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EWGA Cup Road Trip In Pictures

If you’ve been following along, you know that this past weekend I headed to Connecticut to play in the EWGA Cup North East Regional Qualifier with my Grip It & Sip It Match Play team.  We had a fantastic time. Here’s a picture summary of our trip.

The plan was to meet at 3pm at one of the girls’ office close to the highway.  Well, as you can imagine, getting 7 ladies to show up on time is impossible (are a team of 8, but one of us had to work so flew to Connecticut Friday).  We had time for a parking lot beverage while we waited for everyone to show up and at 4:30 we were all loaded and ready to hit the road.


7/8 of Team Grip It & Sip It…about to hit the road.

We planned to stop in Lee, MA Wednesday night and do some shopping Thursday, before heading down to Connecticut. After a long, but good drive (crossing the border at Queenston/Lewiston, driving all the way across I-90 in New York State, and a brief stint on the Mass Pike), we arrived just after midnight at the Black Swan Inn, in Lee, MA.  Since I was the driver, I had some catching up to do, so I pretty much cracked my first beer as soon as I walked into our room!

black swan

Nothing like a nice, cold beer after an 8 hour drive!

While we waited for the other car full of ladies to arrive we enjoyed a few many cocktails, took a few selfies, and when the other ladies arrived around 2:30am we were not quite ready to go to bed…so many more cocktails were enjoyed and we finally shut things down around 5:30am…someone tried to go to sleep earlier, but they were unsuccessful!


Practicing for the 19th hole!

The morning/afternoon after:  looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready to play tourist.


After partying until 5:30 in the morning, we didn’t quite get up as early as planned, so we decided to skip the outlet mall and just head down to New Haven and tour around Yale.  It was back in the cars for a relatively short drive to New Haven.  We ended up losing the other car as they stopped for gas and lunch, so we went right into New Haven and found a pub for lunch.   We all  enjoyed a burger, fries and a beer (well, since I was driving I had a diet Coke).
IMG_5232After fueling up we were ready to tour Yale.  It was pretty cool.  I was kind of expecting it to have its own campus separate from the town, but it’s right in the heart of the town of New Haven.  The buildings were very old and big! (Yale was founded in 1701!)  Outside one of the dining halls was a monument dedicated to Yale students who lost their lives in the war.  The dining hall was amazing inside.  All dark wood and row after row of tables for the students to eat at. It reminded us of scenes from Good Will Hunting or Dead Poet’s Society.  I’m guessing this would be a pretty noisy place at meal time with a couple hundred students in there all talking at the same time.

yale 2

We wandered around for a while and did what tourists do…took a bunch of pics and selfies!
yale 1We met up with our other team members in the Yale Bookstore.  I got t-shirts for hubs and the kids, and although I have a picture of the Yale Golf t-shirt, I ended up getting myself a Yale Hockey hoodie and a Yale ball marker, which I used all weekend in the competition.

After everyone had finished shopping we decided we needed to see the ocean, so back into the cars we went and we headed to West Haven and Sea Bluff Beach.  The water was really low so we saw some interesting creatures on the ocean floor, and we thought it was a sign that we saw a golf ball sitting there too!
sea bluff 1


The team, clockwise from top left: Cathy (me), Anne, Jennifer, Jane, Jacqui, Michelle, and Andrea. Just missing Kendall who was flying in later.

After we were finished at the beach, it was back into the cars to drive up to Wallingford, CT to the hotel we were staying at for the rest of the weekend.  It wasn’t too far away, check in went smoothly, and soon enough we were all gathered in a room having another cocktail.  Are you starting to understand why we are called Grip It & Sip It!  🙂

Friday we were playing a practice round at the course – Lyman Orchards.  It was a pretty nice course, with a few rows of apple trees between the 11th and 12th hole.  We all picked and enjoyed a few apples…and we may have enjoyed a few cold ones on the course!  I did not play my best game.  Shot a 113, but that’s with 12 – yes 12!! penalty strokes. UGH!
lyman 1Saturday we played the 4 ball matches.  Our team won 2 of 4 matches, earning us 2 points for the day.  Sunday was the singles matches.  We won 4 and a half singles matches, giving us a total of 6 and 1/2 points. (I did not win either of my matches, but they both went the full 18 holes, so I put up a good fight!)

A total of 6 teams out of the field of 16 got to go on to the finals in Kissimmee, FL in November.  At the end of the day, we were tied for 6th place.  They ended up going by quality of wins, where we ended up being the 2nd place team out of the 3 of us tied for 6th, so we aren’t going on to Florida.  😦 We were all disappointed, but we came close and had a damn good time trying!  And if there were a prize for best dressed, we would definitely have won it!


Kendall, Cathy, Jennifer, Jane, Andrea, Jacqui, Anne, Michelle. The best looking and best dressed team in the field! 🙂

The lunch and awards ended around 4pm Sunday afternoon.  No one was really looking forward to the drive home, but it went very smoothly.  As Jane said, I might have had lead inserts in my Converse, and we were home shortly after midnight.  It was a long drive and a pretty tiring weekend overall.  I feel like I’m still recovering!

Although we didn’t qualify for the EWGA Cup Finals, the weekend was a HUGE success.  I had a great time with some great friends.  We had more laughs than we could count, and I can’t wait to do it all again next year!

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And We’re Off!

Today is the day!  Team Grip It & Sip It is on the move to Connecticut for the North East Qualifier for the EWGA Cup15-EWGACup-Logo

We are all meeting this afternoon at 3, loading everyone’s clubs and gear into 2 vehicles, and then hitting the road.  Our first stop is Lee, MA for the night, followed by some serious shopping at the outlet mall tomorrow morning.  One of the girls in our group LOVES to shop, so I’m pretty sure she will do some damage here.  From the store directory, it looks like there are many of the same stores here as we found in the outlet last year when we were in Phoenix.  It could be dangerous!   I can’t wait!

Although I am super excited to be going away with a great group of girls, and I am sure we are going to have the best time, I am a bit worried about what I’m going to be eating for the next 5 days.  Every meal from here on out will be eaten in a restaurant of some sort.  I am going to do my best to pick healthy options, but realistically, I’m guessing my nutrition will be less than ideal.  The one good thing is Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I will be playing 18 holes of golf, so at least getting some activity in there.  Plus, I’m guessing I will hit my step goal on Thursday as we shop at the outlets and play tourists in Connecticut.

At least I am aware that my nutrition might not be ideal, and can hopefully be strong and chose healthier options when it comes time to order.
food mindfulnessWish me luck!

Do you have any tips on how to eat healthy while travelling?


A Week Off From The Gym

I’ve put my CrossFit membership on hold for the week.  I can’t get in for my usual 4 classes this week, so rather than waste a week with only one class, I’ve put it on hold.  While this is financially a smart move, it makes me sad to miss a whole week of class 😦  I miss it when I can’t get to the gym.
miss the gym
I have a good reason for not making it to the gym this week:  I’m off to Connecticut on Wednesday to play in the EWGA Cup North East Regional Qualifier!  This is a team match play competition, and I’m part of team “Grip It & Sip It”…8 ladies who love golf and who have been known, on occasion, to enjoy a cocktail or two!

We leave Wednesday, late afternoon, and will be stopping in Lee, Massachusetts overnight and hitting an outlet mall Thursday morning, before making our way Middlefield, CT, where the competition is being held. We are playing at Lyman Orchards, and have our practice round Friday afternoon.  The tournament rules meeting is Friday evening and competition kicks off at 8am Saturday with the four ball matches.  Sunday is singles match play.  Top 6 teams (out of 16) from the qualifier will go on to play in the EWGA Cup finals Nov 13-14 in Kissimmee, FL  at Reunion Resort!  Last year we played in the finals in Pheonix.  I wrote a bit about it here…and then fell off the blog wagon.  (We didn’t win, but we were the best placing Canadian team…and we had a very good time!)

I can’t wait!  We have team outfits and we are going to look spectacular.  I will save the full outfit reveal for another post, but here’s just a tease…our hats…how awesome is this?

Despite not going to the gym this week, I will still be fairly active.  I have my regular league golf round tomorrow (I’m hoping work cooperates and I can leave a bit early to squeeze this in), and then golf Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Tonight, I am going to try to do a basement WOD.  I’m hoping to do a modified version of the WOD from the gym.

sept 14 wod

I’ve got a rack, barbell, and plates downstairs so I can work at finding my 3 rep max back squat.  For the Met Con, they are doing Karen, 150 wall balls – YIKES!  I don’t have a wall ball, or a wall high enough to do wall balls at home, but I do have dumbbells, so I’m thinking of modifying to 150 dumbbell thrusters.  This will give me a good leg workout and the thruster sort of mimics the wall ball toss part of it.  I’m pretty sure I will hate it just as much as if I did Karen!  Now, I just need to make sure I make it to the basement to actually do it!

Anyone want to join me for my basement WOD?  Or at least hold me accountable for it?


I Got A New Gadget

So, it was my birthday on the weekend and hubby came through big time!  He got me a super cool golf gadget, called Game Golf.
game golfAccording to their website, “GAME GOLF gives you a revolutionary way to track your shot performance. Shot by shot, it records all your stats so you can visualize your game like never before and enjoy it on a whole new level. Don’t just view how you did on your scorecard. Gain the insights you need to start shaving strokes off your golf game.”

I’d discovered Game Golf earlier in the golf season at one of my EWGA events, when one of the girls who was playing had the device clipped to her waistband.  I asked her what it was and she told me what it did.  I immediately thought it was so cool and mentioned it to hubs when I got home.  I think I might have sent him a link to the website at some other point this summer, again saying I thought it was a neat gadget.

I was super excited when I opened my gift to find this inside the bag.  I’m a horrible golfer, but I love gadgets, especially one that might help improve my game!  We were at the cottage when I got my gift, so I had to wait until we got back home to set things up.

Set up was very easy.  I created an account, set up my golf bag by telling it what kind of clubs I had in my bag, assigned pins to each club, charged the device, and was ready to go.


It was very simple.  I found a little “how to use” write-up on their website, had a quick read, and was ready to play my first round with it yesterday at my EWGA league night.

When I got to the course, I turned on the device, clipped it to my skirt, and went about getting ready for my round.  By the time I got to the first tee, it had picked up the satellites, and I was ready to go.  Using the system was very easy too.  Every time before I took my shot, I just tapped the pin on my club to the device, which they refer to as “tagging”, and it gave a little vibration and beep, letting me know the club was registered.  Then I took my usual shot and walked up to the ball for my next shot, where I chose the club I wanted, “tagged”, shot, and repeated the process until I holed out, including putts.  A couple of times I did forget to tag, mostly putts, so I just went back to roughly where I had putt from and made the tag.

Once I got to my computer, I connected my device and downloaded my round.  I was able to edit my holes to add penalty strokes for lost balls, etc, and add in shots that I forgot to tag (I forgot to tag my third shot out of the same bunker!), and then I saved my round.  And voila…my 9-hole round as I played it, shot for shot.

my round
You can also select a hole and get a shot by shot summary:
6th hole

Here you can see where I added in the penalty shots for going into the crap along the left side of the hole on both my first and second shots.  The course treats it all as lateral, so I could just play my next shot from where it went in.

Overall, not a great round.  I took 2 penalty strokes on the 6th hole, one of the 7th (3 off the tee!) and another on the 8th (another 3 off the tee!!).  That’s 4 extra strokes.  That, plus 3 shots to get out of one bunker (2 extra strokes) and 2 to get out of another (1 extra stroke), all add up to about 7 extra strokes – Yikes!  Ugh…golf is so frustrating!  But I love it, and can’t wait to track all of my rounds for the rest of the season…especially the ones I will be playing next week in Middlefield, CT at the EWGA Cup North East Qualifier (more on that to come in a future post!).

Anyone else out there use Game Golf?
Let me know so we can follow each other and cheer each other on.

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Countdown to Vacation!

Seems like I didn’t do so well with blog posts last week.  😦  I thought about it a few times, but then life got in the way and I did other things!

My kids are in the midst of enjoying 2 weeks up at the cottage with their Nana…so this has left hubs and I empty-nesters…and we’ve been making the most of it. Of course, when you don’t have kids to worry about, the first thing you do is…get your mind out of the gutter…the first thing I did was finally drag him to a CrossFit class!  Rory did the baseline assessment a couple of weeks ago and then initiated his 2 weeks free last Monday – on his birthday!

We went to class 3 times together last week.  The first class he was very nervous as he still didn’t know what to expect in a real class – his baseline test was done one-on-one with a coach, so this would be his first experience working out with other people around and doing the WOD.  He looked quite uncomfortable as we waited for class to start and just kept pacing around.  Once we got into class, I think he settled in quite nicely.  Coach Ernesto modified and scaled both the strength and WOD portions of the class so Rory could get a good workout in, but live to WOD another day!  At the end of class, Rory was a sweaty, exhausted mess, but admitted he liked it and finally got what I have been talking about for the last 2 years.  Once class starts, everyone works on their own thing and no one pays attention to how much or how little you lift, and they cheer and encourage you to finish the WOD. We did 2 other classes together last week and did another one yesterday.

His two weeks free is up at the end of this week and he’s got a few more workout planned.  We go on vacation next week (wohoo!), so I’m hoping when we get back, he will sign up for at least 6 months and give CrossFit a real chance.   Fingers crossed.

Aside from CrossFit class, we also enjoyed going to a movie…which we haven’t done in a long time.  I honestly don’t remember the last show we saw together in a theatre.  We went to see Trainwreck with Amy Schumer and Bill Hader.
trainwreckWe love Amy Schumer – her weekly show on the comedy network is hilarious!  We laughed out loud quite a few times and both really liked the movie.  It was a nice way to hang out and Rory liked that he didn’t have to lift anything heavier than a glass of coke and popcorn!  I didn’t realize that Amy Schumer wrote the script until I saw it in the credits.  She is a pretty talented chick!

This week the kids are still at the cottage and we are busying WODing, golfing, and dealing with a sick cat.  Ovie seems to have developed a cough. I took him to the vet yesterday and we have antibiotics and some other cough medicine for him. He does not enjoy getting his medicine.  It is a 2 person job where hubs wraps him in a blanket, trapping his paws, and I try to open his mouth and fire in a syringe full of meds.  It is quite a production!  Hopefully he improves quickly, otherwise we will need to do x-rays and blood work to the tune of $400!  Other than coughing once in a while, he seems otherwise unaffected.  Here he is helping me work from home today:
OvieTonight I’m golfing with my league and I hope we don’t melt out there!  It’s 31 Celsius, feeling like 35 with humidex (that’s 88 and 95F for my American readers!) and there is a heat warning.  We have decided we will be taking a cart tonight since it’s just too damn hot to walk, and I’m pretty sure we will be enjoying a few on course beverages.  It’s important to stay hydrated!

I will be rounding out my week with CrossFit class Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Rory is going to his first class without me tonight while I’m golfing.  Not sure when else he will go to class as he golfs tomorrow and has ball on Thursday. Hopefully he can sneak out of work a bit early and come to 4:30 class with me Friday before we pack up and head out for our annual vacation week at the cottage.  Can’t wait!

These next 3 days can’t go by fast enough for me. Come on, Friday!

How’s your week looking?
Got anything fun planned for the upcoming weekend?

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WODing and Golfing

So, when last we touched base, I had convinced hubby to finally try CrossFit.  Well, I’m happy to say he survived, and has agreed to try it for 2 weeks (for free) and then decide if he’s going to sign up for real.  His two weeks start next Monday (on his birthday!), and we’ve signed up for the 6:30pm class together.  I’m excited to get to workout with him, and then after class, I will take him out for a nice birthday dinner.

workout with a friend

Before we go WOD together on Monday, we get to golf together on Saturday.  We are playing in a charity tournament with our friends Pam and Mark at Wooden Sticks…an awesome “copy cat” golf course.  It has holes from some of the top courses from around the PGA.  It should be a fun afternoon and I’m really looking forward to it.  I’m going to need to watch this video for a hole by hole run down of the course.

Speaking of golf, the weather cooperated on Tuesday and I was able to get out for my weekly EWGA league night.  We missed the week before due to torrential rain, so it was nice to get out there again.  I even managed to play a decent game, shooting a 46. I think my best before was a 49.  Between that, and shooting a decent round (99) last Sunday, my handicap has dropped!  I’m getting closer to the 2nd flight.  Not sure I will make it, but I’m making progress!
27.1I’ve got my second round match play game next Tuesday.  Hopefully I can keep the good stuff going.  Fingers crossed!

Okay..bedtime.  I’m reading a new book and hoping to read a few chapters before I can’t hold my eyes open anymore.

Sweet dreams!  

What are you reading these days?

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The Friday Five

Despite wanting to post more often, I seem to be sticking to my once a month updates 😦  Life is just too busy. 🙂

Let’s get right to it.


1.  Golf has started!  I love golf.   I am horrible, but I love it!  I may be horrible at it, but I’m actually much better than I was when I first started back into it a few years ago.  My handicap now sits at 27.7 (much improved over 33.3 that it used to be!) and my goal for the year is to get it to 25.0.  I’ve whittled a few strokes off my handicap every year.  Hopefully I’ve got a few more good shots in me to drop it to my goal.  We played a scramble format this week, so I didn’t keep my own score, but I had a number of good shots, made some nice chips onto the green, and my putting wasn’t too bad at all.  I’m looking forward to getting out there once a week and chasing the ball around the course.
golf fetch
2.  Ball hockey has started!  
I miss my skates.  There is no coasting in ball hockey.  If you don’t run, you don’t move!  It was nice to see all the girls again.  Most of them I don’t see over the winter, so there was a lot of catching up going on in the dressing room.   We seem to remember how to play, and we won our first game 2-0.  We had the 10pm game, so there was no parking lot tailgate action this week, but I’m sure once we get rolling, parking lot Beves and Coronas will be happening!

20130710 - Womens Ball Hockey 2013 - Lt Blue (1)

The 2013 team…most of us are the same, with a few new additions this year.

3.   My back is still not 100% but is slowly getting better.  I’ve been seeing my physio guy twice a week up until this week, as I’ve graduated to once a week treatments.  I’ve been doing my exercises and it feels pretty good.  Once in a while something will tweak it and I’m reminded not to push it.   I was worried about ball hockey since running doesn’t feel the best, but for the most part it was okay.  I just kept my shifts really short and if it started to hurt, I went off.  I’ve modified most WODs at the gym and hopefully soon I can start lifting heavier again.
if nothing hurt
4.  I’m doing the Whole Life Challenge….again!  
I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve done the WLC.   This time, it’s a little different.  My CrossFit is calling it the WLC+ and they have designed eating plans for us based on our workout frequency, body weight, and goals.  It is a macro based plan, with assigned requirements for grams of protein, carbs, and fats per day.  They are teaching us about fueling for WODs and eating for recovery.  It is all very interesting.  Based on this, I have to eat MUCH more than I usually do…which is fun, and challenging.   So far, I have yet to hit my macro targets for grams.  I’ve come close once, but most days I am way under.  I am working on gradually increasing my intake to meet my targets.  Hopefully by next week I will be there.  I am diligently tracking my food on My Fitness Pal and constantly searching for high carb/high protein/low-fat food.  Since I’m focusing more on the macro part of this, I am only doing the Kick Start level for WLC which is not nearly as restrictive as the other levels, so I can still eat rice, corn, and sugar in some prepared foods.  It’s pretty much no bread/flour/pasta, no sugar in baked goods/coffee/candy – no chai lattes for me 😦 , no beer, no pop (regular or diet) and no junk food.  I’m okay with that, and I’m looking forward to the next 8 weeks to see how my workouts and body improve.

5.  I’m on vacation! As of tomorrow afternoon, you will find me on the beach in Cayo Coco, Cuba at the Iberostar Mojito!  We are off for a week of fun in the sun with some friends of ours.  It should be a fun time.  The kids are all so excited – there are 5 of them between the two families so they should have no problem entertaining themselves!   I’m pretty sure I will lose all my WLC nutrition points, but I’m still going to try to hit my macros while I’m there.  I’m not going to beat myself up when things go off the rails..I’m on vacation!!!  I’m looking forward to the heat (although it is finally nice here in Toronto), the beach, the cold beer and the Mojitos!  So, don’t expect a blog post next week…but I will likely be updating my Instagram account, so feel free to follow along there!
ibstar_moj_ib_beach_d1310_004Happy Friday!

See you in a week!!! 

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Leaving On A Jet Plane!

Today is the day!  I’m off to Scottsdale, Arizona for my EWGA Cup golf weekend.
ewga cupI’m traveling tonight with 2 other team members.  We get to Scottsdale around 10pm local time.  We’ve got a shuttle coming to get us to the condo (which is on the 9th green of the course!), and if our teammates who are already there know what is good for them, there will be a nice, cold Corona waiting for me!

I’m looking forward to playing a practice round tomorrow, hitting the driving range Saturday, and then competing Sunday and Monday.  At some point in there I also hope to spend some time napping poolside!

The tournament organizers have a busy weekend lined up for us:

  • registration Friday/Saturday
  • rules meeting Saturday 5pm
  • player reception Saturday night
  • 10am Sunday – shotgun start first round matches (I start with 4 ball)
  • Sunday – “Winder Wonderland Mixer” with entertainment by Shades of Grey.  No idea who they are, but hopefully they will be good.
  • 9am Monday – shotgun start second round matches (My singles match day)
  • awards luncheon following matches
  • Monday night – Casino night.

According to an update I got this morning from the girls who flew down yesterday, it’s a bit rainy today, but supposed to be nice starting tomorrow.  Both weather apps I have on my phone concur:

scottsdale weather

I’m looking forward to a fun weekend of sun, golf, and a few laughs along the way.  Can’t wait.

Now, just need the afternoon to fly by so I can get outta here!

Feel free to send positive golf vibes my way!

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The Friday Five – Saturday Edition

Wohoo!  Made it to another weekend 🙂  I started this post on Friday, but didn’t quite finish.  I got to #2 and picked up at #3 Saturday night.  Here goes…


1.  I have hit my reading goal for 2014!  After staying up way too late reading every day this week, I hit my 24 book goal.  I’m hoping I can keep on rolling through December and add a couple more titles to the list. Check out what I’ve read here and feel free to suggest some books I should add to my reading list.
read2.  I’m loving my new CrossFit kicks!  Both the nano4s and my lifters ares awesome…and I seem to have started a new trend…the #footsie.  Check out Reebok Canada’s instagram post:
reebok canada instagram
3.  The AirDyne is the devil! 
Friday’s WOD was snatch balance work and then squat snack or hang power snatch, depending on what your ability.  I did the HPS since the snatch is not my best lift, so rather than push it with a squat snatch, I just worked on getting a solid lift from the hang.  It felt good and I’m happy with my progress.  After the snatch work, it was time for the MetCon…10 minutes on the AirDyne, 12 seconds max watts, 48 seconds recovery.  Oh.  My.  God!  It was hell.  By the end of the 10 minutes I could barely pedal that bad boy for 12 seconds.  My ass was killing me and I’m very afraid of how I’m going to feel walking tomorrow!   I guess that’s why they call the AirDyne Satan’s Tricycle.

4.  I need to get my golf stuff organized.  I’m off to Arizona on Thursday!  I can’t believe it’s only 5 days.  I have not swung a club since September.  I’m not even sure where all of my golf stuff is!  Guess I better spend some time tomorrow getting my stuff together, figuring what I’m taking with me, and I should probably hit Golf Town and buy some golf balls!  I’m nervous and excited to head south, out of this cold weather that has hit, and play a few rounds of golf.
ewga cup
5.  I made the most delicious pasta dish for dinner tonight. French onion soup pasta from Katie at The Rose Record.  Oh my god….so delicious.  It seemed to take forever to caramelize the onions, but totally worth it.  So awesome. Make this dish soon!
french onion soup pastafrench onion soup pasta 2

Okay…now it’s late and I’m off to bed.  I have a date with the design team at Home Depot tomorrow morning at 10am to talk kitchens.

How’s your weekend going?  Let’s hope tomorrow goes by nice and slow…Smile


The Friday Five

Happy Friday!  Let’s get right to it!

1.  I have been a very bad blogger lately.  By the time I get home from work, eat dinner, do a few things around the house, go to CrossFit, come home and shower, I have zero energy or motivation to write a blog post.  Plus, I really haven’t had that much to say lately.  My life is rather dull, I’m afraid!

2.  I have also fallen so far behind in the Photo101 course.  I was doing alright the first week, and then the wheels fell off.  Ideally, you are to take a new photo each day that relates to the prompts.  Well, by the time I get home from work, it’s dark…which makes it difficult to take decent pictures.  I think I am going to cheat and this weekend look back through all the pics I’ve taken and see if I can find some that relate to the prompts we’ve been given that I have missed:  connect, landmark, natural world, warmth, mystery, pop of colour, architecture, moment, swarm and landscape.

3.  My hands are so sore!  I wasn’t feeling the greatest on Monday (had a headache all day), so I cancelled my CrossFit class and switched to Tuesday night instead.  Well, Tuesday’s workout was a tough one!  Strength wasn’t too bad – ring rows (since I still can’t do an unassisted strict pull-up :()  and GHD sit-ups.  The MetCon is where things got fun:
nov 18I did the beginner lever, since it was going to add up to 60 pull-ups, which is more than I have ever done RX in a WOD (I did 45 once!).  I also used a band on a rack for the push-ups, since 60 RX push-ups was unlikely.  Things were going along well – if you define well as exhausting – until the last set of pull-ups when my hands ripped on rep 54.  I ended up doing the last 6 reps as ring rows because my hands hurt so much.  I can’t remember what my time was – I really need to get better and putting my workouts into my MyWOD app!  I went home, took the loose skin off my tears and coated them with polysporin.
ouch 1
Wednesday night’s WOD had toes to bar in both the strength and metcon.  We also did deadlifts in the strength work, and just holding the bar hurt my hands – not just the torn spots, but my calluses at the base of my fingers as well.  In the end I asked for a substitute for the T2B in the metcon (which was 20-15-10-5 DB squat cleans, T2B, box jumps).  I just couldn’t take the pain.  Instead my coach game me candlesticks.  I only learned after the WOD what they were…lying on my back on the floor, holding the rig, pike up legs and then reach them up the rig as high as you can get them…basically like this:
candlestickMy hands are still sore and there are more pull-ups in today’s WOD…I think I will do the beginner ring rows again and try to let my hands heal.

To help prevent this from happening again, I ordered a pair of Natural Grip wraps.  I have had my eye on them for a while, but finally broke down and ordered a pair.  It will be the best $17 I ever spent if they work like they say they do.  Natural Grips were recently featured on Shark Tank and they got a deal!!!
natural grip
4.  I got some new CrossFit kicks!  Reebok has a Friend’s and Family 40% off sale last weekend and I picked up some new Nano 4s.  Aren’t they pretty!
new kicksI also got some lifters…but they haven’t been shipped yet.  Can’t wait for those to arrive!

5.  It’s only 2 weeks until I go to Arizona for the EWGA Cup.  I really should get out to a golf dome or simulator some time in the next little while.  I will have been 3 months since I’ve played golf when the competition starts and that can’t lead to good things.  Hopefully it will work out I can get out once here before I go and we have a practice round scheduled the Friday before the competition starts, so hopefully I will remember how to swing a club!


Happy weekend!

Got any big plans?  


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