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Not Blogging. 

Wow.  It’s been well over a month since I’ve blogged. I think about it most days, but just don’t have the desire to actually write anything.  I really should get back to quickie posts from my phone – that did seem to make it easier to get something together. 

While I haven’t been blogging, I have been reading.  I’m ahead of pace for my goal of 40 books for the year – 12 done as of last night.   

Here’s what I’ve read so far: 

  1. Everything I Never Told You, By Celeste Ng (January 2)
  2. All The Light We Cannot See, by Anthony Doerr (January 6)
  3. We Need To Talk About Kevin, by Lionel Shriver (January 15)
  4. After You, by Jojo Moyes (January 20)
  5. If I Stay, by Gayle Forman (January 20)
  6. One Plus One, my Jojo Moyes ( January 25)
  7. Honeymoon in Paris – A Novella, by Jojo Moyes (January 25)
  8. The Silent Wife, by A.S.A. Harrison (January 27)
  9. The Choice, by Nicholas Sparks (January 31)
  10. Sheltering Rain, by Jojo Moyes (February 7)
  11. The Girl You Left Behind, by Jojo Moyes (February 10)
  12. Still Alice, by Lisa Genova (February 12)

I’m currently reading Where She Went, which is a follow up to book 5 above.  

I’m hoping at some point the desire to blog comes back. Until then, I will just keep reading!  

Have you read any good book lately?  


Aiming for 40!

Happy hump day!  Can you see the weekend?  It’s just over there!

hump day

If you’ve been following along, you know that I set a goal of reading 30 books in 2015.  Back on November 24 I achieved my goal.  Wohoo!!  I’ve kept reading, and today I’m on book 37, Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari.

modern romance

I really didn’t know anything about this book before I started reading it.  I know Ansari from the TV show Parks and Recreation, and some of his stand-up stuff.  I figured it would be a funny, fairly light read.  I’ve only just started, but have come to realize the book is actually based on some real research he did into modern day romance.   Here’s part of the blurb from Goodreads:

For years, Aziz Ansari has been aiming his comic insight at modern romance, but for Modern Romance, the book, he decided he needed to take things to another level. He teamed up with NYU sociologist Eric Klinenberg and designed a massive research project, including hundreds of interviews and focus groups conducted everywhere from Tokyo to Buenos Aires to Wichita. They analyzed behavioral data and surveys and created their own online research forum on Reddit, which drew thousands of messages. They enlisted the world’s leading social scientists, including Andrew Cherlin, Eli Finkel, Helen Fisher, Sheena Iyengar, Barry Schwartz, Sherry Turkle, and Robb Willer. The result is unlike any social science or humor book we’ve seen before.

In Modern Romance, Ansari combines his irreverent humor with cutting-edge social science to give us an unforgettable tour of our new romantic world.

The researcher in me (I’m a market researcher) is interested in that aspect of the book, but I’m also still hoping it’s an entertaining read.  I’ll let you know!

With a little over 2 weeks left in 2015, I’m now hoping I can hit 40 books read this year.  I’m not sure it will happen, since I am totally unprepared for Christmas and any free time I have should be spent shopping for gifts, but I’m going to give it my best shot!  Wish me luck.

What are you reading?


Good Eats

Welcome to December!  It’s hard to believe the year is almost over.  At some point towards the end of the month I will have to go back and evaluate how I did with my goals for the year – assuming I made some some!  I can’t really remember!

That will come. For now, I’m going to share an awesome new recipe that I tried tonight.

Curry Cauliflower Quinoa Stew, by Joy McCarthy of  I’m not sure about copyright stuff, so I’m not posting the actual recipe here. Click on the link to be taken to the recipe on the Joyous Health site.  I’ve also added this to my Recipes You Have To Try Page.

This was an easy to prepare, absolutely delicious dish. I did add the extra cup of water that she suggests, but next time I will probably only add a half cup. It got a little soupy, but it still tasted great. The coconut milk was the perfect finishing touch.

This was delicious and had the added bonus of making a ton, so there is enough left for a quickie dinner one night later in the week 👍🏻.

Sorry it’s not the greatest picture. My kid tells me I need to work on my iPhone photo skills. Maybe that can be a goal for 2016!

Have you tried any new recipes lately?

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At the beginning of the year I set a goal to read 30 books in 2015. Well, late last night or very early this morning (depends how you define 1:30am!) I finished my 30th book of the year.  Wohoo!  

Here’s what I’ve read (so far 😀) this year and the date I finished each book:

  1. Never Knowing, by Chevy Stevens (January 3)
  2. Paper Towns, by John Green (January 7)
  3. Landline, by Rainbow Rowell (January 9)
  4. The Rosie Effect, by Graeme Simsion (January 16)
  5. North of Normal, by Cea Sunrise Person (January 19)
  6. Looking For Alaska, by John Green (January 23)
  7. Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail, by Cheryl Strayed (February 4)
  8. The Little Old Lady Who Broke All The Rules, by Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg (February 10)
  9. A Long Way Down, by Nick Hornby (February 15)
  10. The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak (February 25)
  11. The Big Miss: My Years Coaching Tiger Woods, by Hank Haney (March 6)
  12. The Maze Runner, by James Dashner (March 15)
  13. Funny Girl, by Nick Hornby (March 23)
  14. Holy Cow, by David Duchovny (March 25)
  15. The Girl On The Train, by Paula Hawkins (March 30)
  16. The Scorch Trials, by James Dashner (May 23)
  17. The Art of Racing in the Rain, by Garth Stein (July 16)
  18. Brain On Fire, by Susannah Calahan (July 25)
  19. Eat Move Sleep, by Tom Rath (August 24)
  20. The Happiness Project, by Gretchen Rubin (August 30)
  21. How To Be Good, by Nick Hornby (September 6)
  22. Happier At Home, by Gretchen Rubin (September 11)
  23. The Husband’s Secret, by Liane Moriarty (October 6)
  24. Better Than Before, by Gretchen Rubin (October 10)
  25. Big Little Lies, by Liane Moriarty (October 25)
  26. This Is Happy, Camilla Gibb (October 26)
  27. The Last Anniversary, by Liane Moriarty (November 5)
  28. Carry On, by Rainbow Rowell (November 17)
  29. Dear Life, You Suck, by Scott Blagden (November 19)
  30. Leaving Time, by Jodi Picoult (November 24)

I enjoyed all of these books. Some more than others, for sure, but they were all pretty good.  That being said, a few of my favourites were The Book Thief, The Girl On The Train, Holy Cow, The Husband’s Secret, and Leaving Time. 

I started book 31 today – The Humans, by Matt Haig.  I either saw it on a “books to read list” or maybe on a bookstore’s “hot reads” display, and it looked interesting, so I borrowed it electronically from the library.  I’m only a few pages in, so don’t really have an opinion on it yet, but I’m looking forward to getting into the story. 

That being said, it’s time to head up to bed and read a few pages before I call it a night!

Have you read any of the books on my list?

Have any suggestions as to what book 32 should be? 

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Reading Rainbow

At the beginning of the year I set a goal to read 30 books in 2015. Today I finished my 28th book – Carry On, by Rainbow Rowell.  

I have to say, I really enjoyed this book. I wasn’t sure I would when I first started reading it since it’s fantasy and deals with magic, but once I got into it, I loved it!  

The story deals with characters Rowell created in her fan fiction novel Fangirl.  I didn’t know that’s what she did and when I was reading the first chapter I felt like I recognized the characters – Simon and Baz.  I went back to Fangirl to see if that’s where they came from, and of course, they did. I thought that was brilliant!  

I’ve actually read all of Rainbow Rowell’s other books: 

I enjoyed them all.

If you’re looking for a fun, easy read, grab any one of them.  You won’t be disappointed. 

I’ve moved onto book #29 tonight – Dear Life, You Suck, by Scott Blagden. It got mixed reviews on Goodreads. I’m only 4 chapters in, but so far I’m liking it. It’s only 300 pages long on my iPad, so I don’t imagine it’s going to take me too long to read it. Then I will need to find something good for book 30. 

What are you reading these days?

Got any recommendations?


Thinking About Sleep

If you’ve been following along, you know it’s been one of my goals for a while now to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night.  Sadly, I have not been too successful at this. In the month of October, I got 7 or more hours of sleep only 11 times…and most of those were on weekends, which leaves me a tired kid during the week.

I really need to get my sleep under control.  The last couple of weeks have been especially rough.  My Fitbit shows many periods of restlessness and times awake each night.  It is starting to take its toll on me.  I’m tired all the time.  I’m tired in the gym, lack energy during the day, and just not feeling like I’m coping very well.  I barely held it together in a WOD last week, when i was on the verge of tears over wall balls!  I know I hate them, but they shouldn’t make me cry.  That’s a sign that things aren’t good.
suck it up

I’ve been reading and hearing about the importance of sleep in just about every blog and podcast I follow.  I saw this great video by Everyday Paleo‘s Sara Fragoso and Doc Parsley.  They talk about the relationship between poor sleep and stress and it really hit home.  They talk about the stressors that we face every day and how they impact our sleep. They also talk about how all repair in the body happen when we sleep, and if we aren’t getting enough sleep, things don’t repair properly, which leads to more stress on the body, which leads to poor sleep, and the cycle continues.  They suggest a few techniques to help break this cycle:

  • be aware of your stress
  • deal with it during the day to sleep better at night
  • let your body “come down” to allow for better sleep (meditating before bed helps)
  • practice deep breathing techniques

Basically do whatever you can to deal with the stress, so you can have a better sleep and let your body repair itself, so you are better able to deal with the stresses that come up the next day.

Here’s the video…it’s well worth the 5 minutes.

I’ve got a few things I’m going to try to do to help improve my sleep:

  1. Go to bed on time!  I tried the sleep alarm to tell me to go to bed, but it just didn’t work  Every night it would go off at 10:45 and I would just turn it off and continue to do whatever I was doing – usually finishing up whatever tv show we were watching.  Realistically we watch so little live tv, I could just finish whatever we are watching at another time.  I am going to change the alarm to 11 and really try to go up to bed when it goes off, and give myself 30 minutes to get ready for bed, foam roll, and read, and then lights out by 11:30 at the latest.  I know this should all start earlier, but I want to start with something realistic and then start moving the bedtime process earlier little by little.
  2. Listen to Meditation Minis twice a week.  I discovered a podcast with little 10 minute meditations.  It’s called Meditation Minis with Chel Hamilton  I’m going to try to add this to my half hour bedtime routine a couple of times a week just before/after I turn out the light.  I’m hoping that by getting relaxed and in touch with my breathing it will make me “ready” for good sleep.
  3. VALUE MY SLEEP.  I just need to accept the fact that I need more sleep and make it happen!

Hopefully these 3 things will be easy to implement and stick with, and will all help me get better sleep, which will in turn make me happier, healthier, and as Steph Gaudreau says, “Harder to Kill”!

Do you have any techniques to deal with stress.

How much sleep do you get every night?

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October Goals


September just flew by and here we are at October 1st!

This seems like the perfect time to take a look back and see how I did with my September goals.  If you don’t want to read that whole post, here’s quick summary:

  1. Blog 3 times a week
  2. Eat well, get back to macro tracking
  3. Get 7 hours of sleep a night

So, here’s how I did:

  1. Blog:  I didn’t quite hit my goal of 3 times a week, but I did mange to post 9 times in September, which is way better than I was doing in the summer.  I also think this was pretty good since I was away for 5 days on my golf trip in there and didn’t even think about blogging then.
  2. Food/macros:  I did eat somewhat better in September than I had been eating over the summer, but it was still not quite as clean/healthy as I would have liked.  There were too many weekends away or with events that I let get in the way of my meal planning and grocery shopping, which I seem to need to stay on track food-wise.
  3. Sleep:  Looking at my FitBit sleep record over the month of September, I was in bed for at least 7 hours for 26/30 days.  However, I only managed at least 7 hours of sleep on 12 of those days, due to restless/awake periods during the night.

If I had to give myself a score on my September goals, I would probably give myself a 7/10.  I was very mindful of each goal, tried my best, but still could have done better.

For October, I am going to keep these 3 things as goals for the month and add 2 more to the list.  Both of my new additions are fitness related.  One is driven by the monthly member challenge (MMC) at my gym, and the other comes from a friend doing another challenge.

  1.  20 minutes of mobility each day:  This is the MMC for October at my CrossFit gym – CFNAC.  Last month it was miles on the Assault Bike (I did not participate in that, but one member actually rode 600 miles in September – you are a machine Perry Doody!).  This month’s mobility challenge seems more my speed, plus who can’t benefit from more mobility.  I have signed up for the Intermediate 5 days a week option, but will try to do it every day if I can.
  2. Plank challenge:  I saw this challenge this morning on my friend Marina’s Facebook page.  She is a very good planker (is that even a word?).  I am a very bad planker.  This seems like a fairly quick and easy way to improve.  It starts with a 20 second plank today and by the end of the month, will get us up to 5 minutes.  Since I am horrible at planks, I figured it was worth a try.
    30 day plank challenge

My plan is to plank in the morning, first thing when I get out of bed, and do 10 minutes of mobility before I go to bed each night.  The other 10 minutes of mobility I need will either be at the gym before/after class, or at work with a golf ball rolling my feet while I work at my desk.  My feet have been getting crampy during WODs lately, so hopefully this will help stretch the out a bit and work out some of the kinks. (BTW, I have been rolling my feet out as I type out this post and it feels fantastic!)

Anyone else setting goals for October?  

Anyone want to join in on the plank challenge?


September Goals


Hello blogiverse!  Remember me?  I’m your friendly, lack of posts, slacking blogger!

I’ve really been wanting to post, it just hasn’t been happening.  I think I’ve been putting too much pressure on myself to create the perfect blog post, which just stresses me out and in the end, makes it so nothing gets posted.  I am going to try to get over that and let myself just write and post and not worry if it’s perfect or thought-provoking. 🙂

So, this is going to be a quickie post about some goals I am setting for myself for September.  I ended up setting these goals after reading a post by a blogger who I follow who has also been a little slack in the posting department.  You can read the post here, by Cassy at Journey to Awesomehood.  She set some goals for herself that inspired me to do the same.

So, here are my goals for September (I’ll start now, since September is just around the corner – HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?)

My goals:

  1. Get back to blogging 3 times a week.  I know I have said this before, but as I stated earlier, I’m going to cut myself some slack and just blog and not get stressed about the process.  This is supposed to be a fun thing for me to do, and stressing out over a post totally defeats the whole purpose.
  2. Get back on track with eating well and to my macros.  This summer, and August especially, has not been great for my diet – and by diet I don’t mean eating less to lose weight, I mean eating to fuel my body and activities.  I am trying to eat to certain macro targets for fat, carbs and protein based on my current weight and workout levels.  I’ve got MyFitnessPal all set up with my specific targets and I’m entering what I eat (for the most part), but not eating towards my macro goals.  I need to get back on track with that and give the plan a chance so I can actually see the results through changes in my body.
  3. Get at least 7 hours of sleep a night.  This one will be hard, but I know if I do it I will feel so much better.  I’ve been listening to a number of health based podcasts, and reading a few books, and they have all been saying the same thing….Sleep is key!  Key to performance levels (both at work and in the gym), key to overall health, and even key to happiness.  I know I don’t get enough sleep and I’m really starting to feel it.  I’m exhausted all the time;  I don’t want to get out of bed in the morning; I’m yawning all the time; I look like crap; and I’m tired of it.  So, my target is 7 hours of sleep a night.  Ideally, it would be even more than that, but I’m going to start with aiming for 7 and go from there.

So, there you have it.  My goals for September.  They have been in my head as things that I need to do for some time, but actually putting them down in writing and getting them out into the world will hopefully make me more accountable and keep me on track.

Have you got any goals for September?


Full Steam Ahead

Yesterday I took a quick look back at 2013.  All in all, 2013 was a good year for me.  Today, I’m all about looking ahead and making 2014 even better.

My overall goal for the year is to end it in better shape than I start it.  Ideally, that means being a little lighter, a little tighter, and a LOT stronger!

While being active is a key part of that, perhaps even more important is diet and how I fuel my body.  So, 2014 is going to be another year of EATING CLEAN and ensuring my body has what it needs to keep up with tough CrossFit workouts and all the other crazy stuff I put it through!

To help get me off to a a good start with both diet and exercise, I have joined the Whole Life Challenge again. My gym isn’t participating in the challenge this time, but I have friends who go to a different CrossFit and their gym is doing it this time…and they convinced me to join with them.  It’s a bit last minute, since the challenge starts on Saturday, so I’ve got some logistical things to figure out.  I will be away with the kids at a hockey tournament this weekend, so can’t go to the preliminary measurement and workout class that is being held Saturday morning.  I looked into finding CrossFit gym location in London (where the tourney is) to see if I could squeeze in a WOD Friday afternoon between games, or Saturday morning before games.  Then I got an email from the coach running the challenge and they have set a makeup class on Tuesday night…this works perfectly for me!  So, I will be weighing in, getting measured and doing the baseline WOD Tuesday at 7:45pm.  The coach is announcing the WOD they will be doing on Friday night.  I’m dying to see what it will be.  From what I can see on the WLC website and emails I still get sent from the WLC folks, the suggested WOD this session is:

WLC baseline wod

It looks harmless enough on paper, but I’m sure it will be 11 minutes of pure hell.  Starting with 1000m row should make my legs nice and tired going into 75 squats!  Fun Fun!  There is no guarantee this will be the baseline WOD I will be doing, since gyms are free to set up their own WOD.  As long as it is something that can be replicated and tracked at the end of the WOD just about anything goes.  I can’t wait to see what we will be doing!

I’m looking forward to doing the challenge again.  It will be a tough start to it, since I’ll be in hotels and eating out for all meals over the first weekend, but I’ll just do my best and not stress about it too much.  I do need to get organized food-wise when I get home Sunday.  Planning and preparedness is key to being successful in this challenge.  I learned that last time, and I plan to be just as successful at this challenge this time around!  I will have my iPad loaded with paleo cookbooks and my Clean Eating magazines and planning next week’s menu between games and while we drive to/from London.  I’m looking forward to some good eats for the next 8 weeks.

Aside from starting my year with the Whole Life Challenge, I’ve also got some help from my CrossFit box to make sure the year get off to a good start .  The coaches at the box have created a goals list for all members.  We need to fill in the Google Doc with a CrossFit goal for January and then 3 goals for the rest of the year.  This is perfect, because I had planned to set up some CrossFit related goals for the year anyways.

The CrossFit goals I’ve set are:

January Goal:  10 unbroken kipping pull-ups.  Since finally getting unassisted pull-ups in August, I haven’t practiced them as often as I should.   I seem to be stuck at only 3 in a row and then I need to drop off the bar and re-group.  I think my goal of 10 in a row, unbroken is quite doable.  Last week we had an  EMOM WOD that was 1 heavy squat snatch and 6 pull-ups.  My coach suggested I scale to 3 pull-ups so I would be able to do it and still have time to rest before the next minute started.   I was able to do all rounds with 3 in a row and even did 4 in a row the last 2 rounds.  After class I stayed to do a few more pull-ups to get closer to the 60 that the WOD was meant to have.  I managed to string together 5 in a row 4 times and then 4 in a row twice…which brought my total number of Rx pull-ups for the night to 60…right where I wanted it!  So, I am now working off a base of 5 in a row.  I’m confident I can hit 10 in a row by the end of the month.

Goals for 2014:

    1. 20 Rx Push-ups.  Push-ups are another weakness of mine.  When the reps get high, I have to drop to my knees…and I hate that!  I can do maybe 3-4 solid, perfect form Rx push-ups and then it all goes to crap.  My goal is 20 good ones by the end of the year.  I will have to see if I can find a push-up app.  I should get my workouts folder on my phone…I probably already have one!
    2. Rx Fran:  Fran is one of the benchmark workouts.  It is 21-15-9 of Thrusters and Pull-ups.  Rx weight for girls is 65#.  So far I’ve only ever done it with a 35# bar.  My goal is to be able to do it with the 65# prescribed weight and unassisted pull-ups. 
    3. Handstand Push-up:  The handstand push-up is another killer move.  I can get up into the handstand no problem, and can dip a little bit, but can’t come all the way down to touch my head to the floor and then push myself up…I get stuck at the bottom.  For any WOD with HSPU in it, I always do them off a 24’ box.  My goal for the year is to do one at the wall.  It can be with a kip or strict – it doesn’t matter to me.  I will just be thrilled if I can do it at all!
    4. 1 Dead Hang Pull-up:  Now that I can consistently do unassisted kipping pull-ups, my next goal is to get a dead hang pull-up.  Of all my CrossFit goals this is the one that I think will be the hardest.  Hopefully as I strengthen my upper body I will eventually be able to get a dead hang.  I don’t need to crank out 20 or anything…just one will do!

I didn’t put this one on the official CrossFit goal file, but I do have one more thing I would love to accomplish:  do 1 MUSCLE UP.  This is the mother of all CrossFit moves and there are some really strong and experienced CrossFitters at my box who still haven’t gotten a muscle up.  I will admit, I’ve never even tried to do one.  They scare the crap out of me.  Swinging like mad from the rings and then somehow getting your body up into the press.  I am terrified of falling off the rings during the swing part of it!  I have no idea if I will be able to get a muscle up or not, but I think I should at least start trying.

One other goal I would like to set for the year is to read more.  I enjoy reading, but just never seem to have enough time for it.  I am going to try to regularly read before bed each night – and read books, not blogs!  My goal for the year is to read 24 books.  I’ve already read one, so only 23 more to go.  I just finished reading Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn.  I had started this book a couple of times before, but never made it past the first chapter or two.  This time, once I got going, I couldn’t put it down.  I think the next book I read will be Allegiant, the final book in the Divergent trilogy.

So, there they are, all written down and official, my goals for 2014.  I’m looking forward to working hard and achieving all of them.

Have you set any goals for 2014? 

Do you have any suggestions for any good books I should read this year?


April Goals

I”m a day late with my April goals, but at least it’s only a day.  I never actually got around to writing my goal post for March at all!

My goals for the month are nothing way out there…just a few things that I’d like to be focused on to keep me on track.

So, without further ado….I give you my April goals!

  1. Track my food and exercise with MyFitnessPal.  I used to be right on top of this, but at some point, started to slack off and then quit all together.  My goal is to record every single thing that I eat.  EVERYTHING!  Even the crap.  I’m not going to feel guilty about eating things, but I want to be accountable and want to see just how much I am eating.
  2. Continue with my 3 CrossFit workouts a week.  I’m pretty sure this is one goal that will happen for sure, but I figured I would write it down anyways.  I am paying for a 3 visit per week CrossFit membership and it isn’t cheap, so there is no way I will miss a workout.  Plus, I love it!  I book my workouts for the week on the weekend and then build the rest of my week around them. So far, this has been working quite well, so I’m excited to keep it going for April.
    CNC logo
  3. Practice Double Unders twice a week.  Double unders are another CrossFit move that I am not very good at.  They are however, something that I think I could get good at with a little bit of practice.  I know how to skip, now I just need to get better and master the double under.  I am going to practice my double unders twice a week.  My son has a skipping rope that he got from his school when he took part in Jump Rope for Heart.  It’s not the best rope but for now it will do. I figure if I jump for 10-15 minutes a couple of times a week, I should improve.  I started tonight.  Here’s the proof. 
    First double under practice

    While I still have a long way to go, I made some progress today.  From only being able to do 1 at a time, I got to 6 or 7 in this video, but before we started taping, I got up to 11!  My goal is to be able to do 20 unbroken by the end of April.  And eventually I would love to be able to crank out 90 straight like Kristan Clever did in the Open 13.3 head to head workout on announcement night.  Skip to 30:29 to see her kill it.

  4. Practice kipping Pull-ups once a week.  I’m not sure exactly how I am going to do this one.  I have a pull up bar that goes over a door frame, but I’m not sure I can kip with it.  I may have to get hubby to figure out how we can put a permanent bar up in the basement.  I will see what I can find in the way of pull up bars online and then see what we can do.  I’ve been watching the instructional video that I found and I’m pumped to try these again. 
  5. Do one Kettlebell workout a week.  Since I have taken training for the half off my list of things to do, I no longer have to fit running into my schedule.  My hockey season is also finished (aside from our end of season tourney this weekend…more on that in another post later this week), so this frees up another night for me. That gives me lots of free tie to fit in a kettlebell workout.  I will either do a straight swing workout or hit Fitness Blender for a workout video to follow along with.  Just after Christmas I was using my kettlebells quite regularly.  Since I joined CrossFit I haven’t used them too often.  I enjoy kettlebell and it is such a great workout, so I’m looking forward to getting back into it.

    my kettlebells

  6. Continue to meal plan and cook clean dinners.  I have been doing fairly well with my clean eating dinners lately.  Meal planning and grocery shopping on Sundays has been working very well for me.  We have been eating delicious, healthy dinners and I have been having awesome leftover lunches.  My breakfasts could be better, but I’m not going to worry too much about that.  Mornings around our house in the morning are pretty hectic, so I’m happy to just get out of the house on time.  I eat at work and microwave eggs on a bagel with cheese are my go to breakfast.  I will try to make some overnight oats again but I’m happy with my bagel sandwiches, so I’m okay if that’s all I can manage right now. 


These will be my main focus for the month.  Fingers crossed I’m able to stay on track with all of them throughout the month. 

Have you set your goals for April? 


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