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Roughing It In The Woods

Happy weekend, everyone!

I’m so looking forward to this weekend!  I’m heading up north to a cottage for the weekend to scrapbook with a bunch of girlfriends.  I can’t wait!  We went up last year around this time and had a ton of fun.


Leslie, Joanne, Karen, Erin and me. Laughin’ and scrappin’!

I actually don’t have anything to scrap, since last time we were up I finished all my pictures that I had printed, and sadly haven’t done anything since then 😦   I’m only packing my laptop and portable hard drive and I’m going to use my time to go through all my pictures.  Digital cameras are great, but they lead to thousands of pictures, many not worth printing or scrapping.  And then there are all the pics I took on my iPhone…I’m dreading going through those!

I am about 5 years behind in my scrapping, which means 5 years worth of pictures to go through.  UGH!!!  My plan is to go through them all and pick the ones worth printing and get those organized into another folder, so I can send them to Costco and get them printed before we go on another scrap weekend up in Collingwood with a bigger group in November.

Nancy, our “hostess with the mostest”, has a ton of movies for us to watch, we are all bringing our phones loaded with music – there will be heavy debate whether we let Leslie play her Frank Sinatra 🙂 –  and I’m pretty sure a few beverages of the alcoholic variety may be consumed.  We are doing pot luck for the food. I’m on lunch duty tomorrow and making my favourite African Peanut Stew.  It is delicious and seems like the perfect meal given the cooler fall temperatures we’re having these days.
photo-40.jpgCan’t wait for the fun to begin!

scrap weekend

The girls: Erin, Joanne, Karen, Me, Nancy, and Leslie. Our friend Bonnie is joining us this year too!

How do you deal with all the digital pics you take?

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Countdown to Vacation!

Seems like I didn’t do so well with blog posts last week.  😦  I thought about it a few times, but then life got in the way and I did other things!

My kids are in the midst of enjoying 2 weeks up at the cottage with their Nana…so this has left hubs and I empty-nesters…and we’ve been making the most of it. Of course, when you don’t have kids to worry about, the first thing you do is…get your mind out of the gutter…the first thing I did was finally drag him to a CrossFit class!  Rory did the baseline assessment a couple of weeks ago and then initiated his 2 weeks free last Monday – on his birthday!

We went to class 3 times together last week.  The first class he was very nervous as he still didn’t know what to expect in a real class – his baseline test was done one-on-one with a coach, so this would be his first experience working out with other people around and doing the WOD.  He looked quite uncomfortable as we waited for class to start and just kept pacing around.  Once we got into class, I think he settled in quite nicely.  Coach Ernesto modified and scaled both the strength and WOD portions of the class so Rory could get a good workout in, but live to WOD another day!  At the end of class, Rory was a sweaty, exhausted mess, but admitted he liked it and finally got what I have been talking about for the last 2 years.  Once class starts, everyone works on their own thing and no one pays attention to how much or how little you lift, and they cheer and encourage you to finish the WOD. We did 2 other classes together last week and did another one yesterday.

His two weeks free is up at the end of this week and he’s got a few more workout planned.  We go on vacation next week (wohoo!), so I’m hoping when we get back, he will sign up for at least 6 months and give CrossFit a real chance.   Fingers crossed.

Aside from CrossFit class, we also enjoyed going to a movie…which we haven’t done in a long time.  I honestly don’t remember the last show we saw together in a theatre.  We went to see Trainwreck with Amy Schumer and Bill Hader.
trainwreckWe love Amy Schumer – her weekly show on the comedy network is hilarious!  We laughed out loud quite a few times and both really liked the movie.  It was a nice way to hang out and Rory liked that he didn’t have to lift anything heavier than a glass of coke and popcorn!  I didn’t realize that Amy Schumer wrote the script until I saw it in the credits.  She is a pretty talented chick!

This week the kids are still at the cottage and we are busying WODing, golfing, and dealing with a sick cat.  Ovie seems to have developed a cough. I took him to the vet yesterday and we have antibiotics and some other cough medicine for him. He does not enjoy getting his medicine.  It is a 2 person job where hubs wraps him in a blanket, trapping his paws, and I try to open his mouth and fire in a syringe full of meds.  It is quite a production!  Hopefully he improves quickly, otherwise we will need to do x-rays and blood work to the tune of $400!  Other than coughing once in a while, he seems otherwise unaffected.  Here he is helping me work from home today:
OvieTonight I’m golfing with my league and I hope we don’t melt out there!  It’s 31 Celsius, feeling like 35 with humidex (that’s 88 and 95F for my American readers!) and there is a heat warning.  We have decided we will be taking a cart tonight since it’s just too damn hot to walk, and I’m pretty sure we will be enjoying a few on course beverages.  It’s important to stay hydrated!

I will be rounding out my week with CrossFit class Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Rory is going to his first class without me tonight while I’m golfing.  Not sure when else he will go to class as he golfs tomorrow and has ball on Thursday. Hopefully he can sneak out of work a bit early and come to 4:30 class with me Friday before we pack up and head out for our annual vacation week at the cottage.  Can’t wait!

These next 3 days can’t go by fast enough for me. Come on, Friday!

How’s your week looking?
Got anything fun planned for the upcoming weekend?

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August Mile-A-Day Challenge–Day 6


6 days in and still feeling good!

August Miles:

  1. August 1:  10:34
  2. August 2:  10:05
  3. August 3:  10:14
  4. August 4:  9:44 
  5. August 5:  9:41
  6. August 6:  9:43 (cottage route)

Today I ran a little bit later, but still in the morning.  We had quite a late night last night, so it took a little while to get things going this morning. 

I had company on my run today…my sister joined me for my mile.  We ran my usual cottage mile route and we did it in 9:43, so no new record, but I seem to have settled into a fairly steady pace.  Hopefully I can keep it in this range, or maybe even just get a little quicker.  I guess time will tell!

Now I’m off to sit by the fire and cook a few s’mores.  We are having a great week up at the cottage with friends.  I’ll fill you in on all the fun later…I’m off to the fire!

Did you run your mile today? 
How did it go?  Feel free to share your time in the comments below.

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August Mile-A-Day Challenge–Day 5


It’s day 5 and things just keep getting better!  Took a few more seconds off my time.

August Miles:

  1. August 1:  10:34
  2. August 2:  10:05
  3. August 3:  10:14
  4. August 4:  9:44 
  5. August 5:  9:41 (cottage route)  

Once again, I did this run pretty much as soon as I got up.  There are a ton of people coming up to the cottage today, so I definitely wanted to get the run in before the party gets started.

I’m almost afraid to say it, but I think it might be getting easier!

Did you run your mile today? 
How did it go?  Feel free to share your time in the comments below.

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The Friday Five

Sorry this is late…This post was started on Friday and completed on Sunday…oh well….that’s life! 


Happy Friday, kids!  While I am always a fan of Friday, I’m especially excited today, since today I start a week’s vacation.  After work tonight, we pack up the car (or probably 2 cars since we have so much stuff to take with us) and head to the cottage for a week. I CAN’T WAIT!!!

1.  I’m so looking forward to spending a week looking at this view! 
dock sunsetcorona view

2.  I’m loving my new cookbook “The Paleo Kitchen”.  This is the book by paleo foodie bloggers George Bryant and Juli Bauer.  So far, I’ve made 3 dishes and they have all been amazing! 
paleo kitchen meals

3.  I am not built for speed!  I already knew this, but this past week at CrossFit has just reminded me of this.  We seem to have had lots of running in this week’s WODs.  Last Saturday and this past Monday both WODs had 1 mile runs in them. 
wod july 26july 28 wod

For the July 26 WOD I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to make it to the air squats since I can’t run a 10 minute mile.  Well, up to that point I couldn’t.  Saturday, I ran the mile in exactly 10 minutes!  I know that is still really slow, but i don’t care.  I was thrilled.  It was not easy and I disliked all 10 minutes of the run, but I finished in 10 minutes!  Wohoo!  It’s the small victories, right!

Monday’s WOD of the 1 mile run, rest 8 minutes, run 1 mile again (hopefully faster), was awful!  I did the first mile in 10:31 and it sucked.  My legs, especially my left calf, were so crampy, by the time I was done that mile, I really wasn’t sure I could do another mile.  I spent my 10 minute rest time foam rolling my calves and hamstrings and stretching out my calves as best I could.  My coach suggested maybe I only do the kilometer run for my second part, but I’m stubborn and wanted to stick to the plan. So,when my 10 minute rest time was up I headed back out the door for my second mile.  It was not fun.  It hurt and I wanted to stop many times, but I kept moving and finished my mile in 10:37.  Not faster than my first, but not all that much slower considering how hurting I was.  I got high fives from everyone left at the gym – many had already gone home before I got back from mile 2 – and although it was awful, I was happy that I did it.

3.  August Mile-A-Day Challenge. I’m thinking of trying to run 1 mile every day during the month of August.  I think I must be losing my mind to even consider this, considering how much I hate running, but I think this might be the only way I get better and faster at my mile runs.  It will suck, but really, it’s only about 11 minutes of my day that it will take.  It will mean taking my running gear to the cottage for my holidays and then again to St Lucia at the end of the month, but I think I’m going to do it.  I’m pretty sure I can convince my friends to run a mile with me when we are up at the cottage, so hopefully I can start on a good note and keep it going all month.  Who’s with me?
August challenge

4.  We are prepared for our cottage week.  Along with clothes, sleeping bags, food, beer and booze,  and all the basic life necessities that you need when you go on a cottage vacation, I was sure to pack up a few special items for our week up north:
photo 1 (5)

That’s right…we brought our waffle iron and the Vitamix.  One of the girls coming up during the week found a yummy Cinnamon & Apple Waffle recipe from PaleoLeap that she thought that we should try for breakfast this week:

and hub’s blender drinks were so good, we wanted to enjoy them again this week, so into the truck went the small appliances!

5.  We also had to bring the cats with us for vacation.  One of our cats was put on medication the day before we were leaving and had to be given it twice a day for a week.  So, into the cat carrier they went and they too came north. 
photo 2 (7)

Ovie, the one in front, is the one who needs the medicine, and we couldn’t leave Crosby home alone, so they both came.  It was their first road trip and it wasn’t all that successful.  About a half an hour into the trip Ovie barfed all over the place. Thankfully, we were near a little town and stopped to get some paper towel to clean it up the best we could.  If that weren’t enough, shortly after that the poor guy had it coming out the other end too!  We managed to get him cleaned up when we got to the cottage, and he seems to be on the mend, but I’m not looking forward to the drive home in a week!

Happy weekend! 

Have you got any good frozen blender drink recipes we should try this week?

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Motivational Monday

I’m up at the cottage for the Canada Day long weekend and this quote seemed entirely appropriate.


Hope you find some time to relax!

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The Friday Five

Wohoo!  We made it to the weekend….and it’s an extra long one for me!  So, let’s get right to this long weekend version of the Friday Five!

1.  It’s an extra long weekend for me!  Canada Day (July 1) falls on a Tuesday this year, and we made the decision in our office to close for the Monday as well, and give everyone a 4 day long weekend!  Aren’t we great bosses! 
happy canada day

2.  I missed CrossFit today.  I was scheduled to go to the 1pm class, but I was too busy at work to leave early enough to get there for 1.  I’m a bit bummed, but not crushed.  The WODs this week have been killer, with so many pull-ups, push-ups, and kettlebell swings, that my arms are shot.  Today’s WOD had even more pull-ups and some handstand push-ups.  I’m sure it would have been awful, but I’m still a little sad to be missing it. 
bad workout

3.  My second week “in the Zone” has been much better.  As I mentioned before, I am doing a 6 week Zone Diet challenge with my CrossFit gym.  My first week was pretty much a complete failure.  I had a hard time balancing my protein, carb and fat intake to meet the block requirements and I was also just not getting enough blocks in.  I was feeling off and had little energy and was really noticing it during WODs.  I talked to one of the coaches and he suggested I push my blocks around a bit and eat bigger meals, since snacking was killing me, and see how that made me feel. I did that this week and it made a big difference.  I wasn’t hungry all the time and I’m starting to feel like I’ve got a bit more energy.  I do realize I need to get back to my menu planning and be sure I’ve got the right things in the fridge to ensure I get the right balance of blocks when I do eat.  I’m aiming for 4 block meals now, since I’m missing most of my snacks. Based on these examples, I will still be eating pretty well.
Zone meals

4.  I saw this video online this week.  It made me laugh as I always refer to organizing anything for my hockey team as herding cats…getting them all in the same place at the same time is nearly impossible.  Enjoy!

5. This will be my view this weekend! 
photo (34)

I’ve already asked my coach…a Corona is 2 carb blocks, so I need to be sure to balance it with 2 proteins and 2 fats.  Smile

Have a great weekend, everyone!’
Got any big plans?


Totally Random Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone!   Here are a couple of totally random things from the awesome long weekend that I just had.


1.  I had ice cream not once, but twice this weekend!  And it was awesome!  Despite the fact that I am doing the whole life challenge and dairy and sugar are both no-no’s, I didn’t care, took the hit on the points, and enjoyed a couple of ice cream cones with my kids.  I am a sucker for Kawartha Dairy Death by Chocolate ice cream.  A scoop in a waffle cone makes me a happy girl!

photo 1photo 2

2.  My kid is too funny!  Sunday afternoon while hubs was golfing with some buddies, the kids and I met up with his buddy’s wife and kids in  Bobcaygeon.  We had lunch (I stayed WLC compliant Smile), wandered around the shoe store, enjoyed ice cream number one of the weekend, and then went back to pick up the guys from the golf course.  The kids still wanted to hang out, so we went over to our friend’s cottage so the kids could spend some more time together.  While we were over there, Jacko found an old bike and started riding around the yard.  The next thing you know, he has accepted a dare and this happened:

This was a profitable little adventure for Jacko as quite a few people said they would give him money if he did it.  Little do they know he would have done it for free!  In the end he made out with $28.  Not a bad afternoon for the little guy!  (Don’t worry, someone went in and got the bike out for him!)

photo (2)

How was your weekend?  Did you ride a bike off a dock?

Hope your Tuesday is Totally Random!


I Need To Start Planning!

We are coming up to the last long weekend of the summer. 


While I’m sad that summer is coming to an end, I’m also a bit glad as now I can hopefully get back into a good meal planning, food prep, and workout routine.

Over the summer I have definitely kept up with my workouts.  Most weeks I had 3 CrossFit classes, 2 ball hockey games, and nine holes of golf.  What fell by the wayside was any sort of meal planning or healthy eating. 

Summer has come to an end and I feel like a big old blob of fat.  I think I’m only up maybe 4 pounds, but I hate it. 

eat crap feel fat

September brings a clean slate and a chance to get back to healthier choices.  I will get some added help with this starting Sept 7 when the Whole Life Challenge starts.  I won’t lie…I’m a little stressed about this.  There is a big list of things that I can’t eat.  I’ve decided to do the Intermediate level.  Here’s what that means:

WLC intermediate

So, if I’m going to stick to this plan for 8 weeks (and I really want to!), then I need to get my act together and start planning.  Tomorrow we are heading to the cottage for one last summer long weekend, and I’m taking my iPad, which is loaded with Clean Eating magazines and lots of cookbooks.  I will be spending some time browsing through recipes and planning out some menus. Hopefully I will find lots of quick, easy, delicious recipes that meet all the above requirements.  Fingers crossed!

Tonight I am back to the box for my second WOD this week.  It looks like a good one:
WOD aug 29

I haven’t been practicing my double unders, but hopefully tonight I will be able to get through them without too much trouble…or bodily damage!  Last time we did them, I got pretty beat up!
DU slashes
If I’m lucky I will string together 20 in a row somewhere in that 100 and be able to cross that summer CrossFit goal off my list too.  You may remember that I was able to cross “do an unassisted pull up” off my CrossFit summer goal list up before I went on vacation a couple of weeks ago.  If you missed it, be sure to check it out here…I’m still pretty excited about getting them!

Do you have any great recipes that will meet all those WLC Yes/No requirements?  If you do, please share them with me.  With 8 weeks of this ahead of me, I’ll have lots of opportunity to try them out!



Guess What?

I am very excited to share this news with you.

I DID MY FIRST UNASSISTED PULL UP THURSDAY NIGHT!  I actually did about 5 in total, and managed 3 in a row…which my coach caught on video.

my pullups Click the pic and it will take you to the video (please click….I am so excited about this!!!)

Doing an unassisted pull up was one of my goals for the summer.  I was worried I wouldn’t get it, since I hadn’t been practicing as much as I should (to be read, not practicing at all!).  I do usually take a couple of minutes at the end of each class and work on my kips.  Thursday, it all finally just clicked. 

I can’t stopped smiling and I must have watched that clip about 20 times! 

I did a big celebration dance when I jumped down, but Ryan had stopped recording by then so missed it.  It’s probably for the best!  LOL .Smile

Next move to conquer:  muscle ups!  LOL 

I am up at the cottage for our last week of summer vacay.  Tonight one of our neighbors is having a big pig roast BBQ.  I brought my cowboy boots, hat, and plaid shirt so I am ready to let my inner cowgirl shine!  It should be lots of fun, with lots of laughs, and likely too many Corona consumed!  Sept 7 and the Whole Life Challenge can’t come soon enough!

Have you been able to cross anything off your CrossFit goal list?

Did you do a Happy Dance when you finally got it?

Happy Saturday, y’all. 


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