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The Friday Five

Hello Friday….I love you!


I haven’t done a Friday Five in quite some time.  Let’s see if I can get caught up on a few of the things going on with me.

1.  I’ve hurt my back.   I actually hurt it last year, and it eventually got better, but it has been acting up over the hockey season and then finally last Thursday at the gym it decided it had enough, and heavy kettle bell swings put it over the edge.  Friday I stopped and didn’t finish a WOD for the first time since I started CrossFit.  It sucked.  My coach gave me the name of a physio guy who is supposed to be great and I went to see him today.

Apparently my hamstrings are tight, I have a glute that doesn’t fire, my hip flexors are tight, and all this affects the way my leg moves, making me use my back to help me walk rather than just for stability.  Who knew!  Anyways, an hour and a half later, I was stretched, poked, cracked, had my hip “scoured” (it feels as awful as it sounds), stabbed and electrocuted (I had acupuncture on my hip/glute).  I’ve got some stretches and exercises to do that should help strengthen my hip and glutes.  I guess time will tell.  I see him again next week.  Fingers crossed it all works!

2.  I’ve started watching Game of Thrones.    Holy crap this show is crazy!  How did I manage to go so long without watching?  I’m 5 episodes in and absolutely loving it.  I feel like I need a cheat sheet to figure out who belongs to which kingdom and I have no idea “where” everything is in relation to each other.  Guess I need to hit up google for a Game of Thrones map.  Well that took all of 5 seconds…

3.  The weather tonight was perfect for a BBQ. After a long, cold winter, it was finally a perfect night for a BBQ and dinner on the back deck.  Come on summer.
FullSizeRender (9)

4.  Kevin Bacon is in an egg commercial…and it is awesome.  Enjoy!

5. I’m looking forward to a weekend with nothing much to do!  
Last weekend I was in Brockville with my girlfriends for our annual hockey tournament.  We had lots of fun, drank too much, and had really late nights.  This weekend I don’t have much going on.  I’m supposed to go to CrossFit at 10:30 tomorrow morning, but every exercise looks like it will be tough on my back, so I may cancel and just sleep in.  After that, we have a team lunch for my son’s hockey team and not too much else going on.  I can’t wait to just relax this weekend.  It’s going to be awesome.
lazy weekendHappy weekend.

Doing anything exciting?

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Reverse Menu Planning

It’s Sunday night and that means the weekend is almost over 😦
tomorrow's monda

Normally Sunday means menu planning, grocery shopping and usually some food prep. Today, that wasn’t the case.

Last night hubs and I went to the movies to see St Vincent, and on the way home we were going to make a quick stop at the grocery store to get some bacon for breakfast this morning. When we got to the grocery store parking lot, there were only 3 cars in the whole lot. I made a random comment that it was too bad we didn’t have a list so we could do all of our shopping in the empty store. We ended up deciding to wing it and just bought a bunch of stuff and would figure out the menu plan after.

I made sure we got what was needed for some cauliflower fried rice and Pizza Spaghetti Pie. We also picked up some steaks, chicken breasts, pork chops, a pork tenderloin, eggs, fruit, veggies and stuff for the kids lunches this week. It was our quickest grocery trip in a while. In and out in about 20 minutes. It was awesome!

Tonight for dinner we had steak, roasted sweet potato rounds, and some balsamic asparagus.
FullSizeRender (5)

I reverse engineered our menu for the week based on the groceries we bought and we will be eating very well!
Monday: Pizza Spaghetti Pie
Tuesday: Chicken Caesar Salad
Wednesday: BBQ Pork Cauliflower Fried Rice
Thursday: Leftovers
Friday: Pork Tenderloin – I will have to figure out what to serve as a side dish for this, but I’ve got a few days to do that!

The Photo101 course didn’t have any new assignments over the weekend, but a new prompt has been released for tomorrow – “Connect”. I will have to figure out how I will capture that concept in an image. Hopefully I can get out at lunch and find a good shot.

Now, I should sign off and go to bed. I need to leave for work earlier than usual tomorrow. I’ve got a conference call with clients in Sweden tomorrow, so we are starting a bit earlier than usual to account for the time differences.

How was your weekend?
Do anything exciting?

Let’s hope the week flies by!


The Friday Five

So, despite not blogging much lately, a lot has been going on in my world.  Let’s try to get caught up with another edition of…

1.  I’m doing the Whole Life Challenge again.  My CrossFit is doing the challenge again, and I decided to join in.  I was debating since last time I pretty much paid my money and then didn’t really get much out of it.  I didn’t even do the final WOD last time!  This time I wasn’t sure if it would be worth it, since week 2 of the challenge I would be on vacation in Jamaica and I knew I would lose all of my nutrition points.  But, I really needed something to help me get back on track, so I went for it.  I did lose all my food points for 8 straight days (can you say blender drinks!), but I managed to keep the rest of my points, so it wasn’t a complete waste.  I’ve been back home for a week and things are going well.  I’ve lost a few pounds and my eating has been great.  Once again, being prepared is the key, so I’m all over my menu planning, grocery shopping and food prep.  Hopefully I can keep it going for the remainder of the challenge. 

2,  I’m doing a partner comp at my Box this weekend!  It is the 4th anniversary for CrossFit Newmarket Central, and to celebrate they are having a friendly competition.  I’ve partnered up with my friend Nikki and I’m really looking forward to it.  The first 2 WODs have been announced:
4 year frenzy wod 1
4 year frency wod 2

I have no idea how we will do, but it should be lots of fun and a pretty good workout!  If I live to tell, I’ll share how we made out!

3.  I’m going to Arizona to golf in December!  The first weekend in September, I played in a match play competition for the Great Lakes Regional qualifier for the EWGA Cup. My 8-person team, the YS Cresties (named after our home course, RedCrest) finished in a three way tie for first after the 2 day competition.  We had a sudden death playoff, and in the end, we finished third, but qualified to go to the Cup finals at Troon North, in Scottsdale, Arizona Dec 7-9.  I can’t seem to get the video to post, so you’ll have to click on the link to see a bit of what we have in store for us: and here are a few shots taken from the Troon North website.  It sure looks pretty!

We’ve rented a house on the 9th green of one of the courses and the flights have been booked. now we just need to wait for December to come…only 65 more days!
arizona countdown 65
4.  I’ve had some good eats lately.  @Cleaneatingmag spicy spinach and chick peas, @paleonick bacon wrapped shrimp jalapeno poppers, and I’m bringing @thepaleokitchen twice baked butternut squash to a potluck Sunday night.  Yummo!

5.  It’s the weekend and I’ve got lots going on!  I’ve got CrossFit class tonight at 5:30, hitting up a Lululemon sale at 7:30, CrossFit comp tomorrow, kids hockey tomorrow and Sunday, and at some point in there I need to meal plan, grocery shop and do some food prep.  Should be a ton of fun!

Happy Weekend!

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The Birdie Open

Happy Friday all!

I’m writing this from my phone so it will be brief.

I’m away this weekend down in Niagara Falls area at a girls golf weekend. We are playing two rounds – today at Royal Niagara and tomorrow at Peninsula Lakes. I can’t wait to hit the links.

There are 8 of us and we are all competing for “Birdie”. Isn’t she beautiful?


I’m guessing I won’t have much time to post this weekend, but know I’m out having a good time, eating food I shouldn’t, and drinking lots of cold Corona!

Happy Friday!
Happy weekend!

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Weekend Update

Another weekend is coming to an end Sad smile.  Back to reality tomorrow, but before then, it’s time for another instalment of…
weekend roundup

FRIDAY:  I love Fridays.  It is the best day of the week!  The prospect of having 2 days off from work puts a smile on my face and the day seems to fly by.  This past Friday was no exception.  Work was good, I crossed lots of things off my to do list, and I even got home from work early enough to go to the 4:30 CrossFit class instead of my usual 5:30 time. 
wod may 2

I like push press and I like knees to elbow, so I liked the first part of the WOD.  The second part, however, sucked balls!  Wall balls are not my friend.  I don’t know what it is about them, but they are pure torture for me.  And I only used a 1 pood kettle bell for the swings.  I was the last one done, by a longshot.  Not that I care if I’m last, but I’m feeling like I’m sort of stalled or moving backwards with CrossFit.  I think  a lot of it has to do with my diet.  I’ve been eating like crap lately and I can feel it.  I’m not sleeping well, I hit “zombie mode” at 3pm again, and I just feel off.  Hopefully that get’s a kick in the right direction this weekend…more on that in Saturday’s summary.

SATURDAY:  I was back to CrossFit Saturday morning for a 9:30am class.  More good stuff:
wod may 3

I’m really liking our new programming that includes a tempo for every lift we do.  It really makes you think and regardless of how much weight you lift, you are getting a great workout.  Which is good, since as I mentioned above, I don’t feel like I can lift as much lately.  So, rather than get too bummed about it, I just lift what I can and focus on the tempo. 

The MetCon was killer…20 long awesome minutes!  I felt good at the end of this one.  I only used 55 for the Clean & Jerk, but I did the rest of it RX.  All pull-ups done without a band, and they felt good.  I’m getting better at my kip, getting through the bar with my shoulders…the “superman” part of it.  For the first few rounds I was able to do 5 in a row.  For the last few, I broke them into sets of 3+2.  I got through 6 rounds, plus 13 squats.  I was a sweaty mess at the end, and felt pretty good about how many rounds I did. 

After CrossFit, I was home for a quick shower and then we were off to Jacko’s lacrosse game.  His team played well, despite only having 7 players again, and managed a tie against a team with a full bench. 

Saturday also was the start of the next round of the Whole Life Challenge.  So, this means, I am back to eating clean, ditching sugar, dairy and alcohol, taking a supplement, working out and mobilizing daily.  We also have a lifestyle challenge that will change weekly.  For both challenges that I’ve done so far, the first lifestyle challenge has been to drink half your body weight in ounces of water.  This time they changed it up and we are starting with meditation.  So, I’ve got the mediation app back on my phone, and will take 10 minutes a day to try to clear my mind.  This challenge has come at a perfect time.  Hopefully it will be the kick in the pants I need to get back on track.

So far, it’s working.  We went to a friend’s place last night and I stuck to water and carrots while everyone else enjoyed crackers and cheese, finger foods and lots of wine, beer and some wonderful smelling liqueurs.  It wasn’t even too hard to stick WLC compliant…hopefully the next 8 weeks go as smoothly.

SUNDAY:  Today was a pretty laid back day.  I did meal planning and grocery shopping and even did a bit of food prep.  I’ve got breakfast lined up for the week.  I made some mini prosciutto wrapped frittatas.  They smelled amazing while they were cooking, so hopefully they taste great too.  I also made some sweet potato hash, which I haven’t had for quite some time.  Can’t wait for tomorrow morning so I can try them out.
photo 1 (6)photo 2 (6)photo 3 (4)
photo 4 (1)photo 5
My spiralizer got a good workout today…first with the sweet potato hash, and then with dinner tonight.  I made zucchini noodles with a meat/veggie sauce.  It was pretty tasty and I have some leftover for lunch tomorrow!
photo (10)

Now, as usual, it’s late and I really should get to bed.  I need the sleep lifestyle challenge to come up to force me to get to bed earlier.  Until then, I’ll just continue to be tired all the time.  It’s okay…I’m used to it! 

I’ve got a busy week ahead.  Ball hockey starts tomorrow, and golf starts Tuesday.  Can’t wait!

How was your weekend? 
Are you ready for a good week ahead? 


Who Wore It Best?

Happy Saturday! 

Not much happened in my world today…but for lack of anything else to write about, I’ll fill you in on my day!  Smile

It’s Saturday, so that means hockey in my world.  Senior kid had a game at noon, and Junior kid had a practice at 2:15…and this is what happened in between:
photo 2 (1)

Yep, that’s a Quarter Pounder with Chees meal, no pickles, add tomato and lettuce.  i know it’s not good for me, but it sure was tasty.   Especially those fries!  Love them.  Oh well, I’m going Clean on Monday, so I’m not going to feel guilty about this little treat.

After hockey not too much happened.  Ran an errand for my sister, picked up a few things so I could make a new dish for dinner, and then I’ve been watching the Leafs game while writing this post. 

I found a new recipe yesterday that The Paleo Parents featured on their Facebook pageSpaghetti Squash alla Carbonara.  I had a spaghetti squash sitting on the counter, but didn’t have any bacon or full fat coconut milk, so after my sister’s errand, we hit the grocery store to pick up the things I needed to try this recipe.  This was a pretty easy dish to prepare and within 20 minutes or so, we were sitting at the table, enjoying a delicious meal. 
photo 3

This was a hit with the whole family.  Hubs had seconds and the boys cleaned their bowls.  I’m happy because there was enough leftover for a lunch this week. 

It got a bit cold in our neck of the woods today, and snowed quite a bit tonight.  The kids were looking for hats and mitts and they found some headbands.  Nick rocked his headband all afternoon.  Of course, we teased him quite a bit, and then hubs hit Google to find some other headband sporting dudes. What do you think?  Who wore it best?
photo 1 (2)

Nick was on a role with the style today.  His track pants got wet while he was out playing in the snow, so in typical kid fashion, just stripped and left them in a heap on the floor.  But then he wanted a hot chocolate from Timmie’s.  In another typical kid move, he was too lazy to get new pants, so went to Timmie’s in his boxers, ski jacket, hat, headband and runners.  Fashion disaster!
photo 5

To make up for my unhealthy lunch, I’m having a healthy snack while watching the Leafs shootout. 
photo 3 (1)

Reimer just made a great save, and the Leafs just beat the Washington Capitals 2-1. Way to go boys!

I mentioned it snowed today…just a bit.  This morning the backyard was green grass.  Now the Muskoka chairs look out over a sea of white. It’s quite pretty! 
photo 2 (2)

Now that the Leafs game is over, we are going to watch The Life of Pi.  Nick has seen it and says it’s really good, so that’s our pick for family movie night.  Hopefully we can all stay awake long enough to watch the whole thing!

Did you do anything exciting today?
Can you name all the hunky headband-toting dudes in the pic above?


The Friday Five

I know I say this every time we get to Friday…but thank God!  I am so ready for the weekend!


And since it’s Friday, that means it’s time for …

1.  I saw this on a blog I read (Jerome’s Kitchen) and thought it was funny. 
pumpkin surprise me

2.  I’m entering into the last week of the Whole Life ChallengeI am looking forward to the challenge being over.  Not so much so I can eat things again – which will be nice – but mostly because I want to see how much progress I’ve made over the 8 week challenge period.  The scale shows some progress and I’m into jeans I haven’t worn in quite a while, so I’m pretty sure I’ve lost some weight and inches.  I’m curious about what the gym scale reads and what my measurements are next Saturday.  I’m also very interested to see if my WOD score improves from the preliminary score I got on Day 1.  I sure hope so!
challenge change

For this last week of the challenge, our lifestyle challenge is “Intentional acts of kindness”.  Kind of a “pay it forward” sort of thing.  I’m looking forward to this one.  I’ll have to hit Starbucks drive thru one day on my way to work and buy coffee for the car behind me. 

3.  Yesterday was my youngest son’s birthday.  For the last 2 months, I think just about every day, he has told either my husband or me that he wants drums for his birthday.  He would send random texts to us and remind us every day at bedtime that that’s what he wanted.  Hubs and I were not thrilled with this idea.  Drums are loud…and expensive.  And what if we get them and he doesn’t play them?  So, we did some investigation and found that a local music store had a special for October.  If you book 6 lessons, they will give you a rental for FREE for those 6 weeks.  This seemed like a fantastic option…so we bit the bullet.  We kept it a total secret from Jackson.

Wednesday night, after dinner, hubs said casually that we needed to go out and asked Jack if he wanted to come.  Jack asked where and we just said it didn’t matter, did he want to come or not.  He decided he would come.  Thank god, because I don’t know what we would have done if he said he didn’t want to come!

So, Jack drove with hubs and I took a separate car.  Two reasons for that…we needed to bring a set of drums home and I was going to CrossFit for the 8:30 class and wasn’t sure how long it would take to get the drum paperwork done and loaded into the truck.  During the whole drive, Jack kept asking hubs where we were going.  Asking about different people’s places and if we were going there.  Rory just kept saying nope.  Finally they turned onto the street that the music store is on and Jack took this big gasp and his eyes got so wide!  As soon as Rory put the car into park Jack took off towards the door…then stopped dead in his track and asked “is it even open?”  We told him to check.  Of course the store was open, and we went in.  Then he stops dead again and says, “Wait, what are we doing here?” We laughed and finally spilled the beans that he was having his first drum lesson in 10 minutes.  He couldn’t stop grinning!  Then we told him that he got a set of drums to take home and use for the 6 weeks and the smile got even bigger!  Here is is anxiously waiting for his teacher to come get him.

While Jack went into the drum room, we headed upstairs to take care of the rental paperwork and get the drums loaded into the truck.  That took very little time, so we headed back downstairs to wait for the lesson to finish.  There is a window in the drum room door, so I was able to snap a few shots of him during the lesson and grabbed a bit of video too.

First drum lesson.

After the lesson we all headed home and the drum kit assembly process began.  We decided to put the kit up in his room since we were worried about them getting damaged if they were in the basement.  There are a lot of hockey pucks flying around down there most days!  I headed off to CrossFit and when I got home, Jacko showed me a little of what he could do.  Not too bad for only 1 lesson! 

Practicing his “AC DC Beat”!

Needless to say, he’s thrilled with his present.  The deal is, if he practices every day, and wants to continue, we will get him more lessons, and either rent the drums again, or maybe think about buying him a set of his own.  We’ll see how it goes.  So far…he’s all in!

4.  Did you know that before Jesse Pinkman sold crystal meth, he was pushing Pops! 
aaron paul pops

5.  I’m gonna Row, Row, Row my WOD later!  There is just a BIT of rowing in today’s WOD. 
wod oct 25

I’m not a huge fan of rowing…I’ve got short legs, so rowing is tough for me.  I’m sure by the end of it my legs will be like jello, and I will hardly be able to walk when I get off the rower.  Should be fun! 


If you CrossFit, got any tips on how to be an efficient rower? 
Got any big plans for the weekend?

happy friday


The Friday Five

Another week over…Hello Weekend!  Time for this week’s edition of …


1.  Yesterday’s WOD was killer!  It looks simple enough on paper, but holy crap…this was a rough one:
WOD oct 3

The bench press was good.  I hit a new PR of 90 lbs.  I only managed 3 unassisted reps, but that’s 3 more at that weight than I’ve done before, so I consider that a PR! 

For the Met Con, I decided to go with level 2.  That might have been a mistake, but I wanted to challenge myself. The first few rounds were good.  Managed the 6 burpees and had some decent time left in the minute to get my double unders in.  By the last 3 minutes, I only managed to get the burpees done and had no time to skip before it was time more f’ing burpees.  I was a sweaty mess by the end of 10 minutes.  My score, which was number of double unders completed, was 64.  Not great, but not too bad considering I did level 2, and only managed to skip for 7 of the 10 rounds.. 


This WOD left me exhausted and I wasn’t sure I would have any juice left for my hockey game, but once I hit the ice I felt good.  My legs are definitely stronger and my cardio is good.  CrossFit is working it’s magic on me…and I love it!

2.  I’m heading back to the Box tonight after work.  Initially I wasn’t going to go tonight, but then I saw tomorrow’s WOD and decide today would be a better day to go.  I must be out of my mind, because this is today’s WOD:
oct 4 wod

That’s right…DOUBLE FRAN! That is going to be nuts!  It’s CrossFit Newmarket Central’s 3rd birthday today, and they decided there would be no better way to celebrate than with Double Fran! 

You might be wondering what would make me pick Double Fran as the better WOD option…well, it’s a WOD with just too much running:
wod oct 5

This is a WOD created by a CFNC member.  Our September Challenge was to create a WOD that required no equipment.  The winning entry would be the WOD that we do tomorrow.  When I saw all the running in this bad boy I had a bit of a panic attack.  I am not a fan of running anymore.  I seriously can’t believe that before CrossFit I ran 6 or 7 half marathons and even a full marathon.  Now I can’t stand it.  I would much rather lift heavy shit!  So, the decision to do Double Fran was actually an easy one.  I’m sure it will be torture, but they have snacks and prizes at the Box today, so maybe I will get lucky and win something…or at least eat something tasty!

3.  I get to sleep in tomorrow!  Now that I am going to CrossFit tonight, I don`t need to get up to go to the Box tomorrow morning.  I can`t tell you how happy that makes me.  Despite getting more sleep than usual these last few weeks – with the Whole Life Challenge lifestyle challenge being 7 hours of sleep a night – I am still pretty bagged in the morning when the alarm goes off.  So being able to just sleep until I wake up on my own will be a treat.  I will likely still wake up early, but even just lying in bed relaxing will be awesome. 

4.  I`m half way through the Whole Life ChallengeToday when I logged on to do my points, it said we are on day 28, with 28 days left.  So far, I am enjoying the challenge.  For the most part, I am eating well and feeling good.  It does take a bit more planning and prep work to be prepared food-wise.  I need to make sure I’ve got leftovers for lunch and healthy snacks that I can grab quickly, but this has been going along well so far.  Hopefully I can keep it up for these next 28 days…which I think will be fairly easy to do, since I`m liking the results I`m seeing.  I`m down about 8 pounds, my clothes are fitting better (my jeans are almost too loose!), and I`m feeling good. 

5.  I found another funny video on the web.  Watch this guy scare the crap out of people working in the drive-thru. 

Some fun in the drive-thru.

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!

Got any big plans?


The Sunday Six

NOTE:  I am quite aware that it is Monday today, but I started this post yesterday and I’m too lazy to make up a new graphic, so I am just going to stick with the Sunday Six as the theme!  That being said, I did get to item number 1 and part way through item number 2 before I got derailed by a car ride and the premiere of the new season of The Newsroom! 

My life seems to be a tad on the crazy busy side of things these days….and my blog has taken a bit of a backseat.  I missed this week’s Friday Five, so I’m going to make up for it with a Sunday Six!

sunday six

1.  I had a couple of good workouts this week!  I wore my heart rate monitor to my ball hockey game on Wednesday.  Here’s how that looked:  photo (3)

I also wore my heart rate monitor to CrossFit on Thursday night.  I know I’m getting a good workout because I leave the Box a sweaty, exhausted mess.  Here’s how that looked:

Seems like both of these activities are a pretty good workout.  The ball hockey is impressive because in that total 57 minutes, I’m only playing about half of that time, since we take shifts.  We play two 20 minute running time periods, so that hour is really probably closer to 15 minutes of game time for me.  Not a bad caloric burn for 15 active minutes!

I was surprised by how many calories I burned at CrossFit.  I usually count a WOD as about 300 calories when I put it into MyFitnessPal.  Seems like I might have been a bit on the low side with that.  The WOD was 2 parts..the WOD itself (5 rounds for time of 400m run and 50 squats) and then a circuit of different moves.  The hour broke down like this:  10 minutes for warm up, a few minutes for station set up for the ring dips and Pendlay rows, 18:26 for the WOD, and the rest of the hour working through the 3 stations 3 times each.

At some point I am going to need to figure out what the fat burn and fitness numbers really mean.  I know what they mean in general, but I’d like to know how it calculates what is a fat burn minute versus what is a fitness minute.  Both workouts show close to the same % fat burn, but very different fat burn minutes???  Anyone know what this is or means?

2.  We had a fantastic weekend at the cottage.  We decided late in the week since the weather was supposed to be so good that we would head up to the cottage for the weekend.  This was a fantastic decision on our part!  The weather was perfect.  We had two good nights of bonfires:
photo (5)

On Saturday we took a day trip to Burleigh Falls.  It’s only about 45 minutes from our cottage but I’d never been there before.  The rest of my family had been there a couple of years ago when I was at a golf event.  Anyways, Burleigh Falls is a small waterfall and rapids and you can jump off a small cliff into the bottom of the rapids.  For some reason I was a giant chicken and just couldn’t get myself to jump into the rapids.  Finally, at the end of the day I did it and it was awesome.  I just wish I could have done it sooner in the day.  Oh well, I got some good sun and I had a good vantage point to keep doing a head count as we had 10 kids with us between the 3 families that went on the day trip.

It was another fantastic sunset on Saturday night.  I never get tired of this view:
photo (6)

Sunday was spent following the sun around the yard, trying to even out my burn!  My back got pretty toasty at Burleigh Falls, so Sunday I tried to face the sun to give my back a break.  The kids went tubing and kayaking and just enjoyed a fun-filled day on the water.  And as seems to be a bit of a pattern, the kids have managed a few extra days at the cottage with the cousins down the road.  They are getting dropped off at home on Tuesday sometime.  I sure wish I could get a few extra days up there, but I will have to wait until my week of holidays the first week of August.  The countdown is on!

3.  Since we had no kids at home last night we went for a moonlit cruise in the Miata!  We got home from the cottage a bit late, grabbed a pizza for dinner, and watched Big Brother.  Then, since it was still so nice out, I got hubs to take me out for a little cruise.  We had a nice drive, saw some amazing houses, and had some nice chats about nothing in particular.  I was a great little date night.  Hopefully this can become a regular thing.  Lord knows with the amount that we are paying to insure the thing we might as well drive it as much as we can!

photo (7)
4.  I have another crazy week of workouts and sports ahead of me.  Here’s how this week looks:

Monday:  CrossFit 8:30
Tuesday:  Golf 4:50, Ball hockey 10pm
Wednesday: CrossFit 5:30, Jacko Ball hockey 8pm, my ball hockey 10pm
Thursday:  either shopping for a golf outfit with my scramble team or CrossFit at 8:30
Friday:  either CrossFit at 1pm, or a rest day – depends what happens on Thursday…and then drive to the cottage
Saturday/Sunday:  COTTAGE and relaxing!

I’ve only got a few more weeks of ball hockey left and I’m looking forward to it being over and dropping back to only 1 thing a night and maybe getting an extra “day off” in my schedule.  Of course, on those days off I really should be doing my pull up program and my double under practicing as I haven’t been doing those at all and if I don’t get my butt in gear soon, I won’t make my goal of an unassisted pull up and 20 consecutive double unders by the end of the summer.

5.  I can’t wait to go to CrossFit tonight.  I missed my Friday class last week as a little family emergency came up and I needed to go help my son babysit my niece as she really wasn’t feeling very well and he just needed a little moral support.  So my Friday afternoon was spent rocking a sweet little girl and trying to get her to stop crying instead of going and lifting heavy things. So, I’m looking forward to getting back to the Box and getting a good sweat on.  That shouldn’t be a problem tonight, since it’s about 33 degrees out and feeling like 40 with the humidity (that’s about 91 and 104F) pretty friggin’ hot!

Tonight’s WOD is:
wod july 15

I’m not sure I will be able to do the squat cleans at 95lbs…I don’t remember what my weight for the squat clean is…I will have to check my WOD book when I get to the Box.  And it looks like the last time they did this WOD was back in July of last year.  That is before my CrossFit time, so this will be my benchmark for this WOD.  I’m guessing it will be tough…all the 21-15-9 WODs that I’ve done so far have been killer!  I can’t wait!

6.  We are loving the Harvest Share boxes we are getting!  Last week was week 3 of the program for us and we got another amazing basket of goodies.
photo (8)

We got:  strawberries, lettuce, Swiss chard, orange peppers, red and white baby potatoes, onions, celery, cucumber, beets, and 2 baskets of the biggest peas in the pod I have ever seen.  I think there was something else buried under there too, but I can’t remember what it was!  In typical fashion, the strawberries didn’t make it to the fridge – we ate those in about 1 minute flat.  The peas also did not make it to the fridge.  The kids and I tried one and then before we knew it, they were gone.  Holy deliciousness! That’s a pea pod graveyard on the right side of the photo!
Image (1)

We are already looking forward to seeing what sort of goodies arrive this week.

Now, I’ve got just enough time to run the spell check, get this published, and go get ready for CrossFit.

Hope you all had a great weekend and are ready for a great week.

How is your week ahead looking?  As crazy busy as mine seems to be?
Only 4 more days until the weekend Smile


The Friday Five

Even though it was a short week for me with Monday being the Canada Day stat holiday, I am still very glad that it’s Friday!  I had a good week at work, but i still love my weekends.

Let’s get to it!

friday five

1.  I’ve had a busy week at CrossFit. Here are the WOD that I did on Wednesday and Thursday night.
WOD july 3

wod july 4

These were both great workouts.  On both days I hit PR’s with my lifts!  For the front squat, I finally got to 100lbs. I’ve still got a long way to go, but I was happy to finally hit triple digits.  I did drop back to 55lbs for he AMRAP part of the WOD, but that’s okay.  I only used a black band for my ring dips, so I was happy about that to.  Slowly gaining some upper body strength!

For the shoulder workout last night, I struggled a bit with the strict press and didn’t hit my max, but got 5lbs shy of it, with 80lbs.  For the push press I got to 85, I think, and on the jerk I got to 95…I tried 100, but couldn’t stick it and had to bail. I’m still happy with 95 as that is the most I’ve ever done.  I would have loved to get the 100 as it just seems like a big milestone.  There were actually 3 of us trying…only 1 succeeded.  The two of us who missed will get it next time!

2.  I’m back at the Box tomorrow, and bringing my sister, Erin, as a guest!. My sister is one of the fittest people I know.  She is a natural athlete and is tall and slim in her build – the exact opposite of me!  She is a phys ed teacher and in her fitness class this year, did a lot of CrossFit type workouts with her classes.  She is thinking about joining a Box, so I’m dragging her along with me tomorrow to get a feel of what a real CrossFit class is like.  I’m super excited about this as tomorrow is a Partner WOD. 
WOD july 6

I haven’t done a partner WOD yet, so it will be a bit of a new thing for both of us!  She will probably put me to shame, but I’m used to that! 

3.  I got a new toy in the mail today!
ipad mini

Turns out I won a prize from one of booths in the trade show at the conference I went to last month.  I really don’t need an iPad mini, since I already have a full-sized iPad, but I’m certainly not gonna say no to a free one! 

4.  Tomorrow we are getting a “new” car.  My husband’s father passed away earlier this year. 
He had a 1991 Mazda Miata and hubby’s mother doesn’t want it, so she is giving the car to us. 

There is lots of paperwork that goes along with this gift, and technically the car is’s just all the other stuff that goes along with it that is going to cost us – it needs to have a safety inspection, we need to transfer the licence plates, and we need to insure it. Turns out the insurance company we have for our current cars will not insure a car over 19 years old.  So, hubs has spent the last few days trying to find someone who will insure it for us.  He finally found one, but it’s ridiculously expensive.  I have tried to convince hubs we don’t need this car and that it’s probably not the best use of our money to insure this car, but he has made up his mind and went ahead and insured it.  We think that once the car turns 25 years old, it gets “classic” status and the insurance becomes insanely cheap. We just have a few expensive years between now and then. 

As part of hub’s negotiations with me to get the car, he has offered up a trade that he will pay to insure the car instead of paying someone to paint our hallway. He figures it is about the same amount of money, so he says he will paint the hallway himself BEFORE the end of July.  We’ll see how that goes!

In the meantime, we will go get the car tomorrow and being it back home. Despite being 22 years old, it in excellent shape and only has 61,000km on it!  It should be a fun little summer car.

5.  Hubs got himself a new car, so I thought it only fair that I got a treat too!  We were at the mall shopping for a baby present and I popped into the Gap.  I picked up 3 cute tank tops to wear at CrossFit. 

I think I will wear one to CrossFit tomorrow for my partner WOD with my sister!

And here’s a bonus one:

6.  I took a trip down memory lane while I wrote this post.  My little guy wanted to watch a movie tonight.  Hubs tried to convince him to watch Almost Famous, but he wanted to watch Billy Madison.  We checked out the Movie Network and didn’t find Billy Madison, but we did find Sixteen Candles. 
sixteen candles

That movie makes me laugh every time.  “No more yanky my wanky.  The Donger need food!” Here’s a shocker…today Dong is 58 years old!  Man, I feel old!

What have you got lined up for your weekend?

Did you watch Sixteen Candles when it first came out?  
Any other favourites from that era?
Another favourite of mine is The Breakfast Club.

Happy Weekend!


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