My Pursuit of Happiness and Skinny Jeans

My journey to a smaller jean size

The Friday Five

Hello Friday and the Weekend…I Red heart U!
We’ve survived another week and it’s time for…

Here we go!

1.  My rope burn is seriously infected!  I had some routine blood work done on Tuesday as a follow up to my annual physical.  I got a message from the doctor’s office late Wednesday afternoon.  They had the results of my blood work and it showed an elevated white blood cell count.  This suggested some sort of infection.  They wanted me to give them a call. I called back yesterday and they asked if I had a cold when I got my blood taken.  I told them no, I didn’t have a cold, but I did have an idea of what the source of infection might be…my oozing rope burn.  They suggested I come in and see the doc to be sure.  So, off to the doc’s office I went yesterday afternoon.  When I saw the doc she too asked if I had a cold.  Again I said no.  She then said…”hmmm…then we need to find the source of infection”.  It was at this point that I showed her my leg and said I thought this might be it. She looked at it for maybe half a second and said yep, that would do it!  So now, just in time for capris and shorts weather…I am bandaged up.

photo (12)I’ve got to apply an antibiotic prescription to it three times a day for a week and keep it covered for that whole time.  I always thought keeping it dry and exposed would be better for it, but the doc says nope…keep it lubed up with a generous amount of the antibiotic ointment and keep it covered with a non-stick pad and wrapped up.  It will be all “gross and oozy” (very technical medical terms) and that will be all the infection leaving.  Once it is starting to look almost healed, I need to go get my blood tested again to make sure my white blood cell count goes back to normal.

This CrossFit really is trying to kill me!

2.  To prevent a repeat rope burn next time we do rope climbs, I bought some funky socks. 
soxboxI ordered these from The Sox Box.  They have all sorts of funky sayings on their socks.  I got the Yay Burpees, because I think they are funny…no one in their right mind says Yay Burpees.  I am a bit of a freak in that I don’t mind burpees, they are killer, but at the end you know you’ve worked hard!  I got the Thick Chick pair because I have calves from hell.  They are huge.  Seriously, buying boots is a nightmare.  I have been looking for a nice pair of black boots every winter, but any pair that I like won’t do up over my monster calves when I try them on.  With these socks I am embracing my thick chick calves.  I also ordered a pair of socks for my sister but not posting them on here so the saying will be a surprise when they arrive.

3.  I’m going for a massage tonight!  I can not wait!  I have been working hard and while I don’t have any specific pains, all of my muscles are tired and achy.  Also running on the concrete ball hockey pad twice a week is hell on my hips.  They don’t feel too bad right now, but I need to remember to mention it to Alaina that they have been bugging me a bit.  Stupid left over marathon injury!  I can’t wait to have a peaceful, relaxing hour!
Relax_and_Unwind880(Update: I’m finishing up this post after my massage…it was AWESOME!)

4.  I am addicted to David’s Tea Organic Gold Rush iced tea.  Last week while at the mall, I picked up some more Organic Gold Rush.  While I was there I took a look at their new spring teas.  They had a Mango Fruit Punch that smelled amazing.  The tea girl (do they have a fancy title similar to the coffee Barista??) said it’s great iced as well.  I had never had an iced tea so gave it a try.  OMG…so good!  She also said that the gold rush that I got was really good iced as well.  Well, I gave it a try and now I’m addicted.  I make an iced organic gold rush just about every afternoon.  I also learned you can eat the mulberries after the tea finishes steeping.  They are so good!  Sometimes I’m not sure if I’m more excited about the tea or eating the mulberries!  Either way, it is all good!
tea 2

5.  Video of the week.  I had seen this posted on facebook by a few people, but hadn’t watched it.  Then my sister had it in her blog post yesterday and i finally watched it.  Wow…Zach Sobiech was an amazing kid, with an amazing family, and he sent an amazing message.  Sadly, Zach lost his battle with cancer on May 20, 2013. Grab a Kleenex…you’re going to need it.

Zach Sobiech

And a bonus one to lighten things up a bit.
6.  Toronto’s mayor has been making headlines as claims have been made that he was caught on video smoking crack.  The mayor has been all over the news and the late night talk shows (The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, Jimmy Kimmel, and likely a few others) have been having a field day with this.  Here’s the latest jab at Toronto that makes fun of Mayor Ford and the Leafs at the same time.
toronto mayor leafs joke

We will be going to my son’s school’s SpringFest tomorrow, but other than that I don’t have much planned for the weekend.  I don’t have any WODs scheduled as I’ve already had my 3 workouts this week.  Hopefully I can use these next couple of days to rest my achy muscles and plan out, shop for, and maybe even do some food prep, for a week’s worth of Clean Eating dinners.

What have you got lined up for the weekend?
Big plans or taking it easy?
Whatever it is…enjoy!

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Totally Random Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Here are the random things going on with me on this fine day:

1. It was my golf league tonight. I am still in search of that elusive sub 50 score. I played fairly well tonight, but 2 penalty strokes for lost balls on the same friggin’ hole and four 3 putts made sure that didn’t happen tonight. Still, despite all that, I shot a 52…. Not too bad, all things considered.


2. I missed my run tonight 😦 By the time I got home from golf it was already dark and I was feeling wiped, so instead of changing into my run gear, I had a quick shower and got into my cozies and hit the couch. Some days I just feel a bit like this cat:


3. I am really struggling with getting enough sleep. I know I should be getting to bed earlier, but I just can’t seem to make it happen. Hopefully once school starts next week the kids will be going to bed earlier, which means I can hopefully get to bed earlier too. This might give me half a chance of getting up early to run before work…but somehow I doubt that will happen. I know everyone says just get up early and get it over with, but I’m just not sure that routine is for me. I may try it for a while and see, but I’m just not sure.


Well, that’s it for tonight. I’m gonna have a cup of David’s Tea Mint Chocolate Rooibus and then hit the sack.

Hope your Tuesday was totally random!

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The Friday Five

Friday…finally! Time for another installment of the Friday Five. 1.  I played “Caddie” today for my two sons.  They were in golf camp this week at a golf course just around the corner from our place.  On Fridays they have a BBQ lunch for the parents.  After lunch the instructors give us a bit of info on what the kids have worked on over the course of the week, and then we caddie for them as they play a little 2 hole scramble to show their skills.  The both had some nice shots and overall had a great week at camp. 2.  We are heading up to the cottage in a bit, mostly for an event at the Sailing Club tomorrow night.  All the families have been asked to provide an hors d’oeuvre.  I was in search of something very simple that takes no time to prepare, but tasted yummy.  A colleague at work suggested prosciutto wrapped melon, and it totally fits the bill.  I will pick up both needed ingredients on the way to the cottage so that’s perfect.  Prep is basically slicing and peeling a melon and wrapping the pieces in a half slice of prosciutto.  Couldn’t be any simpler!  3.  It’s hot as balls out there!  This is a saying I picked up from my friend Toni.  I think it is hilarious…and today it is so true.  It is currently 33 Celcius outside, feeling like 37 (37 is 99F).  Hot!  It’s supposed to be hot all weekend and into next week as well.  Looks like it’s going to be another heat wave! 4.  My tea addiction continues to grow!  I am shocked at how much I love tea.  I would have tea when I ate a restaurant if we went for dim sum or for Peking Duck at work, but other than that, I really didn’t drink it.  Now, since I have discovered David’s Tea and the seemingly endless variety of flavours, I can’t get enough of the stuff.  This week I got a tin refill of my favourite Coco Chai Rooibus and tried a new flavour – Vanilla Oolong.  The Vanilla Oolong is pretty good. I’ve had at least 3 cups of it at work already!  While I restocked, I also tried just a cup of Mint Chocolate Rooibus.  OH MY GOD…it’s so good.  I think that will be my next flavour purchase.  It would make a lovely treat in the evenings…it’s like having dessert with no calories!

5.  I am 2 hours away from a nice, cold one of these! Can’t wait to enjoy it down on the dock.  Gotta love weekends at the cottage.

I hope your Friday has been a good one.  Got any big plans for the weekend?  Whatever you do, have fun!

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Hot, Hot, Hot!

Today I played in a client’s charity golf tournament.   I’m not sure exactly how hot it got, but trust me, it was hot.  My goal for the day was to not get heat stroke or dehydrate!  I was sure to drink lots.  My beverage consumption for the day included 1 bottle of water, 2 bottles of diet coke, 1  Corona tall boy, 1 bottle of Corona, 1 bottle of Gatorade, and lots of water with the lunch.  Even tonight I still seem to want more water and have had about 3 big glasses so far.  My last beverage of the evening is a mug of David’s Tea Coco Chai Rooibus.  It just steeping now and I can’t wait to drink it…it’s just so relaxing and yummy!

Enough about my drinks of the day…back to the golf.  In usual golf fashion, there was some g0od, some bad, and some downright ugly!  For the most part, my driver was cooperating and I hit a few awesome fairway shots with my 3 wood.  I love it when my 3 wood cooperates – the sound that it makes when the connection is good is one of my favourite things.  After struggling with my putter the last few league nights, things seemed to get back on track today.  I had some really nice long putts, with great weight, that put us within 3 feet of the hole, and a couple just missed by inches, so that’s good news.  My Chapter Championships are this Sunday, so things seem to be heading in the right direction for that.  Phew!

I still haven’t done a thing for my next half marathon aside from pick which one I’m going to run.  I have to commit to the training program and start getting out there again.  I also need to get back on track with my Clean Eating.  This has been such a crazy week with working late and golfing, I haven’t had a chance to put a menu for the week together or hit the grocery store.  Hopefully I will be able to do both of those things on Saturday and get back on plan.  I’m feeling unmotivated and a bit blah and I think it’s because I’ve been eating crap and not getting enough exercise.  At some point I am just going to have to bite the bullet and get back to it.

My tomorrow is going to be another busy day in the life.  I better get to bed so I’ve got the energy to face it.

Hope you are managing to stay cool in this crazy heat.  Stay hydrated, my friends!



Kickin’ Back on Saturday

Today was a pretty relaxed day.  I ended up having some unexpected time to myself.  I was dropping Nick off at Dave and Buster’s for a friend’s birthday party and they invited Jack to stay too.  At first I wasn’t too sure, but they insisted and Jack really wanted to stay, so I agreed.  That gave me 3 hours to kill.  I ended up going to Vaughan Mills and doing a bit of shopping.

I’m not a big fan of shopping, but I needed some new shorts, since my old ones are all a bit big now!  🙂   I found a couple of pairs at Roots that fit the bill quite nicely.  I didn’t have much luck finding a shirt to go with the one pair, so will have to hit another mall and see what I can find.

While at Vaughan Mills I hit Teaopia and grabbed a coconut tea.  It was good, but not as good as the ones I’ve got from David’s Tea.  I did find something neat at Teaopia though…its called a Tea Master.  It’s this tea steeper thingy.  Instead of putting the loose leaves in a tea ball, you just put it directly into the Tea Master, add water and let it steep.  Then, when it’s ready, you sit it on top of your mug and it presses on something, opening a valve and your tea comes out the bottom and the leaves remain in the Tea Master.  The “Tea Dudes” at the shop said that you can also reuse the tea, making 3-4 more cups of tea out of your leaves.  Who knew!  I always just make one cup and then dump the leaves out.  These guys claim that the second cup is even better than the first.  I tried it out with some David’s Tea Cinnamon Hearts tea.  I only wanted one cup, so not sure if the second cup thing is true.  I did throw some more water into it to get the pics here and it seemed to change into tea coloured water pretty quickly.  Check it out:

After picking up the kids from the party, I spent some quality time on the back deck reading, napping, and soaking up some sun.  It was really nice back there.  It’s too bad tomorrow isn’t supposed to be the same.  Still calling for rain, which sucks since it’s the golf tourney.  Oh well…they still have 12 hours or so to change the forecast, and 90% of the time they are wrong anyways!

I tried a new dinner again tonight.  Spicy Orange Chicken & Bok  Choy Over Brown Rice Noodles from June 2012 Clean Eating Magazine.  We have another winner!  Here’s the drill:

  • cook 6oz brown rice noodles according to the package directions
  • In a large skillet, heat 2 tsp safflower oil, and add 1lb of boneless chicken, cubed, and 2 cloves of chopped garlic.  Stir frequently for 3 minutes until golden brown
  • add 2 cups of chopped bok choy and cook, stirring frequently for 2 minutes
  • add 2 cups of drained mandarin oranges, 1 tbsp low sodium soy sauce, 1/2 tsp red pepper flakes and fresh ground pepper to taste.  Mix well and bring to a simmer.
  • Cook, stirring frequently for 3-5 minutes until chicken is cooked through and oranges break down.
  • Remove from heat and stir in 1/4 cup chopped green onions and 2tbsp chopped fresh cilantro.
  • Serve over brown rice noodles.

Nutritional info:  per 1.5 cups chicken mixture and 1.5 oz noodles:  321 calories, 4g fat, 39g carbs, 4g fibre, 9g sugar, 32g protein.

It was delicious, the kids liked it and quite enjoyed playing with the noodles…creating FuManChu moustaches, tying knots in the pasta and slurping them in…all the fun things you aren’t supposed to do with your food.

Now, as usual, it’s late and I’m sitting here writing my blog and watching a movie.  I’m watching 50/50 with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogan.  It’s pretty good, a bit sad, but good.  I like Seth Rogan.  It’s distracting me a bit, so this post has taken forever to write.  Oh well.  Another late night…I’m used to it.

So, tomorrow is the golf tourney.  I’m asking for the positive sunshine vibes again.  Seems to be a frequent request!  LOL.

Hope your Saturday was a good one.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.



The Best Thing About WordPress….

…is all the fantastic recipes that I am stumbling across as I follow and click my way through so many great blogs.  I think so far I have made 5 or 6 recipes that have come from other blog sites and they have all be great.

Last night I tried a recipe “Skinny Overnight Oats in a Jar” that comes from  This recipe is quick, simple and great for grab-and-go.  Recipe details:

Skinny Overnight Oats in a Jar
Servings: 1 • Serving Size: 1 jar • Old Points: 5 pts • Points+: 6 pts
Calories: 244.9 • Fat: 10.8 g • Carbs: 35.4 g • Fiber: 8.5 g • Protein: 6 g • Sugar: 12 g
Sodium: 94.7 mg


  • 1/4 cup quick oats
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk (or skim, soy)
  • 1/4 medium banana, sliced (freeze the rest for smoothies!)
  • 1/2 tbsp chia seeds
  • 1/2 cup blueberries
  • 4-5 drops NuNaturals liquid vanilla stevia (or your favorite sweetener)
  • pinch cinnamon

Optional toppings:

  • 1 tbsp chopped pecans (or any nut)


Place all the ingredient in a jar, shake, cover and refrigerate overnight. Add your favorite crunchy toppings such as nuts, granola, etc and enjoy the next day!

I made a few modifications to the recipe since I didn’t have any blueberries or stevia.  Instead I added some frozen raspberries since I didn’t have any fresh berries in the house, and I used about a half tablespoon of honey since I didn’t have any stevia.  I put it all in the jar, gave it a shake and stuck it in the fridge.  This morning, I grabbed the jar, tucked it in my laptop bag and headed down to work.  Once I got to work I made a cup of tea, grabbed a spoon and opened the lid, gave it a stir, and enjoyed every last spoonful.  So good.   Before I go to bed I’m making another jar to have for breakfast at work tomorrow!

This was the first recipe that I used Chia Seeds in.  I bought some a while back when I read about them, likely in Clean Eating Magazine.  I guess they were okay. I really don’t think I could taste them, which is probably good.  They didn’t impact the taste and I got all the nutritional benefits they offer.  Check out this link to learn about the benefits of chia:  While you are there, poke around the rest of the Joyous Health website…she’s got lots of great recipes and all kinds of interesting facts about nutrition and healthy living.

Have you tried Chia Seeds yet?  Do you have any great Chia recipes?


The Friday Five

Well, we did it!  We all survived the week and made it to Friday.  Hello weekend!

1.  The scale finally moved again.  After hitting a plateau, and then having a couple of rough weeks where poor food choices led to a few pounds added back on, today the scale once again moved in the right direction.  I made much better food choices this week, focussed on eating clean, and really reduced my unnecessary snacking, and it paid off.  Down 1.2 pounds.  Not a huge drop, but at least it was a drop!  That brings my total to down 13.2 lbs since starting to track on MyFitnessPal, and 15.2 since I decide to do something about my weight.

While looking at google images for a picture to show a lower number on the scale, I found this one….it’s not what I initially had in mind, but it made me laugh, so it made it to the blog:

2.  I am not reading enough lately.  I used to read in bed every night for a half hour or so before I fell asleep.  Now, despite having many books on my iPad that I want to read, I find instead I am getting stuck on the computer reading blogs.  Don’t get me wrong, I am really enjoying roaming through WordPress and finding lots of interesting blogs and people and some great recipes, but I miss reading my books.  So, I am going to try to tear myself away from the computer and give myself at least 15 minutes a night to read a book.  I still haven’t started the 50 Shades of Grey series, and although I’ve started, I still haven’t finished the New Rules of Lifting for Women.  Hopefully I can manage to pull myself away from all the great blogs I am stumbling upon and get my nose back into a book.

3.  I allowed myself a treat today.  I have really been trying to limit the number of Starbucks Chai Lattes that I drink.  It has been hard, but discovering all these calorie free/sugar-free David’s Teas has really helped.   I could have gone without, and just had a tea for the drive, but Nick is really missing his treat, so today we left for school/work a little bit early so we would have time to stop at Starbucks on our way down into the city.  I have to admit, it was good!  There’s just something about that first sip.  Mmmmmm.

4.  I think I may have found a new running partner!  Since my half marathon 3 weeks ago, I haven’t been out running that much.  I’ve done 3 runs so far.  I’ve realized that I need to get back on a training program so that I’ve got a schedule and can plan my runs.  My sister and I were going to find a fall half to run, but then she broke a bone in her foot and isn’t going to be running any time soon.  I was prepared to run alone, but then my friend Tony started making the comments on Facebook that made it seem like she might want to run.  I’ve suggested that we could run together and she’s agreed!  We haven’t worked out any of the details yet, but we are golfing together tomorrow and car pooling to the course, so we should have time to see if we can figure this out.  It would be great if we can swing it. Toni is friggin’ hilarious and I’m sure we would have a great time running together.

5.  I’m going golfing tomorrow!  My friend Kathy, the speedy runner who I call Jack Rabbit, has been dying to go golfing.  Earlier in the week she sent out a text to a bunch of girls and we’ve got 5 or 6 of us who are going to play Nobleton Lakes tomorrow morning.  I’m super excited to get out there.  Other than my girls golf weekend in Niagara, I don’t get out for many full rounds of 18 holes.   The chapter championship for my EWGA league is less than a month away, so getting some practice playing a full 18 holes will be good for me.  Hopefully I can improve on my back 9 performance from my Niagara rounds…compared to my front 9, those back 9’s were horrible.

Happy Friday everyone.  Got any big plans for the weekend?  Enjoy it, whatever you do!

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The Best Thing About Thursday…

…is that tomorrow is FRIDAY!

Today was another hectic day in the life.  It is now 10:30pm, and I am finally sitting down to write my post.  Ugh…Oh well.  It is what it is.

My day started with my new favourite breakfast:  Forever Nuts tea and oatmeal, topped with the leftovers from my tea ball.  Yummo:

Notice the Sudoku?  Sudoku has become an office thing.  We get the paper delivered to the office and one of my colleagues always copies the puzzle page and passes it out to a few of us.  I’ve only been doing the sudoku for about a year or so.  Before that I had no idea how to solve them.  Then a friend gave me a few strategy tips, and now I’m addicted!  It’s a fun way to ease into the work day.  Lately I have been too busy to do them, so have a giant stack of them on my desk.  Today, for the first time in a long time, I actually took a few minutes and did the puzzle while I enjoyed my tea and oatmeal.

Lunch was leftover Spicy Sausage Hash Brown Pie.  I think it might have been even better today than it was the first time around yesterday.  To round out the meal I added some veggies and hummus and a couple of crackers.  Again…yummo!

It’s a good thing the leftover hash brown pie is so good, because it’s what I had for dinner too!  I was only home for a short time after work before I had to head out again for a massage.  The leftovers were quick and easy and hit the spot.

I enjoyed lots of tea today: a cup of Toasted Walnut on the drive to work, Forever Nuts with my oatmeal, another cup of Toasted Walnut after lunch, some Organic Gold Rush on the drive home, and another cup of Forever Nuts with my mom when she popped in for a visit.  She is down helping my sister out with some stuff so popped over to have a quick visit before she heads back home tomorrow.  She tried the Forever Nuts and really liked it too!

Tomorrow is going to be another busy day at work and I’ve got a meeting at my son’s school at 2:30pm, so need to get everything done at the office in time to leave at 1:30 or so to get back out to the burbs.  Wish me luck!

Tomorrow is Friday – WOHOO!!!  Got any big plans for the weekend?

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3 Down, 2 To Go!

Well, it’s Wednesday…3 days of work done, only 2 more to go until it’s the weekend!!!  Can you tell how much I LOVE my weekends!

Today for breakfast I tried the little Forever Nuts trick I learned when I was buying my tea at David’s Tea yesterday.  I brewed my Forever Nuts, and then when it was finished steeping, I took the tea from my tea ball and topped my oatmeal with it.  Delicious!

Oatmeal and tea got my day off to a clean start.  For lunch, I had a work thing and we went out for Peking Duck.  I’m not sure if it’s clean or not, but it sure is good.  I limited myself to 2 pancake first course wraps and had one lettuce wrap second course.  We rounded out the meal with some sautéed green beans.   Overall I don’t think it was too bad in terms of calories.  MyFitnessPal puts it at around 500 calories for the meal.

For dinner I tried a new Clean Eating recipe:  Spicy Sausage Hash Brown Pie, from Comfort Foods 2012.  This was a fairly quick and easy recipe to prepare…and the end result was pretty tasty.

This was a very low cal dinner.  One-eighth of the dish was only 174 calories!  See here for the recipe: Eat Clean Spicy Sausage and Hash Brown Pie  As usual for these Clean Eating meals, there are lots of leftovers, so I’ve got lunch for the next two days at work – wohoo!

After dinner, hubs and I went for a half hour walk around the neighbourhood.  I probably should have gone for a run, since I haven’t run yet this week, but oh well.  A walk is better than nothing, but not quite enough to work off the popcorn we had when we got home from our walk!

I’m not sure I will get a run in tomorrow either.  I’ve got a massage booked for after work, and I’m not going to “waste” it by going for a run after.  I will try to run Friday afternoon.  I’ve got a meeting at Jack’s school at 2:30, so should be home early.  I’ll try to get a run in before Rory and Nick get home from work/school.

As is usual tradition for me, it is now well after 11pm (almost midnight, in fact!), and I’m still sitting here typing when I should be in bed.  I am really not doing well in my get more sleep!   I have no idea how I am going to add weight training into my routine when I can hardly just get through my day as it is!  I’m also thinking of getting back onto a running program.  I’m finding that not having to go for a scheduled run really isn’t working for me.  I need the schedule.  It keeps me on track and seems to help me mentally to be in “the running mindset”.  I will look at the various programs that I’ve got saved on my computer and see which one offers  up a good mix of easy, hill, speed, and long run training.  My sister thinks the hill and speed work were what I was missing in my last training program.  It trained me to finish the half – which I did 🙂 – but I need the other aspects to make me faster so I can finish in under 2:30.  I also want to find a program that only has me running 4 days a week at the most, so I can still work in some strength training.  If you have any good half marathon training programs I’d love to see them.

Okay, I’m calling it quits for today.  Hope your Wednesday was a good one.

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Golf, Ball Hockey, and Tea!

Tuesday’s are  busy day for me…and I love them!

After fighting traffic into the city this morning, taking 1.5 hours to do a 35 minute drive, I dropped my son off (late) at school. This meant that I got to work late.  Today there really was no reason for such bad traffic – just bad drivers!  Do not drive into the car in front of you!!!  Pay attention people.

I used to stress about getting to work late. Then I realized, I get there when I get there and that’s all there is to it.  Today I did think a little about being late, since it’s my golf night and I would have to leave early.  I would just have to make my reduced hours very productive ones!  And I did, so it was all good!

I was a little worried about golf, since it was quite overcast and windy when I left work, to grab Nick from school and head home.  We actually drove through quite a downpour on the way out of the city, but by the time we got home, it was blue skies and sunshine.  It was a great evening to be out there.  It’s too bad my golf wasn’t the best.  Tonight I shot a 56, which I think is my worst score of the season.  I had three 8’s, and that does not do good things for the score.  Either does shooting a 6 on a par 3.  Despite the crap score, my putting wasn’t too bad and I had some really solid shots.  A couple of times I even hit it too far.  I seem to be connecting well and shots are generally going further than they used to, so I may need to re-evaluate my club distances, and maybe start taking one less club than I currently use.

After golf, I managed to stick to my plan and have a mixed green salad with grilled chicken.  I was really tempted to have some chicken wings or some sliders with sweet potato fries, but I was good.  The salad was good, but not all that filling since today they seemed to go light on the mixed greens.  In the end this was probably a blessing in disguise since after golf it was off to ball hockey and running around a hot arena, and a heavy meal would not have been a good thing.

Ball hockey was pretty fun. We won 4-0.  I got 3 assists, so that was good!  It was super hot in the arena, plus all the running made for a good sweat.  I like that.  It feels good to get a good sweat going…makes me feel like I’m getting a good workout.

I am now home from ball hockey and trying to get this post written so I can shower up and hit the sack.  Again, I am not doing well on getting more sleep.  Oh well…I’m getting good at running on less than 6 hours of sleep a night.  As I sit here typing, I’m enjoying a cup of tea.  Today at lunch I went to David’s Tea and stocked up on a few of my favourite flavours and a couple of new flavours too.  I’ve got quite a supply now:

The pic is a little blurry, but top left to bottom right are:  Coco Chai Rooibus, Forever Nuts, Organic Gold Rush, Brazillionaire, and Toasted Walnut.  Coco Chai Rooibus used to be my favourite flavour, but now I think it might be Forever Nuts.  All of them are just so delicious.  When I was in the store choosing my flavours today, both girls working behind the counter said that Forever Nuts was one of their favourite flavours too.  One of them gave me a great idea for the Forever Nuts…she says she brews her tea, and once it has steeped, she takes the nuts and add them to her oatmeal.  What a fantastic idea.  I am going to try that at work tomorrow morning.  Do you have a favourite tea flavour?  Let me know and I’ll add it to my list of flavours to sample.

Okay, it is now 11:55pm and I need to go to bed!  Hope you had a good Tuesday.  Tomorrow is hump day…hope it goes quickly!

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