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The Bump Came Back, It Couldn’t Stay Away

Today is the start of my weekend!  After a horrendous couple of weeks, I’ve gotten myself caught up at work and I’m going to take a sick day tomorrow to try to get some rest.  I do have a couple of emails to send off tomorrow and likely a few things to approve for a few studies, but I’m going to be doing that from home instead of in the office.  Working from home will allow me to sleep in a bit, skip the 1 hour drive each way, and hopefully squeeze in a nap at some point in the day!

So, yesterday I mentioned that the bump on my head burst on my drive home from work.  It was freaky.  On directions from my doctor, when I got home I squeezed as much as I could out of the cyst .  I actually got enough goo out of it, that the bump was gone, and it was flat with a little divot.  It was totally weird not to have a bump…it had been there for as long as I can remember.

Well, today I woke up and guess what…just like the cat, the bump came back, it couldn’t stay away!  Whatever it is that is filling it up, is still working away under the surface.  I guess I will have to see what the dermatologist says when I see them for the appointment.

After work today I had a massage.  I was so looking forward to this massage. Normally it is because my legs need the relief from running. Today, I was looking forward to it purely for the relaxation side of it.  It was the best hour of my day!  While I was there, I was talking with my massage therapist about my last few weeks and how run down I am.  She is really into naturopathic remedies and suggested that I get a few things to help get myself back on track.  So, after my massage I was off to the health food store and $100 later, this is what I had:

Quite the little collection of supplements.

The GSF Complex is for adrenal support.  I used to take this a couple of summers ago when I was seeing a homeopath and mentioned I was having trouble sleeping.  I would be able to fall asleep, but not stay asleep.  I would wake up and then my mind would start going a hundred miles and hour and I wouldn’t fall back asleep.  Once I started taking the GSF I slept like a baby.  Hopefully taking it again will help me get a better night’s sleep and not be so exhausted.

The CoolB50 is a Vitamin B supplement.  This was supposed to be good for me since I am so stressed.  According to the product’s website, “Supplementing with B vitamins is often recommended for people exposed to high levels of stress, people with very active lifestyles, women addressing hormonal issues, and seniors.”  The stressed and active are definitely me!

The Calm is a magnesium supplement.  Magnesium is needed for our nerves and muscle cells.  According to the product website, there are many factors that will vary our magnesium needs.

  • The more stress you are under, the more magnesium you need.
  • The more you use your brain in thinking, the more magnesium you use.
  • The more active you are the more magnesium you use up.
  • The larger frame you are, they more magnesium you require.
  • Prescription drugs (and illegal drugs) and alcohol require extra magnesium
  • Your bones are 2:1 calcium/magnesium ratio while your brain is more like 2:1 Mg:Ca
  • Magnesium is depleted by caffeine, alcohol, sugar, processed foods, perspiration, stress, too much calcium
  • Magnesium is depleted every 12 hours from the body and should be replenished daily

Hopefully the addition of these three things into my routine will help my system sort itself out and prevent another Shingles flare up.  Here’s hoping! My half marathon training is about to kick into high gear, so I need to be 100% again…soon!

Do you take supplements?  Do you think they help, or are they just hype?



We’re Back, Baby!!!

Today was another insanely busy day at work.  In at 8am, out after 6pm, lunch at my desk.  Seems to be the norm these days.  It was a very productive day and I think I might be gaining the upper hand on my to do list.

Over my lunch of delicious, less-than-clean pizza, I dug my Torch out of its bag of rice, and gave Bell a call to see about turning it back on.  After dealing with Dude on the phone, reactivating the SIM card, turning it back on and making a test call….we have connection!  Wohoo!  Despite previous Bell Dude saying Torch’s do not come back from dunks in water, I am back online!  It’s a beautiful sight…and not just because of the Bon Jovi wallpaper!

I have heard that sometimes phones are not quite the same when they come back from a swim.  I guess the connections get a bit corroded as things dry out and the corrosion can cause things to get a bit iffy.  I really just want it to last until the new iPhone comes out.  Latest rumours are that it will be out in October or early November.  I’ve got faith in my Torch that it can make it that long!

My training program for my October half marathon officially started yesterday…and needless to say, I did not run.  I’m not sure running is a good idea just yet as I keep being told that I should be resting and letting my body recover a bit.  I will likely take the week off, but I really hope to get out there and run on the weekend.  I will have to do some research and see what they say about exercising with Shingles.  Hopefully it won’t be too bad for me because I really think that running is what I need to help reduce some of this stress.  I can’t believe I am saying this.  I have a very strange relationship with running.  Usually I hate it, but this time I think I might actually like it. Here’s hoping!

Do you have a love-hate relationship with running?  Any tips on how I can be more on the “love” side of that equation?


Just When I Thought It Couldn’t Get Any Worse

WARNING:  there will be no cute pictures or inspirational sayings in this post. This post is a total rant from someone who is teetering on the edge!

If you have been following my blog, you know that almost daily I say how tired I am and how crazy work is.  Well, all this exhaustion and stress has taken its toll.  Here’s some back story that leads up to highlight of this post.

Since as long as I can remember, I have had this weird bump on my head.  It is soft and squishy and has just always been there. I lovingly call it my tumor.  When I first discovered it, it was quite tiny, like half of a pepper seed.  Over the years it grew a bit, to about the size of a half a small pea sitting on my head.  Probably over the last year or so, it started to get quite big and now feels like an almond just below my scalp.  It doesn’t bother me, it is just there.

Friday night of this past weekend, while we were at the cottage, my bump felt weird.  It felt like it had split open.  Saturday morning I took a look at it and yes, it was split just a bit and it was oozing stuff.  Totally gross!  It didn’t hurt, but if I pushed on it, more stuff would come out.  Again….so gross!  I emailed my mom and my sisters to tell them about it, since my bump has been a bit of a running joke in my family.  When I have a brain fart and can’t find a word, I blame my “tumor”.  Anyways, both my mom and my sister said it is probably a sebaceous cyst that has become infected.  If you are so inclined, you can do a Google search and see all kinds of disgusting pictures and videos of people popping these cysts.  Mine is nowhere near as disgusting as any of those images or videos.

Anyways, I tried not to poke at my bump too much, since I didn’t really know what it was or what was coming out of it.  Monday when I was back home I gave the doctor a call and got an appointment to go in and see her about my bump.  That appointment was today.

My doctor did say that my bump is in fact a cyst.  She did not refer to it as a sebaceous cyst, just a cyst.  She said that this type of cyst, whatever type that is, will often get infected.  She is referring me to a dermatologist and the “derm” can decide if they want to remove it or just leave it.  She said that often when they remove them, they just come back.  She also said that if it splits again I should try to squeeze all I can out of it and she gave me some ointment to put on it if it opens up again.

So, no biggie with my bump…it’s not really anything and if it opens again, I get to squeeze to my heart’s content and get all the goo out of it.   I kind of hope it splits open again!

Now comes the not so fun part of the story.

While I was waiting for her to enter the prescription info into her computer I casually mentioned to her that a strange rash came out on my face yesterday.  She took a quick look, asked me a few questions and then…get ready for it, this is the part of my day that qualifies as the “just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse”…she said “it looks like shingles”  SHINGLES!!!  Are you f’ing kidding me?  OH MY GOD!!!  I knew I was tired and super stressed, but shingles?  Seriously?

So, I am now on anti-viral medication and just hoping we caught it early enough that it doesn’t get too bad.  My face is burning a bit and is a bit tingly, but nothing beyond a bit of discomfort.  Let’s hope this is as bad as it gets.

My stress level has not reduced at all, if anything, this has just added to it, since I missed half a day of work and had to get caught back up.  Let me tell you, I am seriously looking forward to my vacation the first full week of August.  I really need a break.

So, there you have it, my “just when you think it can’t get any worse” it get’s worse story…because my life just wasn’t crazy enough already!

I sure hope your Thursday was better than mine.  The best part of today is that tomorrow is Friday! Thank God!!!



Last night I had the worst sleep in a really long time.  Yesterday I played golf in the wicked heat, and then I had ball hockey at 10pm in a sweltering hot arena with no ventilation.  After ball hockey I felt awful.  I think maybe I had a bit of heat stroke.  When I went to bed I still felt horrible and just couldn’t fall asleep.  I tossed and turned and maybe fell asleep around 5am.  I woke up at 7am, showered and headed into the office.

All day I was tired.  I even tried to sneak in a little nap on our office couch.  I felt a little better, but still really tired.

I was poking around the internet looking for a cute picture or saying about being tired.  Instead I stumbled onto a blog called MindBodyGreen that had a fantastic post about sleep and why we need more of it.  The facts are really quite interesting.  Take a look:  Why You Need More Sleep.  One of the most interesting facts was how not getting enough sleep can lead to you being overweight.  Maybe my lack of sleep is a factor in why I have hit a wall in my weight loss.  That, and the fact that I have been eating like crap and haven’t done any running, despite the fact that I’m hoping to run a half marathon in 13 weeks!

So, with all those facts showing why sleep is so important, I’m off to bed!


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The Friday Five

We all survived another work week…which means it’s time for…

1.  I really need to get more sleep.  I am totally exhausted today.  I so desperately wanted to take a nap today, but it just didn’t work out.  I am going to have to make a better effort to go to bed at a more reasonable hour and get more than 5-6 hours a night.  This is just not cutting it anymore. I feel horrible and I think the lack of sleep is a big part of it. 

2.  I got to babysit two of the cutest kids ever today!  My sister was going to get her hair done today, and asked me if I would watch her kids for her.  Ryan was sleeping when I got there, but little Tanner would have no part in taking a nap, so we got to play for a while before Ryan work up from her nap.  He is just the happiest kid around.  When Ryan woke up, she thought she needed to watch a little tv…there are some interesting shows on TreeHouse TV!  Check out how cute these two are:

3.  We got a new toy.  Rory has been at Nielsen for 15 years at the end of the month.  To acknowledge his “years of dedicated service”, he was given his choice of gifts.  He poked around the various awards, and despite there being some lovely crystal sculptures and cookware sets, he chose a telescope.   Tonight the kids are watching the movie Apollo 13, and have just paused it to go out onto the back deck and see what they can spot in the night sky.  I’m sure the telescope will provide hours of entertainment for us this summer.

4.  I have to go shopping tomorrow!  My golf Chapter Championships are on Sunday.  I am playing as part of a 4 person scramble team.  We have decided that we will have a team outfit – black shorts and red shirt.  I don’t have any black shorts, and there is a specific red shirt that we are all going to try to wear.  So, I have to hit Golf Town tomorrow!  I’m not sure they have the shirt I need in stock.  If not, hopefully they will be able to order it in for when we go to the Sectional Championships in Niagara Falls at the end of August.

5.  I can’t wait to sleep in tomorrow!!!  Other than getting some errands done (picking up our car from the shop, getting some groceries, taking bicycles in for new tires, and hitting Golf Town), tomorrow is a pretty quiet day for us and everyone is looking forward to sleeping in.  I’m not that good at sleeping in any more, but given how tired I have been lately, I’m hoping that I can manage to get a few extra hours.  Wish me luck!

Hope your Friday was a good one.  Wishing you all a good Saturday Sleep In!!!


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Play Day, Ditch Day

Today got off to a very early start.  I was up at 5:45 to get ready to drive my son to school for his 7:30 soccer practice.  I had promised him since we were leaving home so early, we would get Chai Lattes for the ride down to school.  Man, I friggin’ LOVE Starbucks Chai Latte.  That first sip is just SO good.  Since I started Eating Clean I have really cut back on my latte consumption, so when I do get one, I really savour it.  I thoroughly enjoyed every sip of that drink as we drove down into the city.

After work, instead of picking Nick up from school and going home, we headed to the mall to kill some time before we went out for a bite to eat.  We were going back to his school for 7pm to watch the school’s production of “Alice in Wonderland”.  Nick wasn’t in the play, but a lot of his friends were so he wanted to go and watch.  It was a great show, with all the kids doing a wonderful job.  This made today a long day, since we didn’t get home until 9pm or so.

When we got home, the last thing I wanted to do was run.  While I should have changed into my run gear and headed down to the treadmill, instead I changed into my comfies and hit the couch.  I sit here writing and all I can think about is going to bed.  I will run tomorrow night for sure.  I do feel a little guilty about skipping a run, but I’ll get over it.

Do you feel guilty when you miss a run or a workout?  I will run harder and faster tomorrow to make up for it.

Hope you all had a good hump day.  The weekend is just around the corner, and for us here in Canada it’s a Long Weekend….WOHOO!!!

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She’s Got Legs…and they’re very, very tired!

We hit the hill just before 9am and skied and boarded like crazy before the sun and heat turned the hill to mush. I was on my snowboard this morning, and for the first time, tackled the whole hill with the rest of the gang. I was quite pleased that I could board the black diamonds and all the good runs that I normally do on my skis. I’m still relatively new to this whole snowboarding thing, and don’t like to get going too fast or get out of control. I’m very nervous about taking a big wipeout and really hurting myself. I don’t bounce back quite like I used to. As the body gets older, recovery takes quite a bit longer and the aches and pains take more out of me.

My quads were burning like mad as we came down that last run that seemed to go on for miles as we made our way back across the mountain to our condo base. I had a great morning “shredding” all over the mountain, and made it back in one piece, with a pair of legs that felt like jello.

I decided not to go back out after lunch, but rest my legs for a bit before I went back to the fitness centre to get my run in. I was able to get a treadmill and managed to complete the 2 mile run. Man, we’re my legs tired. I had to stop and walk a few times (which frustrates the heck out of me), but I got them done. I also did the core workout that was part of today’s schedule:  a circuit of 5 push ups, 20 walking lunges, 20 hip raises, and 5 more push ups, completed twice.

I was so happy to get to the end of today’s workout!  It was such a short run and I’m disappointed that I still can’t run the whole thing yet.  Hopefully it’s just the fact that my legs are doing double duty each day with the skiing/snowboarding and the running on top of it that I can’t run non-stop yet. Hopefully when I get back home and it’s only the running I will be able to run some of these shorter runs straight through.

I’m writing this as I sit at the bottom of the hill, enjoying some sunshine and waiting for the rest of the gang to come off the hill.  I came straight out from my run, so I’m just in shorts and a t-shirt and it is so warm. That won’t do good things to the snow on the mountain, but it sure is nice to relax and catch a few rays!

Enjoying some post run sunshine!

Tonight we are having dinner with the whole group of family and friends that we are skiing with. It’s pulled pork for 23!  There will be bodies scattered all over the condo, but it should be a fun get together with more than a few good laughs.

Another 2 miles scheduled for tomorrow.  I will have to get up a bit earlier if i want to get a treadmill so I can run before we hit the slopes for the day.  I could run outside, but it’s very hilly around here and I prefer to ski them, rather than run them!

One more thing…my hip flexors are super tight.  Anyone know a good stretch so I can try to loosen them up a bit?  Thanks!

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