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14.5 Recap

This post is a bit late…but I had a busy weekend and I ran out of time yesterday too.  Anyways, better late than never…here is my recap of 14.5.

So, I was dreading this bad boy pretty much from the second it was announced.  Not that it was a great surprise. Everyone knew it would be Thrusters and Burpees…Even Dave Castro teased us pre-14.5 with a little video on the CrossFit Games Instagram feed (click image to be taken to the video):
castro 14.5

“Everybody know what we’re gonna be feeding them tonight…but nobody has a clue to how we’re gonna serve it.”

I was playing hockey when 14.5 was announced and actually forgot to check the announcement for a while after I got home.  I was not too impressed to see this: 
14.5 wod

You can read about my pre-WOD nervousness here, but what I wrote on Friday afternoon, was nothing compared to the nerves I had when I got to the Box. 

I signed up on the run sheet and picked lucky #13. This seemed like a good spot for me to choose. It’s my hockey jersey number and it just seemed to be the place for me on the run sheet.  I wasn’t in the first group to start, but would be replacing one of the first people finished their WOD, taking their station on the gym floor.

I started my warm up with a 500m row, did some work with the foam roller and lacrosse ball, and then the usual stretches and warm ups we do. I did some work with the PVC pipe to get my shoulders warm, did some squats, and then a few empty bar thrusters and a couple at 65#.  In regular WODs with thrusters I use 45#, so jumping to 65# was pretty scary.  Those 65# thrusters were tough and once again I started to doubt if I could do 84 of them.

Watching the first group do the WOD didn’t do much for my confidence either.  People looked like they were suffering even on the first round. I started to get even more nervous and really doubted if I would be able to do this WOD. 

When Coach Ryan called my name and told me I was up, I was a giant bundle of nerves.  I really didn’t know if I could do it.  I even got a little teary as I got to my station.  The thought of 84 65# thrusters just got to be too much. A couple of the coaches, Savannah and Katrina, both came over and gave me a hug and told me I could do it.  My judge, Simon – who I had as my judge for 14.4 too, gave me a little pep talk as well.  Then he started the 3-2-1 countdown, I wiped my tears away, and picked up the bar for the first time.  I cleaned it up and then got my focus and did the squat part of the thruster – that’s not the hard part for me…the tough part is the press part, since I couldn’t stop and push press it up…it had to be one fluid movement.  Well, I did the first one and thought how the hell am I going to do 20 more for this first round, let alone 83 more for the whole WOD.  I think I may have done 4 or 5 thrusters and then had to put the bar down.  Simon was great at encouraging me and I picked the bar up and did 3 more thrusters before I had to put it down again.  Then Simon said something like “those three looked good..nice and strong…just keep doing that…3 at a time”.  And that’s exactly what I did…the rest of them were done in sets of 3 for the entire rest of the WOD. 

The burpees were actually my recovery time.  I had watched a video earlier in the afternoon that had someone doing a burpee with jumping out and back and someone stepping out and back beside each other.  The step burpee was a little slower, but not all that much. It’s not like I would be posting one of the top times, so, I decided on step burpees for each round.  I stepped out and back and was able to go unbroken in each set, never needing to stop and rest during the burpees.

The round of 15 was the worst round for me.  I had already done so many thrusters by then and still had so many to go.  But, I had a great cheering section and my thruster strategy and I just kept plugging away 3 at a time. 

Finally, I got to the last round of 3 thrusters…thank God!  They were tough, but I managed. Only 3 burpees and I would be done.  I actually jumped them out and back and they were probably the fastest three burpees I’ve ever done.  I just wanted it to be over.  When I finally hopped over the bar that last time, I let out the biggest yell!  I did it!  Kat and Sav were both there to give me the biggest celebratory hug, and my friend Nikki, who was already finished, gave me a big high five, and I think I may have even hugged Simon!  I was so happy! 

My time was not the fastest posted in our Box that day, nor was it the slowest, and even if it was I’m not sure I would have cared. I finished!  I did 84 65# thrusters!!! 14.5 score 
After I finished, I stayed to cheer on fellow athletes and then watched the coaches do the WOD.  It was so amazing to see them kill this WOD.

As a reward for 14.5, hubby and I were planning to go out for beer and chicken wings. Turns out a few others were planning on doing that too. We met them at the bar and we had a fun night chatting about life and CrossFit and I stuffed myself with chicken wings and enjoyed a few nice, cold Coronas!  I was one happy CrossFitter!

14.5 was one of the hardest things I have done at CrossFit..maybe even the hardest so far.  It took me outside my comfort zone, but also showed me that I need to have more confidence in my abilities.  It wasn’t easy, but I finished…and for that, I am proud!

Did you do 14.5?
How did it go?


Psyching Myself Up For 14.5

I have pretty much been freaking out about tonight’s 14.5 WOD since it was announced last night.
14.5 wod

Thankfully I was able to distract myself with work for a good part of the day, but since I got home from work around 3:30, I have been getting more and more anxious about this killer WOD.

It’s just Thrusters and Burpees…but it’s lots of them, and the thrusters are at a weight that I’ve only done a few sets at 55# before.  I have been watching a few videos for tips on how to make the thrusters easier.  Hopefully some of them will have sunk in and I can put them into action when it’s my turn for the workout.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the burpees will be the best part of this workout!  and that is INSANE!

I have no expectation about my finish time.  I will be happy if I can actually make it to the end of the WOD.  I just have to remember…
I can do hard things

I’ll update later and let you know how it goes!

Wish me luck!



14.5 was announced tonight.  No great shocker it is thrusters and burpees…and lots of them.

No time limit!  I may be spending the whole night at CFNC trying to finish this bad boy.

I need to go to bed and pray to the CrossFit Gods that by 6:30 tomorrow night I can suddenly do a 65# thruster.

I’M FREAKING OUT!!!  I wish I was 55 years old…I might have half a chance.


The Friday Five: V-Day CrossFit Competition Edition


1.  Last night was the big V-Day Partner Competition at CrossFit Groundworx.  This was my first CrossFit comp and I did it with my friend, Marina, who is a member of the CrossFit where the comp was held. 

To say I was a bundle of nerves all day yesterday would be an understatement. All day I worried if I was eating enough, of the right things, to make it through 3 tough WODs.  I felt like I ate all day!  Good breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, another snack, quick dinner and then off to the comp. Of course, after dinner I was worried that I ate too much, too close to the first WOD.  In the end it was okay..Pukie did not make an appearance. 

There were 11 teams in total and Marina and I were in the 3rd and final heat, so we had lots of time for things to settle before it was out turn at each WOD.

2.  WOD #1:
vday wod #1

This WOD was TOUGH!  Initially I was worried about the person carry, but we just did piggy backs and that was actually the easiest part of the WOD.  The wheelbarrow was awkward, but not too bad.  The burpees were the worst!  If the burpee didn’t suck enough, holding the plank while the other partner jumped over you and did the burpee was hard too.  (I really need to work on my core!)
dear burpees
Marina’s husband and daughter came to watch the first WOD and got a few pics of us in action:
person carry 1wheelbarrowperson carry 2burpee

We didn’t finish all 5 rounds before the time cap ran out.  I think we got through 3 and a bit???

3.  WOD #2:
vday wod #2

This WOD was FUN!!  We killed the partner deadlifts.  135# felt like nothing with the two of us on the bar.  I’ve got a nice bruise on my knee where it got whacked by the bar on the way up a few times since we were going so fast and I didn’t move my knee out of the way in time!  The box jumps were good…I even jumped down, which I never do – normally I would step down, but I wanted to get down as quickly as possible so Marina could jump up.  The abmat sit-ups were good too.  We got in a good rhythm and just kept moving.  I think this was my favourite WOD of the night.

4. WOD #3:
comp wod 3

This one had both of us worried all night.  It seemed like so many things to get through before the wall balls, which were the only thing that counted towards our score.  In the end, we killed this one too.  We both had a good row and since Marina did the first row, she started the lunges and gave me a chance to catch by breath after the row.  I finished up the lunges and she started on the hand release push-ups.  We broke these into sets of 10 and alternated doing them.  We seemed to get these done very quickly.  Then it was onto the wall balls.  Marina started and was a total beast!  I took over when she got tired and went until my throw started to get weak, then it was back to Marina, back to me, and Marina finished up until the 7 minutes was over.  In the end we managed 77 wall balls!  I think we were both shocked by this – I know I was!  I was totally impressed since before the first heats started, I was wondering if we would even make it to the wall balls!

5.  The results:
vday wod scores

We came 5th overall!  I think that’s awesome!  They actually called the top 5 teams up when it was results time…so, while we didn’t officially make the podium, we got to stand beside it for the awards pic!  Don’t we look cute in our pink tops!
vday comp results

This was such a fun night.  I really had no idea what to expect of a competition and I think this was a great one to get my feet wet with competitive CrossFit as this was a very friendly competition.  My gym, CrossFit Newmarket Central, had a partner competition at Halloween, but I was too nervous to join.  If they have another in-box competition, I think I will sign up!

Overall, I would have to say I really enjoyed the competition.  The fact that it was a partner competition took a lot of the pressure off…especially since Marina is a BEAST and does not stop! She kept me motivated to keep moving…especially during those damn burpees! 

It was also nice to finally meet so many of the people who I have been communicating with during the Whole Life Challenge.  Many of the people doing the challenge also did the competition, so I could finally put a real person to the Facebook and WLC profile pics I see beside everyone’s posts.
Here’s the whole comp group at the end of the night.comp group shot

I will say that the comp took it out of me.  When it was over I went home, showered, stretched, did my meditation for the WLC, and then crashed hard.  I was too tired to even read.  I slept like a rock.  I guess 3 WODs in one night takes it’s toll on a body. 

Today I feel great…and ready to get back to the Box for today’s WOD.  This is what I have waiting for me at 5:30:
wod feb 14

More double unders – yay!  Some days I have these, and some days I don’t.  On the days they work, I’ve gotten 75, 84, 92 and 95.  My goal is to get to 100 in the two minutes.  Maybe today is the day!

The rest of the WOD should be okay…although things that look okay on paper often suck huge when you actually do them!  I like box jumps and I am working on my HSPU, so I’m excited to see if I can do 3 sets of 15.  I’m sure I will need to break the 15 up each round…but that’s okay!

I think after CrossFit, I will get hubs to take me out for a very romantic chicken wing dinner at a local sports bar, where we can watch Olympics and pig out!  After that, if I can stay awake, maybe we can finally watch Love Actually.  Sounds like a nice, low-key Valentine’s date to me!

happy vd

Have you ever done a CrossFit competition?

Got big plans with your honey for Valentine’s Day?

Happy weekend!  It’s a long weekend for us here in Ontario…wohoo!


The Sunday Seven

I had good intentions of writing a few posts between my last one on Tuesday and this one now, but things seemed to be busy and it just didn’t happen. So, I’m dumping a lot into this post and going for another Sunday Seven!

1.  The first week of Elf for Health is over.  Of the 7 challenges that we had to do this week, I completed 6 of them. 

I went meatless for a few meals on Monday, I unsubscribed from a bunch of emails that I never really read, I played telephone tag with my mom, I drank tons of water, I treated myself to new sunglasses (more on that later), and I did 100 burpees today (more on that later too!).  I did not do a new workout.  Well, I sort of did, since every CrossFit workout is new, but I didn’t get to it on Wednesday and I had planned on doing a kettlebell workout on my own.  It didn’t happen.  Maybe one day this week I will squeeze it in to get caught up.

2.  Last night we went to see Pink.  We surprised the kids with tickets to the Pink concert yesterday. 
photo 1 (4)

We had tickets to her last show when she came to Toronto, but it was on March Break and we were going to be in Vermont skiing, so we sold them to my friend.  Hubs found out she was coming back to town and we got tickets off of StubHub.  They were okay seats – first row of the third level, straight out from the stage.  No close, but not in the nose bleeds.  We did almost get up close and personal during the last song as Pink flew around the arena on some crazy contraption.  Here ‘s a pic and a little video I took with my phone – so not the best quality.
photo 3 (1)

I really need to learn how to take video with my phone!

The concert was great. Jacko asked if we could go see her show tomorrow night too.  Funny kid! 

3.  Speaking of funny kid….check out Jacko’s photo bomb. 
photo 4 (1)

I guess while I was in line in the women’s washroom, a bunch of ladies were taking their picture near the Raptor’s dancers picture.  Apparently one of them was/is an Argo’s cheerleader and they wanted a pic with the dancer picture.  Jacko just jumped right in and looked right at the camera.  They thought it was hilarious and were talking to Rory when I finally finished in the washroom.  (holy post concert line up!).  Anyways, they loved Jack (and who doesn’t!), and thought it was funny that he jumped into their picture, and they offered to email it to us.  The kid knows how to make friends!

4.  I stumbled into new sunglasses this weekend! Hubs asked me to go with him to help him pick out new glasses since he recently had his prescription updated.  We found him a great pair of Oakley frames that look very sharp on him.  While he was doing measurements for fitting, I was taking a look around at the various frames and sunglasses.  I usually wear sporty sunglasses – plastic frames and not very expensive.  I’ve been thinking I need a pair of “grown up” sunglasses for a while, but never found any that I liked.  Until Saturday!  I found a pair of Ralph Lauren aviators that I thought looked pretty good, and we on sale for $50 off.  Hubs and the woman helping us with hubby’s frames agreed that they looked okay, so I bought them.  Not the greatest pic…selfies suck!
photo (32)
Now I just need it to be sunny so I can wear them! 

5.  Burpees SUCK!  As you can see above, the Elf for Health challenge today was 100 burpees.  I put it off all day, but finally after dinner it was time.  I convinced hubs and the kids they should do them with me.  No one was really excited about the thought of 100 burpees, but they finally caved!  They all started….but they didn’t finish!  They got about 22-25 burpees in and decided that was enough!
photo 5

I made it all the way to 100 in 9:24.  So I was faster than my 100 burpee time from a month ago at CrossFit when I was 9:39.  And my 9:24 today includes about 15-20 seconds when I paused to put on my running shoes.  I was finding my socks too slippery on the carpet.  Not that I’m rushing into another 100 burpees anytime soon, but next time I will start with shoes on and hopefully finish in under 9 minutes.

6.  My goal for the week is to get more sleep.  I’m tired of always being tired, so my goal for the week is to go to bed earlier.  Normally I finally go up to bed close to midnight and usually don’t go to sleep as soon as I go up – damn you Candy Crush, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!  This week I am going to aim to have lights out by 11:30 – still too late, but I’m being realistic.  Here’s an infographic with tips for getting better sleep. 

Now, it’s 11:20 and I should get my butt up to bed. 

Here’s to a good week ahead.  I’ve got 3 CrossFit classes, a hockey game, and 3 Christmas parties!  Gonna be another busy week!

How’s your week looking?
Have you got any tips to getting a better night’s sleep?

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The Friday Five

Welcome to the first Friday Five of November.  This year is just flying by!


Let’s get right to it!

1.  I survived 100 burpees!  The first part of last night’s WOD was some Clean & Jerk strength work.  I got a new PR of 90 lbs. Last time we did them I only got to 75 lbs, so i was pretty happy to hit 90.  I think I could have even done more, had I more time.  It was all feeling good last night.  Hopefully we do C&J again soon so I can try to get to that magical 100 lb mark. 

After the C&J it was onto the Met Con portion of the WOD.  100 burpees!  I really was not looking forward to this.  Burpees aren’t that bad…in small quantities, but 100 with nothing in between to break them up just sounded horrible. In the end, I was the last in class to finish (nothing new there, I’m often last!), but I finished 100 burpees in 9:39.  Pretty much the whole rest of the class counted down my last 10-15 reps.  I really wanted to stop and take a break, but how could I with everyone there.  They just kept saying things like “keep moving”, “fall down and get back up”, “you got this”.  How could I stop with all that…I plugged on through and was happy that I was under 10 minutes. 

Today my shoulders are achy and it hurts to lift my arms.  Love it!

sore today

2.  Tomorrow is the finale workout for the Whole Life Challenge.  8 weeks ago I did the preliminary measurements, weigh in, and workout.  Tomorrow we go through the exact same process to see how much we improved over the last 8 weeks.  I am excited and nervous to see how I do. 

I know my scale at home shows a weight loss of about 8 lbs.  That’s great, but I’m more interested to see how my measurements have changed and if my workout score improves.  My pants are fitting better, some of them almost too big and falling off by the end of the day, so hopefully that translates into inches off my waist and hips.  The workout is the biggest unknown.  I’m feeing stronger during class, I’m still slow and will likely always be one of the slower ones, but I like that I’m feeling stronger. 

I’m hoping to see some nice improvements, but either way, I’m proud of how hard I’ve worked these last 8 weeks.  I hope to be able to keep going despite the fact that the official challenge is over.


3.  I have not had one single piece of Halloween candy!  I managed to avoid all temptation and did not eat one piece of candy yesterday.  I’m a bit surprised because I didn’t even really want to eat any!  And we had so many of my favourites!

Caramilk and Nibs are my weakness.  Normally I would eat probably 5 of each of these while I handed out candy.  Last night I didn’t even think about it. 

Thankfully, when I got home from CrossFit, every last piece had been given out to the little tick-or-treaters that came to the door, so there is nothing left for me to eat today, even if I wanted to!

4.  Tonight I’m going to see Bon Jovi with hubby and the kids.   Initially I was supposed to go with my girlfriends, but something changed that, so hubs and I decided to keep the tickets and take the kids to the show.  This will be their first concert experience.  It should be fun.  We are heading into the city early and will grab dinner somewhere, then head over to the ACC for the big show. 

5.  I’m going to see Bon Jovi tomorrow too!  This is the show that I’m going to see with my girlfriends.  We go to see him every time he comes to town.  We had tickets to tonight’s show first. Then a friend of ours offered to get us tickets to the yet-unannounced second show.  The seats she got us were much better, and we’ve heard the 2nd night is always better, so we decided the Saturday show would be the one we go to.  I had already purchased the seats for tonight’s show and thought about selling them, but then hubs and I decided we would just take the kids.  So while tonight’s show will be fun…it’s tomorrow’s show that I’m really looking forward to.

I am staring the day with my WLC workout, then my sister and I are heading to  the spa for facials and pedicures.  After the spa I will go watch my son’s hockey game…and then the fun begins.  We are heading into the city and we have booked a hotel room for the night so no one needs to drive us home!  We are planners!  We’ve got dinner booked at Real Sports, and then it’s off to the show. 

Before the show starts, Bon Jovi is being inducted in to the ACC Hall of Fame.  Tomorrow’s show will be the 17th that Bon Jovi has performed at the ACC since the building opened in 1999. There is a ceremony of some sorts before the show tomorrow, so we will be in our seats early to see that!

Here’s just one of the reasons why I love Bon Jovi:

bon jovi versace add

Oh, and he can sing too!  He’s not the greatest dancer, but we overlook that!

Do you love Bon Jovi as much as I do?

Happy Friday!
happy friday


Happy Halloween!


Tonight will be a true test of my willpower as I hand out candy to the little Trick-or-Treaters that come to my door.  Most years, I do a lot of “one for you, one for me” with the candy we give out and eat way too much junk as I sit around and wait for the doorbell to ring.

This year, since I’m doing the Whole Life Challenge, and not having any sugar or artificial ingredients, candy is big on the NO list.  Today is actually the last full day of the challenge.  Tomorrow we record our scores for today and then the finale workout Saturday morning and it’s over.  So, my goal for tonight is NO CANDY AT ALL.  Hopefully I’m successful!

To help me stay away from the junk, I have signed up for the 8:30 WOD tonight. There is no hockey tonight since it’s Halloween, but CrossFit classes are still on.  I’m hoping that knowing I need to go lift heavy shit and jump around at the Box will help keep me away from the treats.  Besides, with this as the workout ahead of me…wod oct 31…and all those burpees, I really don’t need any extra crap in my system!  I really don’t want to be a victim of this:
burpee pumplin
Happy Halloween!”
How do you stay away from all the treats?

Have you ever done 100 burpees for time?
I hope I survive!


What’s Up Wednesday

Hey!  What’s up?
what's up wednesday

How is everyone’s hump day going?  I’m looking forward to getting this work week finished.

Bon Jovi is playing 2 shows in Toronto this weekend…and I’m going to both of them!  Friday with my hubby and kids, and then Saturday with my girlfriends.  I think it will be 2 very different concert experiences, but I’m looking forward to both of them.

But, before it’s time for Bon Jovi, I’ve got 2 more days of work to get through and 2 CrossFit workouts.  Hopefully the next couple of workdays go smoothly and without too much stress.

I’m not sure I can say that about my upcoming CrossFit workouts.  Here’s what’s on tap for me the next couple of days:
Wod oct 30

100 Ring Dips!  Seriously!?!  I may not get that finished within the hour to even get to the Met Con part of the WOD!  I have been using a thin black band for my ring dips lately.  The other day for Elizabeth, we only had to do 21-15-9 and I had to break those up.  I have no idea how long or now many breaks I will need to take to do 100 of them.  Should be interesting!  I hope I survive to get to the rest of the fun.

Now as bad as 100 ring dips sound, tomorrow’s workout sounds even worse!  Check this out:
wod oct 31

Yeah…that’s 100 friggin’ BURPEES!!!  I’m looking forward to the strength part of the WOD, but those burpees are going to suck…HUGE!  The love of Burpees is all over the web:
fu burpeeshow many burpeescrossfit burpee definitonhey girl burpees

All I know for sure is that I will be rocking these bad boys Thursday night!

In other news, tonight is Jacko’s second drum lesson.  He has been practicing daily and has mastered the 3 “beats” his teacher taught him last week.  Hopefully he gets a few more things added to the practice list because all of us in the family are ready for some new “beats” to echo throughout the house!  I’ve even mastered the AC DC beat!

Well, my lunch break is over, and I should get back to work.  I will leave you with one last Burpee thing from the web:
menu burpees

What’s up with you?
Do you have a healthy hate for burpees too?


The Friday Five

Another week over…Hello Weekend!  Time for this week’s edition of …


1.  Yesterday’s WOD was killer!  It looks simple enough on paper, but holy crap…this was a rough one:
WOD oct 3

The bench press was good.  I hit a new PR of 90 lbs.  I only managed 3 unassisted reps, but that’s 3 more at that weight than I’ve done before, so I consider that a PR! 

For the Met Con, I decided to go with level 2.  That might have been a mistake, but I wanted to challenge myself. The first few rounds were good.  Managed the 6 burpees and had some decent time left in the minute to get my double unders in.  By the last 3 minutes, I only managed to get the burpees done and had no time to skip before it was time more f’ing burpees.  I was a sweaty mess by the end of 10 minutes.  My score, which was number of double unders completed, was 64.  Not great, but not too bad considering I did level 2, and only managed to skip for 7 of the 10 rounds.. 


This WOD left me exhausted and I wasn’t sure I would have any juice left for my hockey game, but once I hit the ice I felt good.  My legs are definitely stronger and my cardio is good.  CrossFit is working it’s magic on me…and I love it!

2.  I’m heading back to the Box tonight after work.  Initially I wasn’t going to go tonight, but then I saw tomorrow’s WOD and decide today would be a better day to go.  I must be out of my mind, because this is today’s WOD:
oct 4 wod

That’s right…DOUBLE FRAN! That is going to be nuts!  It’s CrossFit Newmarket Central’s 3rd birthday today, and they decided there would be no better way to celebrate than with Double Fran! 

You might be wondering what would make me pick Double Fran as the better WOD option…well, it’s a WOD with just too much running:
wod oct 5

This is a WOD created by a CFNC member.  Our September Challenge was to create a WOD that required no equipment.  The winning entry would be the WOD that we do tomorrow.  When I saw all the running in this bad boy I had a bit of a panic attack.  I am not a fan of running anymore.  I seriously can’t believe that before CrossFit I ran 6 or 7 half marathons and even a full marathon.  Now I can’t stand it.  I would much rather lift heavy shit!  So, the decision to do Double Fran was actually an easy one.  I’m sure it will be torture, but they have snacks and prizes at the Box today, so maybe I will get lucky and win something…or at least eat something tasty!

3.  I get to sleep in tomorrow!  Now that I am going to CrossFit tonight, I don`t need to get up to go to the Box tomorrow morning.  I can`t tell you how happy that makes me.  Despite getting more sleep than usual these last few weeks – with the Whole Life Challenge lifestyle challenge being 7 hours of sleep a night – I am still pretty bagged in the morning when the alarm goes off.  So being able to just sleep until I wake up on my own will be a treat.  I will likely still wake up early, but even just lying in bed relaxing will be awesome. 

4.  I`m half way through the Whole Life ChallengeToday when I logged on to do my points, it said we are on day 28, with 28 days left.  So far, I am enjoying the challenge.  For the most part, I am eating well and feeling good.  It does take a bit more planning and prep work to be prepared food-wise.  I need to make sure I’ve got leftovers for lunch and healthy snacks that I can grab quickly, but this has been going along well so far.  Hopefully I can keep it up for these next 28 days…which I think will be fairly easy to do, since I`m liking the results I`m seeing.  I`m down about 8 pounds, my clothes are fitting better (my jeans are almost too loose!), and I`m feeling good. 

5.  I found another funny video on the web.  Watch this guy scare the crap out of people working in the drive-thru. 

Some fun in the drive-thru.

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!

Got any big plans?


Things from the Web

Things from the Web has become my way to get a post out on days that I don’t have much to say, or I’m just too lazy.  Today is a lazy day!

things from the web

1.  Since starting the Whole Life Challenge, I have been eating avocados a lot more regularly.  I will buy a few on the weekend and then take them to work, to add to breakfast and lunch through the week.  Here is a handy dandy guide for how to tell if your avocado is ready to eat. 

avacadoThis comes from Boxgrl81.  Be sure to check out the full post that gives some info on why avocados are a great addition to your diet.

2.  Here’s another one from Boxgrl81.  The top 10 reasons why women should CrossFit.  Love this!
reasons why women should crossfit

3.   I have been craving sweets in the afternoon, and so far have resisted the temptation to hit the jar of M&Ms in the office pantry.  I am gong to make these little pumpkin snacks tomorrow in the hopes that they hit the spot. 
478x640xpumpkin-pie-balls-.jpg.pagespeed.ic.4UKwlzrocCThey come from Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean, so they are healthy (she’s a Registered Dietician) and I’m sure they will be delicious.  Be sure to check out her blog.  She posts awesome recipes all the time. 

Tonight is a double workout night – CrossFit at 7 and hockey at 9:30.  Here’s what I’ve got waiting for me at the Box tonight. 
WOD oct 3

I’m looking forward to the bench press.  It’s one of my better lifts.  Burpees and double unders.  Awesome!  I may have to do one of the scaled options since 10 burpees could take me almost the whole minute…especially as we get further into the WOD!  I should be good and tired for my hockey game after all that! 

Have you found anything interesting or informative on the web lately?

Do you have any healthy and tasty pumpkin recipes?  ‘Tis the season! 

And remember….there’s nothing cooler than a strong woman!

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