My Pursuit of Happiness and Skinny Jeans

My journey to a smaller jean size

The Friday Five

HAPPY FRIDAY!  Let’s get right to it!

1.  It’s a LONG WEEKEND! 

Victoria Day 5

This extra day off is coming just at the right time.  Both Hubs and I have had a bit of a week from hell at work, so an extra day away from our respective offices is just what the doctor ordered.  I seriously think the doctor needs to order a week of sun and sand on a Caribbean island, but I don’t think that prescription will be filled any time soon Sad smile  So, until then, whenever that may be, we will make the most of this extended weekend.

We are heading up to the cottage later tonight.  We are totally not organized to go.  Everyone has to pack, we need to find the linens that we brought home to wash last fall, I need to plan and shop for Saturday lunch and dinner for the whole gang, and before any of that can happen, I need to hit CrossFit for my 5pm class.  I have no idea what time we will start the drive tonight…good thing the cottage is only about an hour and 20 minutes away.  Whatever time it is, I know when we finally get there and unpack everything, I am having a nice, cold Corona!  I can almost taste it now!

2.  I got beat up at CrossFit this week!  Between slashes on my arms and legs from double unders, bruises on my chest from push presses, and now a giant rope burn on my leg from last night’s rope climbs, I look like I’ve been through a war!
Image (3)

Of all of them, I think the rope burns are the worst.  They are actually quite tender and let me know they were there when the water hit them in the shower this morning.  Yowzers!  That stung!  I need to remember to bring my antibiotic ointment to the cottage this weekend so I can apply a few times and hopefully speed healing.

3.  Despite getting beat up, I can’t wait to hit the Box for my third workout of the week!  Tonight we are working on overhead squats again. Until a few weeks ago I hadn’t done one of these.  Now they seem to be in at least one WOD each week.  They are a great movement and although they are complicated and I can’t lift very much yet, I kind of like them.  Hopefully tonight I will be able to add a few more pounds to the bar. I’ve got my wrist wraps now, so hopefully that will give me a bit more stability and let me lift heavier too.  After the strength, we move into the WOD for a 21-15-9 back squats and shoulders to overhead.  Last time we had a workout like this I finished with 2 seconds to spare.  Hopefully tonight I can make it through all reps in the 10 minute time limit.  I will let you know!

may 17 WOD

(PS…I finished in 8:52 or something like that!)

4. I have finished my 30 day Isagenix cleanseOverall, I have to say I’m pleased with the results.  Most change seemed to happen in the first 11 days or so in terms of weight change and measurements.  At that point I had lost 8 lbs and 12 inches and that’s pretty much where I ended.  Although I’m sure if I took a body fat measure, that would have changed over the course of the month as well.  My clothes are fitting completely differently and things “look” better…and that’s really what I’m more concerned about, although a lower number on the scale is always nice. Smile Between this and the CrossFit I’m pretty sure I’ve gained muscle over the last month.  Now I need to focus on eating clean and continue with all my workouts/activities to make sure I’m getting stronger.

I still have a few shakes left in my cleanse pack and I ordered some more of these as well as some bars and the energetix stix.  I hope to have a shake for breakfast still, and if things are crazy I may have the odd one for lunch as well. The bars are mainly for days when I’ve got lots going on and need a little boost – like Tuesday’s when I have golf and ball hockey on the same night.  The energenix stix turn water into a healthy Gatorade type drink that I really liked on ball hockey days or WOD days when I don’t get to eat before I hit the gym.

I will see how this does this next month and adjust as needed.

5.  My weekly videos!   Seems to have become a regular feature on my blog that I’ve got a couple of videos.  This week I’ve got 2 for you.  One funny, and one motivational.  Hope you like them! (I have no idea why they won’t insert directly in my post this time.  You will have to click on the links…Sorry Sad smile)

Will Ferrell is sad about the Leafs too!

You boys aren’t so tough!

and here’s a bonus:
6.  I found some will power today!  We are driving up to the cottage tonight (I’m actually putting the finishing touches to this post from the car!  Gotta love rocket sticks!)  I got home from CrossFit shortly after 6, had a quick shower, packed my bag, put together 3 Tupperware of protein powder for my breakfasts at the cottage, and was out the door.  But not before I heated some leftover spinach and spiced chick peas.  I ate them in the car as the rest of my family went into McDonald’s for dinner. I have to say I am quite impressed with myself. I like McDonald’s and don’t think it’s too bad to have it once in a while, but just didn’t want to wreck my great day of food and exercise, so I  stuck to the plan and enjoyed a clean, healthy, delicious meal.  (I did treat myself to a $1 diet coke once I finished my chick peas!  not great, but could have been a LOT worse!)
photo (5)

And that’s it!  I’m almost to the cottage…about another 15 minutes or so.  I can almost taste that first Corona!

Have a great weekend, everyone!
Got any big plans?

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The Friday Five

It’s Friday – YAY!!! – and the end of an insanely hectic week. 

Let’s get to it…


1.  I am so looking forward to the weekend!  I had one of the busiest weeks ever.  I had something going on outside the house every night and I felt like a chicken with my head cut off running from place to place all week.  I’m looking forward to sleeping in a bit and taking things at a more relaxed pace the next 2 days.
relax its the weekend

2.  Tomorrow I am spending the day with my sister Erin and we are going to scrapbook! In case you didn’t know, tomorrow is National Scrapbook Day!  Back in 1994, Creative Memories decided that the first Saturday in May should be declared National Scrapbook Day.  On this day, scrapbookers gather together and celebrate their passion for Scrapbooking.  Erin and I are going to an event hosted by our Creative Memories consultant, Karen, and I can’t wait.  I am so far behind in my scrapping, it’s not funny.  Hopefully I get a chance tonight to try to get organized so I can jump right into it tomorrow.

3.  Tonight I will squeeze in my 3rd CrossFit WOD in 3 days!  My CrossFit membership allows me 3 classes per week (Monday –Saturday, Sunday is a rest day as the Box is closed). With my hectic week, it turned out that the 3 days I could fit in a class were Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.  This will be the first time I have done 3 days in a row.  So far my body is keeping up.  Here’s what the WOD’s have looked like:

On Wednesday, the toughest part was the pull ups.  We did jumping pull ups, to help work on the top of the pull up and these are definitely easier than doing band assisted, but they were still hard work.  I finished in 19:55 and was quite happy to be under 20 minutes.  Yesterday, the snatches were okay.  We started with practicing the snatch, since it is a pretty complex movement.  I’m still getting used to it, but was able to get up to 50lbs this time.  I’m sure I could do more, but I’m really focusing on the technique, so don’t want to push it.  For the actual WOD I dropped back to 35lbs, since there were so many in a row.  I finished in 4:32.  Tonight before the walking lunges, we are working on our front squats.  I like these.  I’m looking forward to getting back to the Box and and lifting heavy shit! 

4.  I am 2 weeks and 2 days into my Isagenix cleanse, and feeling great.  I have been doing well with 2 shakes and one healthy, clean meal a day, plus a few allowable snacks between meals.  I am maintaining at 8lbs down, but I think I’m still losing inches as my pants are fitting looser and things “look” slimmer.  I will have to check when the next measurement day is…it might be tomorrow!  If it is, I will give an update. 
isagenix logo

5.  Here’s a Friday Funny for you.  I saw this on Facebook and thought it was pretty funny.  I”d never seen anything like this before. It’s hilarious!  Hope you like it too.

Nina Conti at the Apollo

Here’s a little bonus one….I thought I may have found another great dancing video.  She has to work for it, but in the end the guy busts a teeny, tiny move. 

Let your dance out!

So, we survived another week and now we get to enjoy two glorious days off.  The weather in my neck of the woods in going to be awesome, so hopefully I get a chance to get outside a bit and enjoy the sunshine and warm temps.

Have a great weekend!
Got any big plans?


Wild Wednesday!

It’s going to be a crazy night for me, so I figured I would write a quick post while I enjoy lunch at my desk.

First of all, check out this awesome salad that I am enjoying while I type:

photo (7)

This deliciousness is leftover steak and grilled veggies from the weekend (red and yellow pepper, zucchini, red onion & asparagus), with a few leaves from a romaine heart, and half a slice of jalapeno Havarti cheese.  Tossed with a little bit of balsamic vinaigrette and I am one happy blogger right now!

Since I am doing the Isagenix cleanse, normally my lunch consists of a protein shake, but since my night is going to be so hectic, I decided to eat my real meal and lunch and have a shake at dinner to help speed things up after work.

So, what’s got me so busy tonight?  Well, just a few things:

  1. son #2 has a ball hockey game at 7pm.  First game of the season so we need to be early to get his jersey, shorts and socks.
  2. son #1 needs to babysit for my sister so she can go teach Body Attack at 7:15 – haven’t quite figured out how I am going to get him there yet!
  3. hubby has a baseball meeting from 6-7
  4. after my son’s ball hockey game I am going to CrossFit for the 8:30 class
  5. after CrossFit, I am back to the arena for my ball hockey game at 10pm.

PHEW!  I’m exhausted just writing it down!

There definitely would not be time to write a post anywhere in there, so I’m glad I’m getting this done now.

I think tonight will be the perfect opportunity to try out one of the Isagenix Energetix sticks.  I think I will carry a big bottle of water with one of the sticks mixed in with me tonight.  I think I might need a little extra energy to help me survive this crazy night.

Okay…I need to finish my lunch, got get some gas in the car, return a library book and hit the bank…because I sure won’t have time to do any of that after work!

Is your Wednesday as insane as mine? Fingers crossed I survive!  Smile


Another Monday Bites The Dust

Although today was a pretty good day, I’m glad it’s over.  Monday really is my least favourite day of the week.  Mondays mean the end of the weekend, back to work, back to hectic schedules, and back to the real world. 
i hate mondays

The best part of today was that I had a massage after work.  I looked forward to it all day.  I didn’t have any specific ailments that I needed worked on, just overall achiness all over from my killer CrossFit workouts.  At least that what I thought…until my therapist started working on me…then all sorts of intense aches came to the surface.  My right calf, my left shoulder to name just a few.  I thoroughly enjoyed my peaceful (and somewhat painful) hour and left her office very relaxed.  Nothing beats a good massage!  I feel ready to face the rest of my busy week.

But, before I get to my week ahead, let’s take a look back at a few things.

My cleanse:  The cleanse is actually going quite well.  For the most part, I am managing to stick fairly close to the plan.  I had a bit of a less than perfect day on Saturday, but got right back on track Sunday. 

Saturday started with a 9am CrossFit class.  We worked on overhead squats and this time I got to 45lbs.  I’m sure once i get used to the technique of the lift, I will be able to lift more, but for now, 45lbs seems to be where I max out.  I really wish I could lift more, but that will come.  (It will, won’t it?) After the strength training, it was onto the WOD:

12 Minute AMRAP
8 ring dips
12 kettlebell swings (I used the blue bell)
14 jump lunges (7 each side)

I made some good progress on this WOD.  Normally I use a purple band for the ring dips.  Saturday, I took a step and tried them with the black band…and you know what…I did it!  Wohoo!  It was a small step, but I was pretty pleased to be able to drop down to the black band.  In the end, I made it through 5 full rounds, plus one more round of the dips, the kettlebell swings and 4 jump lunges.  Not great, but not too bad.  I was also told by my coach that I am no longer allowed to use the blue bell…I have graduated to yellow!  Saturday was a big day at CrossFit for me!  Can’t wait to get back to the box on Wednesday to see what other progress I can make!

After my WOD, I came home, showered up and took my measurements for Day 11 of my Isagenix 30 Day Cleanse.  I was pretty sure I would see some changes in my numbers, since my clothes are fitting better.  Anyways, the scale showed a drop of 8lbs – yep, 8lbs in 11 days! I thought that was pretty good.  And them I did my measurements.  In total I lost 12 inches!!!!  Can you believe that!  It was a little bit everywhere, with the biggest changes being 1.5 inches on my waist, 2 on my chest, 2 on my abdomen, and 2 from each leg on the “upper knee”.    All of this makes me pretty happy.  It also gives me the motivation to keep going with the cleanse and sticking to it as closely as I can for the remaining 17 days.

photo (1)

Saturday was a gorgeous day, with nice warm temperatures.  My sister and her little ones came over for the afternoon and to have a BBQ dinner.  I did cheat a little on my cleanse and had a nice cold Corona while we sat on the deck in the backyard and enjoyed the sunshine.  It was delicious and I didn’t feel guilty about it at all! 

Dinner was delicious steak, grilled veggies, and a cucumber salad.  You will have to trust me that dinner was great, because I was so excited to eat that I forgot to take a picture!  I did take a picture of the delicious salad I made with the leftovers the next day:
photo (4)

Sunday was another beautiful day, and hubs, Jacko and I hit the driving range.  In typical golf fashion, there was some good, some bad, and some really ugly!  I’m glad I made it out, since I’m pretty sure that will be the only practice I get before my league starts next Tuesday.  It was also nice to get out with my son.  He tells me he doesn’t like golf, but loves the driving range.  Hopefully we can change that, so we can get out to golf together this summer, but for now, I will enjoy my time at the range with him.  He’s got a pretty good swing.
Image (1)

Now the weekend is over Sad smile and I’ve got a very busy week ahead: 

Tuesday:  7pm ball hockey
Wednesday:  7pm Jacko ball hockey, 8:30 CrossFit, 10pm my ball hockey
Thursday:  6:30 EWGA Board of Directors meeting, 8:30 CrossFit
Friday:  5:30pm CrossFit
Saturday: 9-5:30 Scrapbooking with my sister at National Scrapbook Day.  Can’t wait!

Since my week is so busy, and I have so many things in early evening hours, I will be having my shakes for breakfast and dinner this week and eating my 400-600 calorie meals at lunch.  I’ve got steak salad planned for Wednesday and leftover Sante Fe Chicken for Thursday and Friday.  There was lots of the crock pot chicken dish left last week, so I froze it for exactly this purpose.  I’m all set for delicious, clean meals when needed! 

With my busy week, it was hard for me to find a day to do my cleanse day.  I finally decided to do it tomorrow, so I will only be drinking cleanse juice and eating Isagenix snacks. I may try one of the Energetix powders to make an energy drink to help me make it through my ball hockey game.  Fingers crossed!

Now I need to get to bed.  I have been doing fairly well with trying to get more sleep. I have been sleeping like a rock and wake up ready to get on with the day.  So, with that said, I’m off!

Hope you had a good Monday and are ready to face the week ahead.
Only 4 more days until the weekend!


Working Towards A Cleaner Me

As you know, I have been trying to eat clean for the past year.  For the most part, I have been successful and clean eating has become a part of my everyday lifestyle.  Of course, over the year there have been a few less than perfect days and even weeks, but overall I am quite happy with my clean eating.

In February I changed up my workout routine by joining CrossFit.  Every WOD is different and all of them challenge me and push my limits.  There are days when I am as scared as hell to walk in the Box, but once the workout starts, I am totally focused and have pushed myself to do things I really didn’t think I could do. I am getting better at the moves/lifts and getting stronger every day.  I still have a long way to go, and I look forward to pushing myself every time I walk in the Box.

push limits

Despite eating (fairly) well, and working out, I have not been seeing the changes in my body shape or the numbers of the scale that I was hoping for.  I’m not hung up about the scale, but I have been working hard and it would be nice to “see” some results.  I will admit that my clothes are fitting better, so things are changing.  The changes just seem to be really slow.

I’m pretty sure this lag in results is due to the times when I cave to my cravings or just get lazy and eat crap.  I can feel when I don’t eat well.  I have less energy and don’t sleep well. 

To give things a little kick, I decided to do a 30 day cleanse.  My sister recommended it.  She was doing it and was feeling great and she thought it would be a good thing for me to try.  So, for 30 days I’m doing the Isagenix 30 Day Cleanse and Fat Burning System. 
isagenix 30 day

I started a little over a week ago.  My schedule has been as follows:

Most days, my Breakfast and Lunch are meal replacement protein shakes:
bf l shakes

I’ve been mixing 1 scoop of vanilla with 1 scoop of chocolate since I’ve been told the chocolate is a little strong on it’s own.  At first I wasn’t too crazy about the taste of the shakes, but once I started adding a few more ice cubes, and the shakes were nice and thick, creamy and cold, they are actually pretty good.  I’m also happy to say that they keep me satisfied until it’s time for a snack.

There are a few snack options within the cleanse program. 
isa snacks options

IsaDelights are green tea infused chocolates.  They are actually pretty good.  IsaSnacks, which they refer to as chocolate wafers, seem almost like compressed shake powder.  They took me a little while to get used to, but they are okay and seem to do the job and fill me up between shakes.  They sent along a sample pack with my cleanse which included 3 bars.  I haven’t tried any of the bars yet, but I’m told they are pretty good. 

Each shake day, before breakfast, I take a scoop of “Ionix Supreme” mixed with a little water.  This is supposed to help your body deal with stress, while supporting “mental and physical performance”.  I find this little concoction a little sweet, but it’s an easy chug, so over fairly quickly!
isa supreme

On shake days, I’m allowed one 400-600 calorie meal.  Most days I use this for dinner and my clean eating meals are fitting within the calorie allowance perfectly.  I look forward to my dinners every day. 

For four days during the 30 day cleanse period – I am doing one day each week – we are supposed to do “cleanse” days.  These are days when no “real” food is consumed, but cleansing juice is drank throughout the day. 
isa cleanse

On cleanse days the schedule has be eating/drinking something every few hours.  I start with 4oz of the cleanse juice (which tastes pretty good…very berry-like), then a few hours later I have 2 IsaDelight chocolates and a couple of snack wafers.  Then it alternates between cleanse juice and snacks throughout the day.  I just did my second cleanse day today.  I thought I would be very hungry on cleanse days, but surprisingly, I’m actually not that hungry.  Most of the time, when I do start feeling hungry, it is time for my next shake, snack, or juice drink. 

A few more things came with the cleanse, but I haven’t used them yet:
isa others

The one on the left is some sort of energy shot.  I have two of these, but I’m a bit nervous to take them.  I’ve never tried an energy drink of any kind before, let alone an energy shot.  If I have a very busy day coming up, I might try it, but I doubt it.  The sticks on the right are sort of like powdered Gatorade-type thing.  4 of these came with the cleanse and 1 more in the sample pack, so I’ve got 5 to use in total.  I will probably use these at some point on days that I have CrossFit for just a little extra energy, because God knows I need all the energy I can muster on CrossFit days!

That pretty much sums it up.  My first 9 days have been pretty good.  I took photos (which will likely not be shared) and measurements before I started.  I’m due to take my second set of measurements on day 11.  I’m looking forward to see if I’ve lost any inches to go along with the weight loss.  I’m pretty sure I will see some progress there…workout pants that I bought just 2 weeks ago are now too big in the waist and I have to pull them up when I’m doing burpees or box jumps.  Good thing they were cheap Joe Fresh pants and not expensive Lululemon pants!  Maybe at the end of all of this I will finally treat myself to a Lulu outfit! 

Tonight turned out to be an unscheduled night at home for me.  We were supposed to go see the school play at my older son’s school, but he didn’t want to stay.  He’d had a long day and just wanted to come home.  I was a little disappointed to not get to see the play, but I was excited to have a free night at home.  With my busy schedule, I don’t get many free nights.  Tomorrow is another free night, but then I’m back to the Box for a 9am CrossFit class on Saturday morning.  I’m looking forward to seeing what the WOD will be and then heading to Google to see what all the moves/lifts involve. 

Tomorrow is Friday.  Fingers crossed the day flies by….come on weekend!

Have you ever done a cleanse?
Did you get the results you were hoping for?


Sunny Sunday

The weekend is coming to an end Sad smile, but, it actually felt like spring out there today…Finally! 

I had a pretty quiet day.  Full of laundry, menu planning, grocery shopping, a little gardening…and sitting on the front patio, enjoying some sunshine and watching the world go by.  I can’t wait until the weather gets just a bit nicer and we can enjoy more time outside.

soak up the sun

My menu planning for this week was quite simple.  Since two of my meals each days are meal replacement shakes, I only had to worry about dinners.  Here’s what’s on the menu this week:

Sunday:  Honey Tamari Chicken Thighs with Almond Butter Sauce & Broccoli (from Clean Eating March 2013, page 48).  I also cooked up some Kabocha squash – YUM!!!.  This dinner was delicious, and came in well below my allowable 500 calories!
sunday dinner

Monday:    Skinny Taste Sante Fe Chicken.  This is an awesome crock pot meal.  I can’t wait to come home to a house that smells amazing and dinner all ready to go!

Tuesday:  Buffalo Chicken Wraps.  This will be a meal for hubs and the boys.  I am going out for lunch with a client, so will be using my “meal” for lunch and having my second shake for dinner. 

Wednesday:  Clean Eating Spaghetti Carbonara with Asparagus & Turkey Sausage.  (from March 2013, page 73)  This was a hit with my kids and they are looking forward to having it again.

Thursday:  This is my cleanse day, so I will be enjoying 4 servings of Isagenix Cleanse for Life berry flavoured juice.  Hubs and the kids will grab something quick before we go watch the school play at Nick’s school.

Friday:   BBQ’d steak and grilled veggies!  The weather is supposed to be sunny all week, so should be good BBQ weather.  Hubs is going to fire up the grill for the first BBQ meal of the season. Can’t wait!

Saturday:   Not sure what’s on the menu for today.  We are scheduled to get together with friends for dinner.  They tend to have an insanely busy schedule with 3 kids all playing all sorts of competitive sports, so hopefully we are still able to get together.

I’ve also planned my workouts for the week….

Monday:  CrossFit 8:30pm
Tuesday:  Ball hockey 8pm – first game of the season!
Wednesday:  CrossFit 8:30pm
Friday:  Double under and pull up practice
Saturday:  CrossFit 9am

I know I said I wouldn’t talk too much about the Isagenix Cleanse, but I am on Day 5 and things are going really well.  The shakes are keeping me full, the snacks are actually pretty good, and I’m enjoying good, clean meals for dinners.  I am down on the scale and I will take my measurements again on Wednesday to see if any inches have been lost in the first week. 

And now I’m going to sign off and watch another episode of Arrested Development.  We are part way through season 1 and enjoying it. 

Here’s looking forward to a good week ahead!

Have you planned your menu and workout schedule for the week? 
Cooking up anything tasty this week?

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The Friday Five

Another week is over, and Friday is here!


1.  It has been a crazy week in the world.  Like everyone else, I was shocked and saddened by the horrific events at the Boston Marathon on Monday.  As soon as I found out I texted my friend Kathy since I knew members of her running group were running Boston.  Thankfully all of her friends were fine.  Others were not as lucky.  It is absolutely horrible and still hard to believe.  My thoughts are with all who were impacted by the initial explosions and now as Boston is under lock-down during the manhunt for those responsible. 

boston strong

2.  I did a killer WOD this morning!  Since I’m busy tonight and tomorrow, I had to hit the Box this morning before work to get my 3rd CrossFit class of the week in.  So, I set my alarm for 6:15, got up, had my Ionix Supreme, went back upstairs and tried to do something to control my crazy-ass morning hair, put my contacts in and headed back down to make my breakfast shake.  Normally I wouldn’t eat before going to the Box, but since I was cleansing yesterday and didn’t eat anything aside from the cleanse juice, I figured I might need a bit of nutrition before doing the WOD.  I drank my shake on the drive to the Box.  I’m starting to get used to the’s not horrible, it’s just not the same as the smoothies I usually make (with yogurt & fruit). 

The WOD today was tough…really tough!  At a quick glance, it doesn’t look that bad: 15-12-9 Overhead Squats and Ring Dips.  I had never done an overhead squat before, and the other people in the class hadn’t don’t them that often, so we took some time to breakdown the move and find a good weight to use for the WOD.  Same general principals as a regular squat, but with the bar held overhead.  This ads a whole new element to the squat…you need to have a tight core to help support the weight overhead and keep the bar stable.  I started with just the training bar, then added 5lbs to each side – 25lbs total.  That felt okay, so I thought I would jump to 35lbs.  That felt MUCH tougher.  It actually made me nervous to have it over my head as I was very unstable, so I only did 2 squats at this 35lb level and then dropped back to 30lbs.  That felt much better and I could concentrate on all the different things I needed to think about and do during the lift. 

My coach watched a few and asked me how it felt.  He said it looked good and asked me to go to 35 for a few so he could see them.  I was nervous, but went ahead and put the 10’s back on to get back up to 35.  It didn’t feel as bad as the first time I tried the 35.  Justin said they looked good and thought I should use that weight for the WOD.  I was a bit unsure, but he told me to trust in myself.  “you got this” he said.  So, I gave it a try!

15-12-9 with an 8 minute cap.  I was nervous about doing the 35lb overhead squats and ring dips are really tough for me.  I got my purple band set up since I can’t do them unassisted yet.  (God, when will I get some decent upper body strength!)  We got the countdown and then we were off.  Those overhead squats were tough…really tough!  But, I managed to do all 3 rounds at 35lbs – yay!.  I had different weights close by in case I needed to drop down after the first set.  I don’t love ring dips and today did not change my opinion of them!  I was the last one done the WOD (small class of only 4 people this morning), and it was all I could do to finish within the 8 minutes.  Justin was cheering me on for the last round.  Telling me to break my squats down into sets of three and then the same with the ring dips.  It was getting tight and I only had 20 seconds left to do my last 3 ring dips.  I just made it!  7:59!!!  Phew!!!

3.  I’m playing hockey this weekend.  I’m playing with with my friend Lisa – who I call Lazer, since she made the mistake of wearing her bowling shirt to hockey one night with Lazer written on it! – and my sister, but other than those two, I have no idea who else is in the team.  It should be a fun weekend with a minimum of 3 games, and if we do well, there is the potential for 5 games total.  I’m interested to see how my energy level is over the weekend since I will still be doing my cleanses and having shakes for breakfast and lunches. 
lets play hockey

4.  I am loving all the extra sleep I am getting!  Really, it isn’t all that much more, but I think it is making a big difference in how I’m feeling.  Hopefully I can keep up the trend and head to bed a a decent hour every night. 

sleep is good
5.  I found another dancing video!  Enjoy…The guy in the video is sure having a good time!

Vacation boogie!

Happy  Friday!

Got any big plans for the weekend?


A New Pursuit

Happy Thursday, everyone!  One more day to get through and we are into the weekend!

I’m starting my day bright and early tomorrow with a 7am CrossFit class.  I need to get my WOD done early in the day, since I’m playing in a hockey tournament this weekend and we have a game Friday night, so I can’t get to the Box after work.  I just don’t think I would have much left in the tank to play hockey after doing a CrossFit class only a few hours before.  So, to be safe, it is 7am class for me.

The WOD tomorrow is 15-12-9 Overhead Squats and Ring Dips with an 8 minute cap.  I haven’t done an overhead squat yet, so of course, I headed to YouTube to see what the move looked like.  It looks okay – basically a squat with the bar held overhead (kind of just like it sounds!), I’m just not sure I will be able to do it Rx at 95lbs, so I will likely have to scale it.  Ring Dips are not my favourite.  Hopefully I will be able to use a thinner band this time – I used a slightly thinner band for my pull ups earlier this week, so maybe I can do the same for ring dips.  Fingers crossed!


Lately my diet has been less than ideal.  I’ve been doing okay with my main meals, but my snacking between meals was getting pretty bad.  To help get me out of this food funk, I have decided to try a 30 day cleanse.

My sister is doing it and is feeling great, sleeping better, has more energy, and lost inches and a few pounds.  So, based on her feedback and recommendation, I am trying Isagenix.  As I mentioned, I am doing the 30 Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System.

isagenix package

I started my 30 days yesterday.  I wasn’t too sure how I was going to feel, replacing meals with shakes for breakfast and lunch, but it wasn’t that bad.  Today I did my first “cleanse” day, so I only had the cleanse juice and the Isagenix snacks.  I was very nervous about today and how I would feel with no “real” food, but it actually wasn’t too bad.  I was worried about feeling hungry all day, but I didn’t really feel hungry at all.  I was starting to feel a bit hungry and then realized that it was tie for my next snack.  Once I had the IsaDelights chocolates, I felt fine.  And it’s almost like having a chocolate treat, so that’s a bonus.

I took some measurements yesterday before starting and will re-measure each week.  I’m hoping to see some real progress.  Today I took some “before” pictures – which I will NOT be sharing! – and will just file them away to compare with the “after” pictures that I will take at the end of the cleanse.

Hopefully this cleanse, combined with my 3 weekly CrossFit classes and ball hockey which starts next week, will result in some big changes in the way my body looks.  I’m not too concerned with the number on the scale, but I really want to tone things up and get rid of the fat.  I’m looking forward to the next 30 days.  I’m not going to write about it everyday as I’m sure no one really wants to hear about another shake!  I will give weekly progress updates and maybe a few notes here and there if something big happens.

One other thing that I’ve been doing this week is actually going to bed earlier.  I am probably getting at least an extra hour each night and some nights even more.  I’m loving it.  I am sleeping like a rock and staying asleep right through the night.  Hopefully I can keep this trend up.

sleep is awesome

So, in hopes of getting to bed at a decent hour, I’m going to wrap it up and hit the hay.  I need a good night’s sleep to be ready to kick it at the Box bright and early tomorrow morning.

Sweet dreams!

Have you tried Isagenix or another cleanse program?


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