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Stop Snacking on CRAP!

I have been busting my ass at CrossFit, going to class 4 times a week, and adding in a mobility session each week.  I am finally getting used to my extra class each week.  The first few weeks of 4 classes a week my body was achy and tired.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still sore and tired, but it’s all good!

My main meals have been pretty good lately…especially this week. 100% clean and mostly paleo…and totally delicious.  So, that’s good too.

But…I can’t seem to stop snacking this week.  A giant bag of chocolate covered almonds showed up in the office kitchen and I have eaten WAY too many of them.  I nibbled on cheese bread while making dinner last night and tonight.  I’ve had more than one Nutella wrap when I walk in the door after work.  And I practically ate a whole bag of sweet potato chips while watching Grey’s tonight.

I need to stop snacking…or at least stop snacking on CRAP.  I’m working so hard in the gym, and then ruining all my hard work by eating too much crap.  This has to stop!


5 best ab exercises

Hopefully I find some will-power soon.

Have you got any tips for how to control bad snacking?


Some New Eats

Once again, I will start my post with an apology.  I haven’t been a very good blogger lately.  I just seem to be so busy and tired and by the end of the day, I just don’t seem to have it in me to write a post.  I will try to do better.

So, let’s get caught up.

After my conference it was right back into the craziness of work and back my busy workout schedule.  I will say that work is a complete zoo these days.  I keep thinking things will calm down, but I’m starting to think that they will just keep going at this insane pace for the foreseeable future.  With work being so nuts, I am loving CrossFit even more as I get to go to the Box and completely forget about all the other insanity in my life.

Since I was away for half the week, I had 3 CrossFit classes to cram into 4 days.  So, I hit the Box Wednesday, Friday and Saturday for some killer WODs. Seriously good workouts:

june 5 wod

june 8 wod
june 7 wod

Friday’s class ended up being a “ladies only” class…quite by fluke, but it was fun!  Savannah, our coach, took a shot of us while we were in wall ball hell…
friday june 7 wall balls

I’m second from the left.  These wall balls were torture!  I finally used the Rx weight of 14lbs and tossed that damn ball up 100 times in total. 

If Friday wasn’t bad enough with the squats in the wall balls, there were another 100 squats in Saturday’s WOD.  Let me tell you…I am feeling all those squats!  Love it!!!

After CrossFit on Saturday, I didn’t do too much, but did read a couple of books I picked up from the library:


I know a lot of people who CrossFit also eat Paleo.  I’m not sure I want to “go Paleo”, but I will check it out.  I’ve only read “Everyday Paleo” so far, and I have to say it is awesome!  So many fantastic sounding recipes, a few of which I am going to try this week.  I did my weekly meal plan and have Paleo dishes on tap for tonight, tomorrow and Friday:

Tonight I also did some serious food prep for the week:
– made some black bean and quinoa burgers (recipe found here:
– roasted some kabocha squash with coconut oil and S&P.  I can’t wait to enjoy this as a snack tomorrow at work!

– prepped the stuffing for Everyday Paleo spicy stuffed peppers.  Now, tomorrow after work all I have to do is get the peppers ready, stuff them with the filling and bake them up.  The filling smelled absolutely amazing while it was cooking…and I took a little taste before I put it into the fridge and holy cow…DELISH!

I also cooked up a delicious Paleo dinner tonight:  Puerto Rican Beef with Mashed Sweet Potatoes and Avocado.  This is another recipe from Everyday Paleo (you can find lots of other Paleo recipes on the Everyday Paleo website as well.) 

This dish was simple to make and was so good!  All the flavours worked so well together – with the olives and avocado just kicking it up a notch.  Everyone cleaned their plates tonight…and I’ve got enough left for 2 lunches at work this week! 

I’ve got another busy week ahead, so I’m hoping that the food prep I did tonight will help make dinner time just a little less chaotic.  I’ll let you know if it works!

Have you ever tried eating Paleo?
What’s your favourite Paleo recipe?

Here’s looking forward to a good week ahead. 


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