need to be submitted before I get back.  I’ve got my fingers crossed that it’s a simple workout since I’m going to be at the mercy of the resort gym.  I’ve looked online, and from what I can tell, they have a rowing machine and some “free weights” which I hope means barbell and plates.  Dave Castro, if you are reading this, please make 16.5 7 minutes of burpees, then I won’t need any equipment at all!

Happy Friday, everyone.

If you are doing the Open, how’s it going so far?  

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50 Things That Make Me Happy

In keeping with my one post a month trend, I’m getting March out of the way today 🙂

Despite not writing my blog, I am still reading other blogs daily.  Last week I read Jill Conyers post “50 Things that make me very happy“.  I thought it was a great idea to take the time to actually think about what makes me happy.

being happy

Since my blog it called My Pursuit of Happiness and Skinny Jeans, I figured I should probably actually write them down.  So, here are my 50 things, in no particular order.

  1. my husband
  2. my kids
  3. the rest of my family
  4. my friends
  5. CrossFit
  6. my cats
  7. fresh sheets on the bed
  8. Corona
  9. watching my kids play hockey
  10. Beach vacations
  11. a good burger
  12. sweet potato fries
  13. Buffalo chicken sandwiches
  14. going for walks with my husband
  15. singing in the car with my kids
  16. girls’ weekends
  17. reading
  18. going golfing
  19. Sunday dinner potlucks
  20. good hair days
  21. our March Break ski trip to Vermont
  22. Starbucks Chai Latte
  23. bonfires at the cottage
  24. nice pens
  25. fresh notebooks
  26. movie night with the family
  27. scrapbooking
  28. sleeping in
  29. being able to do new things at CrossFit
  30. date night with hubby
  31. lying on the couch watching golf on Sunday afternoons
  32. going for a massage
  33. foot rubs
  34. sitting on our front patio watching the world go by
  35. leftovers
  36. Bon Jovi concerts with my sister and friends
  37. driving with the sunroof open
  38. when my kids come give me a hug before they go to bed
  39. cooking for my family
  40. when my kids request a clean/healthy dinner
  41. when my kids put their laundry away
  42. holiday week at the cottage
  43. sitting on the dock at the cottage
  44. when my kids look at my scrapbooks
  45. getting caught up on laundry
  46. evening drives in the Miata with hubs in the summer
  47. a tall glass of diet Pepsi with ice
  48. a good night’s sleep
  49. a roaring fire on a weeknight
  50. double-unders in a WOD

It felt good to write this list. Most days, life is hectic and we can forget that really, in the big picture, things are pretty good.  I encourage you to take a few minutes and write down 50 things that make you happy.  If you do make a list, feel free to come back and link to it in the comments.  

I’d love to hear what makes you happy.


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