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Motivational Monday

I’m up at the cottage for the Canada Day long weekend and this quote seemed entirely appropriate.


Hope you find some time to relax!

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The Friday Five

Wohoo!  We made it to the weekend….and it’s an extra long one for me!  So, let’s get right to this long weekend version of the Friday Five!

1.  It’s an extra long weekend for me!  Canada Day (July 1) falls on a Tuesday this year, and we made the decision in our office to close for the Monday as well, and give everyone a 4 day long weekend!  Aren’t we great bosses! 
happy canada day

2.  I missed CrossFit today.  I was scheduled to go to the 1pm class, but I was too busy at work to leave early enough to get there for 1.  I’m a bit bummed, but not crushed.  The WODs this week have been killer, with so many pull-ups, push-ups, and kettlebell swings, that my arms are shot.  Today’s WOD had even more pull-ups and some handstand push-ups.  I’m sure it would have been awful, but I’m still a little sad to be missing it. 
bad workout

3.  My second week “in the Zone” has been much better.  As I mentioned before, I am doing a 6 week Zone Diet challenge with my CrossFit gym.  My first week was pretty much a complete failure.  I had a hard time balancing my protein, carb and fat intake to meet the block requirements and I was also just not getting enough blocks in.  I was feeling off and had little energy and was really noticing it during WODs.  I talked to one of the coaches and he suggested I push my blocks around a bit and eat bigger meals, since snacking was killing me, and see how that made me feel. I did that this week and it made a big difference.  I wasn’t hungry all the time and I’m starting to feel like I’ve got a bit more energy.  I do realize I need to get back to my menu planning and be sure I’ve got the right things in the fridge to ensure I get the right balance of blocks when I do eat.  I’m aiming for 4 block meals now, since I’m missing most of my snacks. Based on these examples, I will still be eating pretty well.
Zone meals

4.  I saw this video online this week.  It made me laugh as I always refer to organizing anything for my hockey team as herding cats…getting them all in the same place at the same time is nearly impossible.  Enjoy!

5. This will be my view this weekend! 
photo (34)

I’ve already asked my coach…a Corona is 2 carb blocks, so I need to be sure to balance it with 2 proteins and 2 fats.  Smile

Have a great weekend, everyone!’
Got any big plans?


My Long Weekend in Pictures

Happy Canada Day!
canada day

The weekend is over, and it’s back to the real world tomorrow Sad smile

We had an amazing weekend up at the cottage…here’s how it looked.

Friday night we got to the cottage and the kids couldn’t get down to the lake fast enough…we pulled into the driveway and within seconds they were on the dock.

Saturday was a pretty low key day.  The kids did some fishing off the dock and I enjoyed a couple of these babies!

Sunday we went to pick up the boat and the kids and hubs enjoyed a nice ride while I drove the truck back to the cottage.  They were gone forever, since they met up with our cousins who were also getting their boat, and they all went off for ice cream and some shopping in Bobcaygeon.

While they were gone, I followed the sun around the yard and read some magazines, some blogs, a few cookbooks, and tried unsuccessfully to decide on a book to read.

Sunday late afternoon and evening turned into the nicest part of the day. The sun came out full force and we enjoyed a few cocktails and some snacks down at the shore.

The kids made the most of the beautiful night as well.  Jacko spent some time fishing off the dock.  He didn’t catch anything, but he still had fun.

The sunset was absolutely gorgeous.

Today hubs and I got to play 9 holes of golf.  Not a bad way to spend the morning. Here’s the view from the 9th tee at Eganridge where we played. 

Now we are home, but the kids have managed a few more days at the cottage, staying with our cousins down the road.  I’m so jealous.  It is back to the office and my crazy, hectic schedule for me tomorrow.

Here is what’s in store for me this week:
Tuesday:  5pm golf and 9pm ball hockey
Wednesday:  7pm Ball hockey and 8:30pm CrossFit
Thursday:  CrossFit 8:30pm
Friday:  Rest and Massage – can’t wait!
Saturday:  CrossFit 9am
Sunday:  Rest

I have no idea what my meals for the week will be, but hopefully we will get to use up some of the amazing vegetables that came in our Harvest Share box.  We need to get them all eaten up, since we get another delivery on Thursday! 

How was your weekend?
Did you make the most of your Canada Day long weekend?
If you are in the States…what have you got lined up for the 4th?


The Friday Five

Helloooooo Friday!  And it’s not just any Friday…its’ the Friday of a long weekend!!!


Let’s get to this long weekend version of the Friday Five!


1.  I got a FitBit Flex!

IMG_2661[1]I had my eye on this nifty device for quite a while.  The reviews that I had read were pretty good and at $99 it is a bit better price than the Nike Fuel Band which is around $150. Problem was, it was always on back order.  Finally I found that BestBuy would let you pre-order, so that’s what I did.  It was probably about a month or so ago, and they said I would be the end of June before it shipped.  Then last weekend I got a notice saying it would be further delayed and they gave me a $10 coupon to use next time I made a BestBuy purchase.  I was okay with this, since I knew it was a hot item.  Well, the day after I got the delay notice I got another email saying it had shipped!  It arrived Tuesday and I’ve been wearing it ever since. 

It says that it works best if you wear it on your non-dominant hand.  For me, this is my left hand, which is also where I wear my watch.  At first I wasn’t sure if I would like wearing both on the same arm, but now that I’ve had it on for a few days, I don’t even notice it. 

So far I’m liking it.  I have silent alarms set – one to wake me up in the morning, one to remind me it’s time to go home from work (since sometimes I’m so busy I don’t notice the time!)  I’m also using the sleep tracking feature and finding it interesting how many times I wake up or am restless in the night.  It also hooks up with my MyFitnessPal account and is able to track calories in versus calories out.  I’m sure there are more things that it can do.  Hopefully this weekend I will get some time to poke around the user manual a bit and learn what other cool things it does.

2.  I signed up for a Harvest Share program.  Harvest Share is a fresh local fruit and vegetable delivery service.  I heard about it though CrossFit, and It works out perfectly since the owners of CrossFit arranged for The Box to be a drop off area.  The fruit and veggie boxes are delivered to CrossFit on Thursdays, so I just pick mine up when I am there for my weekly Thursday night 8:30 class. 

This week’s box was great:

It included:  kale, red leaf lettuce, orange peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, yellow squash, mushrooms, asparagus, strawberries, and some garlic scapes.  I had no idea what garlic scapes were and had to go to instagram and Google for help!  Turns out they are the tops of the garlic that grow up.  They are harvested usually in June and by removing the scape, the garlic bulbs grow larger – who knew!  Anyways, apparently they are very good and common things to do with them are make pesto, add to stir-fries and soups, or you can sauté or grill them and eat as a tasty side dish.  I think we will try to grill them.  I will let you know how it goes. 

The strawberries last a whole 2 minutes.  We devoured them as soon as I got home…and they were delicious.  Nothing beats fresh Ontario berries!  I can’t wait to eat all the goodies in my basket.

I will be receiving one of these boxes every Thursday.  Can’t wait to see what comes next week!

3.  I saw the funniest video this week.  I was watching Jimmy Kimmel last night and they showed this video of a guy after he had his wisdom teeth out.  I was crying I was laughing so hard.  I hope you enjoy it!

This is hilarious! Enjoy!

4.  I’ve had a great week at CrossFit!  I went to the Box Monday, Thursday, and today.  The WODs were as follows:

wod june 24

My score for this WOD was 29.  Not great, but I made some progress on something that makes me very happy….I progressed to using a purple band for my pull-ups!  We were setting up our areas and the spot I picked already had a purple band there.  I figured what the heck, and gave it a try.  I surprised myself, and could actually do my pull-ups with the purple band!  For me, this was great progress, since up until now I had been using a really thick, really heavy blue or green band.  Dropping down to purple is exciting.  It gives me hope that unassisted pull-ups might be possible!  I’m getting stronger, slowly, but I’m starting to believe it.

wod june 27

I had a good night with this WOD too.  Previously my best deadlift weight was 145 and it was pretty ugly.  It looked ugly and it felt ugly. Thursday I got to 155 and it felt good and my coach said it looked good.  I need to remember to keep my chest up, squeeze my shoulder blades and keep my core tight.  Hopefully I can keep making good progress with the deadlift.  It seems like the one lift that people can lift heavy…hopefully I can too!

After the deadlifts it was onto the WOD…and AMRAP of pull-ups and dumb bell snatches.  I was happy to see the pull-ups and once again I used the purple band (yay me!).  They felt great and I’m really starting to engage my lats well and getting the timing down.  Wohoo!  For the dumb bell snatches – which I love – I used a 15lb dumb bell.  For AMRAP 1, I got 5 rounds plus 3 pull ups.  On the row I got 15 calories in the minute (I was pretty happy with that) and then in the last 5 minute AMRAP I got through 4 rounds plus 5 pull-ups.  That gave me a total score of 203.  I thought that was a not bad score.  Then I checked the board and saw it was one of the best scores of the day.  Of course, I didn’t do it Rx since I used a band and my weight wasn’t that heavy, but still…I actually checked my math a few times to be sure my 203 was right!  It was, and I left the box with a little spring in my step knowing I did well.  Next time I will use a heavier dumb bell and try to do just as well!

wod june 28

Tonight’s CrossFit class was really small…there were 3 of us there…and it was awesome.  We got so much attention from Savannah, our coach, and I made good progress on my overhead squats.  This is a tough lift for me. There is just so much to think about during this lift:  arms locked out, lats pulled down, push the bar up, belly button to core and engage abs…and that’s just of the bar overhead part…you still have to think about all the things that go along with a squat too! 

Before today, my highest OHS lift was 45lbs.  Tonight I got to 60lbs and it felt good!  I’ve still got a long way to go, since I’m not even at the WOD Rx yet, but still, progress is progress!  For the WOD I used 40lbs, which is 5lbs heavier than I’ve used for any WOD before. Baby steps! 

Savannah changed the WOD for us, since we were a fundamentals class and we had a pretty new girl in the class. She also wanted us to be able to go hard for a shorter time rather than suffer through a long workout.  So, she changed it to 10-10-10 from 21-15-9.  This was still tough and the OHS were hard.  I finished in 4:35 and those have to be the sweatiest 4 minutes and 35 seconds ever!  I was dripping…and I loved it! 

Now I’ve got the weekend off, and actually won’t be back at the Box until next Wednesday. 

5.  We are at the cottage for the Long Weekend!  Monday is July 1st, Canada Day, and that means a 3 day weekend!  We are all looking forward to a fun-filled and relaxing weekend. I’m hoping to get caught up on some sleep, read some books, and hopefully enjoy some time in the sun. The forecast isn’t looking that great.  It’s supposed to rain for most of tomorrow, but that just means we have time to lay around and read, nap and chill!  Sunday and Monday are supposed to be a bit better…so fingers crossed.  Please send sunshine vibes my waysunshine

It didn’t take long for the kids to get into cottage mode.  We pulled in the drive way, unloaded our bags and they were down to the dock. 

photo (28)

They absolutely love being at the cottage.  We are all looking forward to a great weekend.

Hope you have a good weekend!
Got any big plans?

Happy Canada Day!
happy canada day


My Offline Weekend

This was May 24 long weekend for us in Canada.  This is the unofficial kick off to summer…and for the first time in a long time, the weather was FANTASTIC!

I had planned on posting lots of pics to Instagram and posting a blog entry or two, but the Wi-Fi at the cottage didn’t work this weekend.  Despite calls to the service dept. and going into town to get a new modem, it still didn’t work.  I also had incredibly crappy cell reception.  Every once in a while a few emails would come in, but other than that, nothing much really worked on my phone.  Instagram wouldn’t update, Facebook wouldn’t update, twitter wouldn’t update…it was a bit frustrating!  All this meant I had an impromptu offline weekend.

Although I wasn’t able to post them, I still took quite a few pics this weekend.  Here are just a few images from our weekend of long weekend fun!

photo (10)

Top Left:  Nick taking the cousins for trips in the punt. They cruised up and down the lake and had a ball out there.  Top Right:  Jumping off the dock, even though the water was freezing!  Bottom Left:  Sitting at the locks, enjoying ice cream, watching the boats go through the lock.  Bottom Middle:  Catching crayfish.  Bottom Right:  My delicious Kawartha Lakes Dark Chocolate Bear Claw  ice cream cone – dark chocolate ice cream with chocolate covered cashews.  YUM!

Now, from the yummy to the gross…my rope climb rope burn is not doing very well.  I think it’s infected.  I have been putting polysporin on it all weekend, but today it was quite oozy and then my son accidentally kicked it when we were sitting at the table…OUCH!  It started to bleed and man, did it hurt.  Gross, eh!
photo (11)

I’ve got another busy week ahead:

Tuesday:  CrossFit at 6:30AM!  Golf 4:30 and ball hockey 8pm. It is supposed to rain tomorrow for most of the day, so golf may not happen.
Wednesday:  Jackson ball hockey 7pm, CrossFit 8:30pm
Thursday:   CrossFit 8:30pm
Friday:   Massage 5pm – can’t wait!!!!!
Saturday:  SpringFest 11am-3pm at my son’s school.  Since I’m on parent council, I need to be there around 10am to help set up.  Fingers crossed for good weather!
Sunday:  Day of rest! 

I’m not really looking forward to getting up at the crack of dawn to hit CrossFit tomorrow morning, but it was the only time I could make it work with my crazy schedule this week.  Tomorrow’s WOD looks like an interesting one…lots going on for sure:
WOD may 21

I’m sure this WOD will be tough…especially since I can’t eat before I go.  I need to get some routine blood work done tomorrow that needs to be taken after fasting for 12 hours.  My appointment is at 9:10am, so that means no food until after that. Good thing for me I ate like a trooper this weekend, so I should have some reserves to get me through the WOD!  I will let you know tomorrow!

Now, I should get my oozy leg and tired ass to bed.  6:30 is going to come early.

How was your weekend?
Here’s hoping the short week ahead flies by!!!


The Friday Five

HAPPY FRIDAY!  Let’s get right to it!

1.  It’s a LONG WEEKEND! 

Victoria Day 5

This extra day off is coming just at the right time.  Both Hubs and I have had a bit of a week from hell at work, so an extra day away from our respective offices is just what the doctor ordered.  I seriously think the doctor needs to order a week of sun and sand on a Caribbean island, but I don’t think that prescription will be filled any time soon Sad smile  So, until then, whenever that may be, we will make the most of this extended weekend.

We are heading up to the cottage later tonight.  We are totally not organized to go.  Everyone has to pack, we need to find the linens that we brought home to wash last fall, I need to plan and shop for Saturday lunch and dinner for the whole gang, and before any of that can happen, I need to hit CrossFit for my 5pm class.  I have no idea what time we will start the drive tonight…good thing the cottage is only about an hour and 20 minutes away.  Whatever time it is, I know when we finally get there and unpack everything, I am having a nice, cold Corona!  I can almost taste it now!

2.  I got beat up at CrossFit this week!  Between slashes on my arms and legs from double unders, bruises on my chest from push presses, and now a giant rope burn on my leg from last night’s rope climbs, I look like I’ve been through a war!
Image (3)

Of all of them, I think the rope burns are the worst.  They are actually quite tender and let me know they were there when the water hit them in the shower this morning.  Yowzers!  That stung!  I need to remember to bring my antibiotic ointment to the cottage this weekend so I can apply a few times and hopefully speed healing.

3.  Despite getting beat up, I can’t wait to hit the Box for my third workout of the week!  Tonight we are working on overhead squats again. Until a few weeks ago I hadn’t done one of these.  Now they seem to be in at least one WOD each week.  They are a great movement and although they are complicated and I can’t lift very much yet, I kind of like them.  Hopefully tonight I will be able to add a few more pounds to the bar. I’ve got my wrist wraps now, so hopefully that will give me a bit more stability and let me lift heavier too.  After the strength, we move into the WOD for a 21-15-9 back squats and shoulders to overhead.  Last time we had a workout like this I finished with 2 seconds to spare.  Hopefully tonight I can make it through all reps in the 10 minute time limit.  I will let you know!

may 17 WOD

(PS…I finished in 8:52 or something like that!)

4. I have finished my 30 day Isagenix cleanseOverall, I have to say I’m pleased with the results.  Most change seemed to happen in the first 11 days or so in terms of weight change and measurements.  At that point I had lost 8 lbs and 12 inches and that’s pretty much where I ended.  Although I’m sure if I took a body fat measure, that would have changed over the course of the month as well.  My clothes are fitting completely differently and things “look” better…and that’s really what I’m more concerned about, although a lower number on the scale is always nice. Smile Between this and the CrossFit I’m pretty sure I’ve gained muscle over the last month.  Now I need to focus on eating clean and continue with all my workouts/activities to make sure I’m getting stronger.

I still have a few shakes left in my cleanse pack and I ordered some more of these as well as some bars and the energetix stix.  I hope to have a shake for breakfast still, and if things are crazy I may have the odd one for lunch as well. The bars are mainly for days when I’ve got lots going on and need a little boost – like Tuesday’s when I have golf and ball hockey on the same night.  The energenix stix turn water into a healthy Gatorade type drink that I really liked on ball hockey days or WOD days when I don’t get to eat before I hit the gym.

I will see how this does this next month and adjust as needed.

5.  My weekly videos!   Seems to have become a regular feature on my blog that I’ve got a couple of videos.  This week I’ve got 2 for you.  One funny, and one motivational.  Hope you like them! (I have no idea why they won’t insert directly in my post this time.  You will have to click on the links…Sorry Sad smile)

Will Ferrell is sad about the Leafs too!

You boys aren’t so tough!

and here’s a bonus:
6.  I found some will power today!  We are driving up to the cottage tonight (I’m actually putting the finishing touches to this post from the car!  Gotta love rocket sticks!)  I got home from CrossFit shortly after 6, had a quick shower, packed my bag, put together 3 Tupperware of protein powder for my breakfasts at the cottage, and was out the door.  But not before I heated some leftover spinach and spiced chick peas.  I ate them in the car as the rest of my family went into McDonald’s for dinner. I have to say I am quite impressed with myself. I like McDonald’s and don’t think it’s too bad to have it once in a while, but just didn’t want to wreck my great day of food and exercise, so I  stuck to the plan and enjoyed a clean, healthy, delicious meal.  (I did treat myself to a $1 diet coke once I finished my chick peas!  not great, but could have been a LOT worse!)
photo (5)

And that’s it!  I’m almost to the cottage…about another 15 minutes or so.  I can almost taste that first Corona!

Have a great weekend, everyone!
Got any big plans?

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The Countdown is ON!!!

It is May 17th…that means it’s only 10 days until RACE DAY!!!  When I started training back at the beginning of March, race day seemed to far away.  Now it is just around the corner.  I’ve got 6 more training runs left and then the race.  I can’t believe the end is almost here.  I’ve got one week left to get my head as ready for this run as my body is.  I’m going to spend the next 10 days thinking positive thoughts and visualizing the clock saying 2:30 as I cross the line.

Today I got back on track and went for my run.  I did 3.5 miles, in 36 minutes.  If I can manage to keep that pace for 13.1 miles, my pace calculator tells me that my half time will be 2:30:02…which is my goal time!  Holy cow…I just might do this!

Tomorrow is Friday, and you know what that means….REST DAY!  Wohoo!  I’m working half a day and then I’m going to the Callaway Performance centre to get fitted for golf clubs.

I’ve never had a fitting before, but know people who have and they say it really is a great process.  What I’m really looking forward to is finding out if the driver that hubby ordered is actually what I should be hitting.  I really hope so, and if not, I hope they let me trade it in on the driver I should be using.  I guess I will find out tomorrow!  Can’t wait.

After my golf fitting, I’m going to grab Nick from school and then we head home to pack up and get ready to head to the cottage for the long weekend.  Everyone is so excited to go to the cottage.  It will be our first trip up of the season.  Nick is excited to go because he got his “Pleasure Craft Operator Card” or boater’s licence last weekend.  This means he can operate a boat with a small motor on it himself.  He has big plans to get one of the old outboard motors out of the basement and get it running and onto the punt so he can motor around the lake all weekend.  Jackson is looking forward to going up because Rory always puts on a fireworks display on the long weekend.  He also just absolutely loves going to the cottage.  He loves everything about it….fishing off the dock, playing with all his cousins that will be up for the weekend as well, visiting with his grandparents, riding his bike around the point, playing in the park, and just generally enjoying the whole cottage life.  I’m looking forward to going up for some relaxation: time on the dock reading, hopefully sleeping in or maybe even having a nap, and getting in a few good runs.  I’ve got two runs to do this weekend..3 miles Saturday and 6 miles Sunday.  We’ve got cousins down the road who are runners, so I imagine if I ask for company they will be more than happy to join me on both of those runs.  The 3 miles I can definitely make on my own, but it might be nice to have a running partner for the 6 mile run.

Today as I headed out for my run, I grabbed my Garmin off the charger and was heading out the door when I realized that it wouldn’t turn on.  😦  I think it’s dead, and not just battery dead, I mean forever dead….and that sucks!  I was in a bit of a panic.  I like knowing how far I’ve gone, how long it has taken me, how many calories I’ve burned, and Garmin tells me all of that.  Since it wasn’t going to work today, I tried the MapMyRun app on my BlackBerry again.  Last time I tried it I couldn’t get it the GPS to work on it.  I played with a few settings in the application management part of BB’s options and that seemed to work!  I had GPS!  So, I turned it on, tucked it into the pouch on my FuelBelt and off I went.  When I got home I saved my run, and then logged in on my iPad.  Here’s how the run looks:

I think I might really like this app!  I’ll see how it works this weekend up at the cottage.  I’m still going to see if I can figure out what’s wrong with my Garmin.  It just worked on Tuesday.  Not too sure what could happen to it in two days as it just sits on the charger.  Oh well, at least I’ve got a back up now.

So, it’s now 12:09am and I am still up.  Not so good for the whole “get more sleep” goal. I’m catching up on my PVR’d shows and doing many loads of laundry so the kids have clean clothes for the weekend.  Only one more load to get into the washer and then I can go to bed.  I’ll throw it in the dryer in the morning.  I hate laundry.  Always have…always will.  🙂

I hope you all had a good Thursday.  Any of you hate laundry as much as I do?

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