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Totally Random Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, everyone! It’s time for another

Here are some of the random things going on in my world.

1. I’ve got 2 training runs under my belt. I ran just over 5k on both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday’s run started out sucking HUGE, but ended not too badly. Sunday’s run was pretty good. I didn’t hate it…and that’s a win in my books! My hips and hamstrings were killing me for a couple days. I had forgotten how much running messed with my body. Hopefully as I get back into it the aches and pains won’t be as bad. I’ve been foam rolling and trying to stretch a bit, and things seem back to normal now. My next run is scheduled for Friday. I’m actually looking forward to it!


2. I’ve got new CrossFit shoes! Most of my shoes are running shoes. These are not great shoes for CrossFit. Apparently they put your body weight more toward your toes and you want your weight in your heels for lifting. I had seen lots of people at the box wearing and talking about about Reebok Nanos. So, I did a bit of research online and and found the following on the Reebok website:

Product Information
Introducing the world’s first shoe designed and developed by and for CrossFitter’s. With enough stability to keep you grounded while lifting, a minimalist platform and enough cushioning for cardio and endurance movement, this lightweight training shoe is is the perfect PR breaking companion. U-Form technology gives this shoe a proven custom fit, and the carbon rubber outsole and side wall lug wraps provide durability for any movement. Now go climb a rope. (source:

On the weekend I hit the Reebok store just down the street and was happy to find they had the Nanos in stock. So, I am the proud owner of some sweet CrossFit shoes!


3. I took my new CrossFit shoes for a test drive tonight! I went to the 6:30 CrossFit class tonight. We started with some handstand push up work. Since this was a Fundamentals class, we were all pretty new to CrossFit and no one could really do a handstand pushup. Our coach worked with us and broke down the move. We started doing headstand tripods, moved onto lifting our legs off our knees, learning to kip into a plank from a headstand, and then progressed to trying to kip up the wall, and then finally doing a handstand. I can do the headstand tripod no problem, and raise my legs up. Kipping from a headstand to a handstand is hard, and I’m not really able to do it. I am able to step up into a handstand and do a little tiny push up. Now that I know what I should be doing, I can practice a bit at home and hopefully get better at them.

After working on the HSPU, we moved onto the WOD. The WOD today was 50 Kettlebell swings followed by a push up/pull up ladder of 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10. Because we took a bit longer than probably planned with our HSPU work, we only had about 10 minutes left in class for the WOD. Given this, our coach changed it to 25 swings and then the ladder. I can’t do a pull up yet, and either could lots of others in the class, so we did jumping pull ups. I had never done those before…they are way better/easier than pull ups with a band! I did my 25 swings (with a blue KB…not sure how much it weighs…I will have to check next time!) then worked through the ladder. It was tough and I was dripping by the time I finished. When I was done, there was still time left in the 10 minutes allotted for the workout, so I did another 25 swings to get the full 50 of the original WOD. I finished in 9:12…and my new shoes were awesome!

4. My healthy snacks are hitting the spot!. On the weekend I made no bake chocolate coconut cookies and dark chocolate date bars. Having these at work as a healthy snack option is awesome. It satisfies my hunger and both of these are like having a treat.


Now, as usual, it is late and I need to get to bed. I’ve got another busy day at work tomorrow and I’m hitting CrossFit for the 7:30pm class, so I need a good night’s sleep!

Until tomorrow! Hope your Tuesday was Totally Random!

Do you have any special CrossFit workout gear? I’m loving my new shoes! I think I might need to get a CrossFit t-shirt next!


I Did It!

I went for a run today! As I had planned, I ran home from my son’s hockey game this morning. I wasn’t expecting much out of this run, I just wanted to get it done.

I have to admit, this was not an easy run. During the first kilometre I was having an internal conversation with myself. Here are some of the things that I was saying to myself during that first, horrible kilometre:

  • Why do you do this to yourself?
  • This half marathon is a very bad idea…you will not be ready in time.
  • You can just go get the race kit and skip the actual race.
  • Running SUCKS!
  • You might be able to tell…I didn’t much enjoy that first kilometre! But after that, it did improve slightly. My thoughts were still not the most positive, but I started to think I actually might make it all the way home! In the end, it took me 37:46 to run 5.14km.

    The run broke down like this:

    Km 4 was a rough one, with an uphill climb so I allowed myself to walk the hill, which made for a pretty bad pace, but I’m pretty happy with the 3rd km….that is race pace for me! Overall, although I did not break any land-speed records, and I was not able to run the whole 5k, I was pretty happy with my run. It didn’t suck as much as I thought it would!

    I wore my Polar heart rate monitor for the run. I’m not exactly sure what my target heart rate is supposed to be, but I’m pretty sure it’s not supposed to be as high as mine was during the run. Also, there were no fat burning minutes, which is a first for me while wearing the HRM. I was impressed that both my HRM and Run Keeper both had the same calorie burn (although I forgot to start my HRM right away so the times don’t exactly match).


    I was smiling at the end of the run, which is a good thing I guess! I’m not sure if I’m smiling because I was happy with the run, or if I’m just happy it was over!


    The rest of my day was spent watching my other son’s hockey game, shopping for some workout clothes, and making another new Clean Eating recipe. Tonight I made Pork Chops with Peppers, Onions, and Olives. This recipe was easy and quite good. It also made enough for a couple of leftover meals!


    Tomorrow I’ve got kid’s hockey at 9am and again at 2:15pm. The plan is to go for another run between hockey games. I also need to do meal and snack planning for the week. My workouts are already planned with 3 CrossFit classes, 2 hockey games, and at least 2 runs.

    I better get to bed so I’m ready to get up and cheer at hockey. We need to win to guarantee we make championship weekend.

    Goodnight, all. Hope your Saturday was a good one.
    Did you run today? How did it go?


    A Feel Good Story

    We can all learn a little something from this story. Amazing.


    Holy Hectic Day, Batman!

    Today was GO GO GO all day.  Work was busy, but good.  I got a lot of things accomplished and settled with a couple of big studies I have going on, and the day flew by.  All was good….and then I got in the car to pick the kids up at school and drive home.

    Things quickly turned to crap..  It is usually about a half hour to 45 minute drive home, so I was not too impressed with tonight’s 2 hour trip.

    To help pass the time, the kids and I tried to get Siri to say funny things.  We asked her to talk dirty to us.  She talked about compost and garbage and said she would find the nearest dump for us.  We’ve done this at home a couple of times, but apparently the kids we drive have never “played’ with Siri and they thought it was hilarious.  We went through the usual games to play with Siri…asking how many peppers did Peter Piper pick….what happened to Humpty Dumpty…how much wood could a woodchuck chuck…you know, the usual!  

    Siri could only entertain us for so long…then we started channel surfing.  Normally I listen to Q107… everyday, all the time.  Tonight, since I was trying to do something to make the drive less painful as we were crawling along so slowly and making no progress at all (and because they were talking to some rock star who I couldn’t understand at all on Q at the time), we hit all the channels I never listen to, but the kids knew every song they played.  All that new age pop crap.  I can’t stand it, but they sang along and had a great time.  2 hours after I left my office,we pulled into the SuperStore parking lot where we meet for our carpool and I dropped off the kids. 

    The snow isn’t even that bad yet.  It’s supposed to start getting really bad over night and tomorrow morning.  We made the decision at work to call tomorrow a snow day and we are all working from home.  So, since I’m not driving into work, all the carpool kids get a snow day too. 

    snow day

    I made it home just in time to hit the bathroom, grab one of my no-bake coconut cookies, grab my gear and head out to hockey.  I was glad I was able to go play.  We had fun, I got 2 goals, and we won!  Yay Crushers! 

    i love hockey

    Food wise, was so so today.  Clean breakfast of sausage egg muffins (so yummy!).  Lunch was out with colleagues to catch the last day of Winterlicious.  We went to Linda Thai restaurant at the Shops at Don Mills. I forgot to take pictures off all the courses…but did remember for dessert – sticky rice with mango.  Delicious!  skicky rice

    Dinner as I mentioned earlier was a cookie before hockey.  Not surprisingly I was a little hungry when I got back home, so I made some coconut popcorn to eat while I wrote this post and watched Grey’s and Big Bang,

    Now, my bed is calling me and I’m very excited to get a little sleep-in since no one is rushing to catch a bus or meet carpools (we are really hoping they cancel busses so my little guy doesn’t have to go in either).  Fingers crossed we all get a good sleep.

    Until tomorrow.

    How was your drive home from work?
    Are you ready for “snowmageddon”?

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    9 minutes and 23 seconds.

    It was 9 minutes and 23 seconds of hell.

    It was 9 minutes and 23 seconds of awesome!

    Tonight was my CrossFit intro class….and I loved it!

    After a quick chat with Michelle, my coach for the session, about what I would be doing tonight, and signing the waiver (letting them off the hook if I dropped dead during the workout!), it was into the “box” to get to it.

    We started with a 500m row to get warmed up.  Then we went through each of the exercises we would be doing in the workout.  We did air squats, sit ups, push-ups, and pull-ups.  We did a few of each move to make sure I had correct form and make any adjustments needed to ensure I would be able to do the move without doing any damage to my old bones!

    So, the workout that I was to be doing, for time, was:

      • 500m row
      • 40 air squats – squatting down so my butt just touched a medicine ball
      • 30 sit-ups – with hands touching floor behind my head and then touching my toes
      • 20 push-ups – boy style with a hand raise (touching my chest all the way down to the ground, lifting my hands briefly off the floor to give them a rest, then pushing back up off the ground)
      • 10 pull-ups – I needed the assistance of a band to be able to do these

    It was 3-2-1…GO!  The row was good, and I completed it in 2:19 – which was right where Michelle wanted me to be.  Steady, without over exerting myself, since there would be a lot of workout left. 

    After the row it was right into squats.  I’ve been doing air squats in my Bob Harper workouts, but I’m pretty sure I don’t usually get down as low as I went tonight.  I learned that when I squat, my knees fall to the inside a bit, so Michelle had me think about trying to push the mat apart with my feet.  This made sure my knees couldn’t “cave” and actually made the squats a bit easier. 

    Next came 30 sit-ups and I have to say I rocked them.  For me, this was definitely the easiest part of the workout.

    The push-ups were a challenge since I can’t really do a push-up from my toes…well maybe 3 or 4.  So we modified these to the push-up with a hand raise. This gave my arms/shoulders a chance to rest during each push-up.  They were tough, but I made it through.

    Last came the pull-ups.  This was the part I was most dreading since I can’t do a pull-up!  But, with the assistance of the band, I managed to squeak out 10.  The first 6 were okay, not easy, but okay.  The last 4 we planned to do 2 sets of 2…but I couldn’t put 2 of them together…so I did 4 sets of 1, with a short rest in between.  I did 2 other ones that didn’t count since I couldn’t get my chin over the bar Sad smile.

    In the end, it took 9 minutes and 23 seconds for me to complete the workout.  I’m pretty pleased with that time.  Before we started Michelle said my goal was to finish in under 10 minutes.  I did it…and I can’t wait to do it again!

    I signed up for a 1 month membership, that allows me 3 visits a week, to see how it goes.  I will need to be organized and be sure I schedule my time well.  The way CrossFit works is you sign up in advance for the classes.  You can sign up for classes up to a week in advance.  This will be good for me and I will be able to build my meals around this new schedule.

    Each day on the CrossFit Central Newmarket website they post the workout of the day – “WOD” – as well as what the WOD will be for the next day.  I have already signed up for Friday’s Fundamentals class at 5:30.  I will be checking the website tomorrow to see what my Friday workout will be!

    I’m super pumped to go back on Friday and see how it goes.  If I can fit it in between hockey games, I’d like to go to Saturday’s 11:30 class as well. 

    When I got home from CrossFit I ate dinner.  I didn’t want to eat before I went for my session – no sense puking on the first night!  So, I ate when I got home.  Hubs had made taco salad since the kids had been asking for it all week.  He put mine in the fridge for me and it was awesome! So tasty:
    taco salad

    After getting the kids to bed, I started to write this post, and still wanted a little something to eat.  I remembered that I had found a recipe for some Dark Chocolate Chip & Walnut No-Bake Coconut Cookies.  I bought all the needed ingredients on the weekend and just needed the right time to make them….and this was the right time!  I followed the recipe, but added in a couple of handfuls of raw shelled pumpkin seeds just because I had some in the cupboard and my package of coconut wasn’t quite 2 cups, so the “dough” was a bit runny.  I put them into the freezer to set and then forgot about them….until hubs came home from his meeting and said he wanted a snack.  To the freezer I went….
    chocolate treats

    They were awesome and hit the spot.  I had 1, hubs had 2, and I’ve got 22 other ones in the freezer for when the chocolate craving hits. 

    How was your Wednesday?
    Did you do anything that scared the crap out of you?
    Did you love it as much as I did?


    Testing 4, 5, 6

    So, my earlier test to post a video was a fail.  I have no idea what is going on and why it won’t work.  I downloaded the video plug-in and followed the instructions, but nada.  No video.

    So, I’m trying again from a different computer….let’s see…

    Well….there looks like there might be something there…not sure what…it only looks like a box with a grey outline.  Guess we will see after I post.

    I’m going to try one more thing that my sister suggested.  She said to email the link to myself and then copy and paste it in from there.  So, here goes…

    Not sure if either of these are going to work.  Now they both look like they are going in a hyper links.  I want them to go in as videos.  I’ve done it before from within wordpress,  Hopefully I can figure out how to do this within WLW.  I guess we’ll see in a minute…clicking publish.  Fingers crossed!

    UPDATE:  YAY!!!  The first way worked!  Hopefully I will be able to do this from my regular computer.


    Testing 1, 2, 3

    This is a test, this is only a test!

    I’ve been on Google looking for answers on how to post video in Windows Live Writer.  I’ve found a few things that might work, so this is a test post to see what works…or doesn’t. 


    If this works, it will be the quickie kettlebell workout from Fitness Blender that I did last night.

    If not, it is useless text in my post.

    Here goes nothing…clicking on publish…

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    My Three Things

    As part of my Elf for Health Challenge, my task for last Wednesday was to look in the mirror and find 3 things that I like about myself.  I have been avoiding this challenge.

    look in the mirror

    Despite making some changes and improvements in the past 10 months, most days when I look in the mirror, I tend to see things that still need work.  So, finding three things that I like is a different way of thinking for me.

    I probably shouldn’t be so hard on myself, but that’s just the way it is.  I will try to work on that in 2013!

    Anyways, the three things that I like are:

    1. My crazy, curly hair.  I have finally learned to embrace the curl.  It also helps that I have a great cut that let’s the curls go wild.  The curlier the better.  It is no maintenance hair and I spent maybe 2 minutes on it in the morning.
    2. My eyes.  I like the colour of them…hazel with gold flecks.  They are kind of neat.  Now if only I could get rid of the bags that seem to permanently be under them, that would be great!
    3. My curves.  I have accepted the fact that I will never be a “skinny” person.  I’m just not built that way.  I have curves.  My goal now is to make the curves look as good as possible.

    cat lion mirror

    What do you see when you look in the mirror?

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    I’ve Been MIA

    Holy cow! I haven’t written a blog post since Wednesday.  I think this is the longest stretch of days that I’ve gone without writing since I started this blog back in March. 

    Thursday I had a parent-teacher interview with my little guy’s teacher and then hockey.  By the time I got home, I didn’t have the energy to write a post.  Friday, I planned on writing my usual Friday Five post, but then I got away from work late and was heading out for a girl’s weekend and ran out of time before I had to go meet my friends to hit the road.

    So, here is an update on what’s been going on with me.

    1.  I have signed up to be an Elf for Health
    elf for health

    This is 6 week challenge being run by Elle at Nutritionella and Lindsay at Lean Green Bean.  The challenge pairs people – Elves – together to help each other stay on track as we approach the holiday season.  There are prizes for “Best Elf” and Elle and Lindsay have gotten some great sponsors to jump on board and provide prizing for the various winners.  Unfortunately since I live outside the USA, I’m not eligible to win any of the prizes, but I’m looking forward to completing the daily challenges, “meeting” new bloggers, and having support to stay on track with my diet and fitness goals as we get into the crazy holiday season.  The first challenge for tomorrow is have a “Meatless Monday”.  I’ll have to find a good veggie recipe to make for dinner tomorrow.

    2.   I completely fell of the workout and clean eating wagon this weekend.  I went away for a girl’s weekend with 6 friends.  We went up the Blue Mountain in Collingwood and stayed at a beautiful 3 bedroom condo in the village.  We try to get away as a group a couple of times a year, and hitting Collingwood in late November or early December has become one of our regular trips.  As usual, we had a very good time!  We did a bit of shopping, we hit the giant outdoor hot tub, we ate lots of tasty snacks (none of which are clean) and we drank like fish!  I am a bit worried about what the scale will say when I step on it tomorrow morning.  I’m not going to get too hung up on whatever the number may be.  I’m sure any weight that I might have gained will drop off in a couple of days after I get back on track with my food and workouts.

    3.  I missed my workouts on Friday and Saturday.  I’m a bit bummed about this, but not going to beat myself up about it.  Life happens and having a fun weekend away with my best girls was totally worth missing a couple of workouts.  I will see if I can double up a couple times this week to get caught up.  Over the weekend my free subscription to that I got with the Mamavation Challenge came to an end.  I think I will sign up for at least another month and see how I do.  I really enjoyed the workouts.  They were quick, intense, and effective…which is exactly what anyone would want in a workout!

    I hope you all had a good weekend. 

    I’m off to hit my Clean Eating magazines to find a meatless recipe for tomorrow’s Elf for Health challenge.  Got any suggestions of something I could try?


    Countdown to Race Day: 2


    Oh boy! 

    Here’s today’s race thought of the day:


    I am so ready to be AWESOME!!


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