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Countdown to Race Day: 5


It’s getting down to the nitty-gritty now!

Yesterday was supposed to be a rest day, but it turned into a run day.  I was scheduled to go for a massage after work, but it was moved to tonight, so, I figured I would go for a run instead.  This way, I don’t have to feel guilty about not running tonight!  Here’s how the run looked:

4k oct 15

It was a pretty good run for me.  My calves were super tight and I did stop and pause my Garmin once to stretch them out…they were killing me!  Once I got about 2k into the run they started to feel better and the last 2k were awesome.  I was flying for the 3rd km…I glanced at my watch and my pace around 5:15-5:30 for quite a bit of it.  I was in the zone!  I will have to see if there is some way to get the km breakdown off my Garmin.  I think I have to download the info to my computer to get at that detail.  BTW…that’s my cat Ovie in the background.  Isn’t he a handsome fellow!

This run made me think that it might be a good idea for me to do a little 1.5k or so warm up run on Sunday before the race.  Hopefully it will get me into the “zone” quicker and I will have time to stretch my calves – I sure don’t want to have to stop during the race to do it! 

I will finish up with today’s race thought:

you are only racing yourself

Happy Running!

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Countdown to Race Day: 7


By this time next week it will all be over.  I’m nervous, excited, and terrified all at the same time.  I’m going to try to focus on the excited!

This week has 3 short 4k runs on the schedule.  I will probably do 2 of them and play a game of hockey for the third run instead.  My big goal for the week is to eat well, sleep well, and keep the following in mind:



Happy Running!


Countdown to Race Day: 8

One week from today I will be at the race expo, looking at all the latest and greatest in running gear and gadgets. I can’t wait!

Here’s today’s race prep thought:

I’m going to kick that little voice right in the ass!

Happy running!

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Countdown to Race Day: 9

We are down to single digits in my countdown to race day!  Yikes!  It will be here, before I know it!  At this point, I’ve got to trust in my training.  I’ve done the work, now I just need to run the race.


Happy Running!


Countdown to Race Day: 10

Only 10 days remaining until it I will be running the Niagara Falls Half Marathon.  Seems like the perfect time to review the 10 Commandments for the Runner.

10 commandments of runnig

Happy Running!

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Countdown to Race Day: 13

13 days until the Niagara Falls Half Marathon! Yesterday I got an email from the NFIM organizers with all the last minute information I would need for the race.  This is starting to get real!

Today is a rest day in my training schedule.  I do love me a rest day!

rest day

After my 12k speedy long run yesterday, I am happy to give my legs a bit of a rest.  I don’t feel too bad today.  I actually did a bit of stretching when I finished my run which seems to have helped – who knew! I really need to make stretching a bigger priority.  I am going to try to spend some time each day either stretching or using my foam roller to try and get my legs in the best possible state for race day. 

We are back home from being up at the cottage.  Grocery stores are closed for the Thanksgiving holiday and we don’t have much in the house since we knew we were going away…so it looks like we will be going out for dinner tonight.  I think we will hit up Boston Pizza and check out the new menu I keep hearing advertised on radio.  Then after dinner I will hit my Clean Eating cookbooks and magazines and plan out my menu for the next 3 days.  I’m going away on a scrap retreat next weekend so the boys can cook whatever they like while I’m gone! 

My workout plan for this week is as follows:

Tuesday:  6k tempo run
Wednesday:  speed training with my sister
Thursday:  hockey
Friday:  8k  race pace run.  This is supposed to be on Saturday, but if I can squeeze it in, I’m going to try and get it done before I go away for my girls scrap weekend.  If not, I will take my gear with me and run Saturday morning first thing.
Saturday and Sunday:  REST

What’s on your training schedule for this upcoming week?
Do you do menu planning?  Do you find it helps?

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Countdown to Race Day: 16

I haven’t run since last Sunday.  I’m disappointed that I didn’t get out for a run this week, but life seemed to get in the way.  I did have a good skate at hockey last night…and we won, which was a bonus! 

I will be back in my shoes and out on the roads Sunday up at the cottage.  How can having a view like this not make me want to get out there are run?

cottage run

Plus, the leaves will be changing and the fall colours will be amazing.  Hopefully the weather holds out and I don’t have to do a soggy run.  Running in the rain is not my favourite thing to do.  But, I’ve got 12k to run Sunday, and if it’s raining I guess I’m going to get wet! 

good day when you run

Happy Running!

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Countdown to Race Day: 19

It’s 19 days until race day and I am sick as a dog.  Sad smile  It sucks, but it could be worse…being sick now is better than being sick on race day.  Hopefully with a little bit of rest, I will be good as new in a couple of days. 

I’m not running today because I feel so horrible, and I don’t get to run tomorrow since it is curriculum night at my older son’s school.  I’m a bit bummed about not getting my Wednesday run in.  I’ve gotten to the point where I know I can run long enough to complete the 21.1km.  The hill training we did earlier in the program and now these speed intervals are in the program to make me stronger and faster…and I could use the help in getting faster!  So, to miss a speed workout is a bit of a downer.  But, I’m not going to dwell on it.  I will take my extra day off as a welcome rest and focus on getting healthy again. 

Then, when I’m up at the cottage for Thanksgiving this weekend, I will try to squeeze in an extra run, because…


How do you cope with being sick when you are training?

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Countdown to Race Day: 20

I have said this before, but I can’t believe how quickly time is flying by.  It is the 1st of October….how did this happen?  In only 20 days it will be race day!  Holy Cow!!!

I am confident that my training has done its job and in 20 days I will be ready to run 21.1km in 2 hours and 30 minutes or less.  In the past, the mental part of my running has been a weakness.  To prevent it from being a problem this time, I am going to spend the next 20 days working on my “mental game”.

Today’s motivational message is courtesy of Jillian Michaels.  She is hard core!

keep going

How do you mentally prepare for race day?


September Writing Challenge #13: Proudest health or fitness accomplishment

It’s Day 13 of Fitness Cheerleader’s September Writing Challenge.  Today’s topic is our proudest health or fitness accomplishment.  ‘

Hmmm…this is a tough one.  Really, I haven’t done all that much fitness-wise.  I suppose if I have to pick something, I would have to say running a full marathon back in 2007.  I had been running with friends and we trained for a few half marathons together.  I was enjoying the running, and was chatting with my sister and mentioned that I wanted to run a full marathon before I turned 40.  We decided that we would train for the Toronto Waterfront full marathon together.  This race was actually a few weeks after my 40th birthday, but we figured it was close enough.

We trained hard all summer and things were going very well.  We were running long runs together and I was getting my other regular runs in on my own.  All was going well, until about 3 weeks before the race.  I have no idea what happened, but my right hip/hamstring started to act up on long runs and then it just hurt all the time.  I say a chiropractor and had massage therapy on it but nothing made a difference.

It was awful.  It got to the point that I couldn’t run without pain.  It sucked.  I probably should have just stopped and gone to the doctor or physiotherapist to see what was really wrong with me, but I couldn’t.  I had trained so hard for it, I just couldn’t miss the race.  I didn’t want to have to start over and do all that hard work again.  So, I pretty much stopped training, and just gave my leg some rest.

Race day finally arrived, and the pain in my leg was still there HUGE.  I was popping Arnica, Advil, and Tylenol all through the whole race.  I was able to run part of it, but eventually the pain got to be too much and I did walk quite a bit.  Then at some points, the drugs seemed to kick in and I could run a bit.  In the end, it was not a good day for me, my leg was in pain the whole race, but I finished!  My time was horrible, but I pretty much knew it would be since I walked probably half of the race.  But I FINISHED…and I bought myself a ring from Sporty Jewels  at the expo to prove it:

So, although my time was awful, and I wasn’t able to run the race how I had initially planned, I am still pretty proud of myself for doing it.  Not everyone can say they have run a marathon.

After that run, I didn’t run again seriously until this spring when I began training for the half marathon I ran in May.  It was over 4 years from my marathon until I ran again regularly.  It took almost that whole time for my hip to finally stop hurting.  So far, it has been good, and has not given me any problems since starting up running again.

I’ve got about 5 weeks left until the Niagara Falls half marathon, and things are going very well in my training.  I’m really looking forward to race day and seeing if all this hard work is going to pay off.

There is talk starting with my sister that we will run another marathon when she turns 40.  I can’t believe I am even considering it.  I will be 47 when she is 40…I’m not sure my old body will be up to it.  She says she will make it a destination race, so hopefully we will find a good one to run.

What is your proudest health or fitness accomplishment?

Any suggestions for a great marathon to run somewhere outside of Toronto?  I say Hawaii, but that probably won’t happen!  🙂

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