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The Friday Five – Facebook Memories Edition


So a while ago Facebook started showing you “memories” from previous years on whatever day it is.  I’ve been getting a kick out of those as it’s a nice trip down memory lane, and it’s been reminding me of not only good times I’ve had with friends and family, but also good eats that I’ve made in the past and forgotten about.  Here are some of my recent “foodie” memories.  Most of these recipes are listed on my “recipes you have to try page”, but I’ve also provided links to the recipes below.

  1. Lean Green Bean Frozen Peanut Butter Cups.  

    These little beauties are quick and easy to make, and since I made them in a mini muffin tin, I don’t feel the least bit guilty about enjoying then as an afternoon treat at work or at night while watching tv.  I currently have some in my freezer at home and at the office! Find the recipe here.

  2. Clean Eating Mediterranean Veg & White Bean Pasta.
    CE med veg and white bean pasta.jpgThis is a delicious and quick pasta dinner.  It’s loaded with veggies and the feta cheese is a nice tangy topping.  Find the recipe here.  I like this one since it usually gives me 2 leftover meals for lunches at work.
  3. Clean Eating Mongolian-Style Beef Crepes
    mongolian style beef crepes.jpgThe bundle of deliciousness popped up in my memory feed this week and I am definitely adding it to next weeks menu when I do my meal planning this weekend.  I had totally forgotten about these, but do remember how tasty they were and I’m looking forward to making them again.  Find the recipe here.
  4. Clean Eating Spaghetti Carbonara with Chicken Sausage
    spaghetti carbonara.jpg
    I had totally forgotten about this recipe too.  I went through quite a phase of cooking from Clean Eating magazine when I first started trying to eat better and exercise more.   I made this last Sunday and it was even better than I remember it.  So good and it will definitely not be another 3 years before I make this again.
  5. This last memory is not food related, but friend related.  For the last 5 years, in early April, I have gone to Brockville to play hockey with my best girls.  This year, we were initially planning to go to Nashville for a tourney instead, but that fell through as it became a bit too expensive and people figured the hockey would get in the way of our drinking.  So, we changed to a tourney the same weekend in Niagara Falls.  All was good, except 2 weeks before the tourney, it got cancelled 😦  It seems lots of teams said they were coming and then never sent their cheques in, so the organizer cancelled.  We couldn’t do Brockville this year because many of the girls had other commitments that weekend and we didn’t have enough to ice a team.  So, we didn’t get our tourney weekend in this year.  That made us all a bit sad, because the Corona Crushers really know how to have a good time at a tourney.  Here’s the memory that came up this week from last year’s tourney.  Love you crazy chicks.  xo
    post game crushers.jpg

I’m sure I will be making more memories this weekend as it’s the Third Annual Jelly Bean Ball – a fundraiser my friend has for Community Living.  If history repeats itself, and I’m sure it will, we will eat, drink, dance and be merry until the wee hours of the morning.  Can’t wait!

Happy weekend!  The weather in the Toronto area is finally looking like spring.  As soon as I hit publish I’m heading to the back deck to enjoy a nice, cold Corona!  Cheers!

Are you enjoying the Facebook memory feature?

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Motivational Monday: Planning For Chaos

Happy Monday!


I was searching online for some sort of quote or image that I could use in my post and found this one that was perfect for today’s topic:

planning chaos

Most days, my life does feel like organized chaos!  Each week we juggle school, work, CrossFit 3 times a week for hubs and 4 times a week for me, hockey twice a week for each kid and once a week for hubs and me.  That’s a lot to fit in. Some days I’m amazed we pull it off!  I rely on the calendar in my iPhone to keep track of things, plus we have a family calendar in the kitchen that we fill in as well.  It has a column for each family member so we can keep track of who needs to be where when.

In general, I think we do a pretty good job of fitting everything in.  Although, when things get hectic, the one thing that tends to fall through the cracks at our house is food.  When our weekends get busy, or we are away, I often don’t menu plan or grocery shop.  This makes the week following a bit of a challenge.  Lunches and dinners get a bit sketchy.

We finally got smart last week.  I knew I was going to be away and not likely back Sunday in time to menu plan or grocery shop before we needed to head out to two rinks on opposite sides of town for hockey with the boys. So, hubs had the genius idea to do a Grocery Gateway order.  Grocery Gateway is an online grocery store that delivers to the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).  You go online, fill your “grocery cart” with whatever groceries you need, pick a delivery time, check out and the groceries will be delivered to your home during the delivery window you choose.   He started our order Thursday night and I went in and topped up the cart with things I would need for meals this week.  The first delivery option available was tomorrow…so tomorrow between 6 and 7:30am (before we go to work) our groceries will be delivered and dropped off right in our kitchen.  All we have to do is put them away before we head to work.  You have no idea how excited I am about this.  I am going to have a fridge full of groceries without having to step foot in the grocery store or take an hour to shop.  YAY!!!

I also had a feeling last week that this week might be crazy so on Friday, before I went away,  I made an Eat Savage order for my lunches this week.  Eat Savage is a Paleo meal delivery service.  You order what meals you want by Friday, and they deliver them the following Monday to the drop off/pick up location of your choice.  I get them to deliver to my CrossFit gym and just pick them up when I go to class Monday night.  Tonight one of the boys plays hockey at 7:20 which means I can’t get to class, but I will swing by and pick up my lunches on my way home from work.

So despite having had a busy weekend and not being able to get to the grocery store, I have lunches for the week and all the groceries i need to cook tasty, clean meals – well, tomorrow after the groceries get delivered I will have everything I need 🙂  All this means that I have no excuse not to eat healthy this week…and that makes me happy.

I don’t have an exact menu plan for the week, but with what we’ve ordered, I know we will eat well.  I’m excited to get cooking!  I think I will try one of the casseroles that I mentioned here.

How do you plan for chaos?

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It’s Rest Day

Tuesday is a day off for me.  I used to spend my Tuesday wishing I was at the gym.

rest-dayNow that my son plays hockey Tuesday nights, I don’t miss the gym as much.  Instead I freeze my butt off at the Magna Centre and watch him play.

Tonight is extra busy as I have a massage at 5:45, a guy is coming to give us an estimate on some new kitchen cupboards at 7, and then the hockey game at 8:50.

Making the most of my rest day for sure!


How do you survive rest days?


Totally Random Tuesday

totally random tuesday 2.jpg

I’m going to use my Totally Random Tuesday post to get caught up on highlights from the last few weeks. Here we go:

1.  I didn’t finish my August Mile A Day Challenge Sad smile Things got hectic before we went to St. Lucia.  I missed my run Tuesday, August 19th, but I did run on Wednesday the 20th (treadmill before work), and then the wheels fell off.  Thursday we had a going away party for friends moving to Australia, Friday we had to run up to the cottage to watch the kids get their awards for Sailing Club this summer, and Saturday we went to St. Lucia. I did bring my running shoes and gear with me…but did not run.  It was too friggin’ hot!  Oh well.  In the end I ran a total of 17 miles in August, which is 17 more than I would have run without the Challenge.  I still don’t love running, but I think the miles may have helped since I feel like I’m a bit faster when we run during WODs. 

2.  St. Lucia was AMAZING!!! We had a fantastic week at Sandals Regency Le Toc doing not much of anything at all.  We lay around in the sun, hung out in the pool, and drank WAY too many blender drinks!  This was our view for most of the week…not too hard to take!
photo 1
We did manage to snorkel a few times:  once right in front of the hotel, and once we took a boat to a spot just a bit south on the coast from the hotel.  We saw lots of colourful fish and a few ugly ones as well!

We played 9 holes of golf on the course at the resort.  It was fun and a few holes were interesting as they climbed up the side of a mountain.  The funniest part of the round was when a crab stole my ball on the very first hole.  I just missed the green and he grabbed my ball and took it down into his hole with him. The caddie said I get a free drop for that!view

We had a great week in the sun and were very sad when we had to go home, as you can see in our last day sad face selfie:
photo 3
3.  Winter hockey has started!  It seemed like this was a very early start to the year, but we played our first game of the winter season last Thursday.  Our team is a bit different this year, as a few of our regulars decided not to play, and others missed the sign-up deadline, but there are 6 of us from last year, plus my sister is back playing again (YAY!!!), and then there are a whole bunch of new players to the team.  One bonus is my friend Nikki from CrossFit randomly got put on my team, so that’s awesome!  We tied our first game 1-1 and I got the goal.  It was ugly, but as long as it went in!  We play again this coming Thursday and I can’t wait.  I friggin’ love hockey!
love hockey

4.  Taking 2 weeks off from CrossFit is NOT a good idea!  Between our hectic week before we went to St. Lucia, being in St. Lucia and Labour Day long weekend, it was 2 weeks between CrossFit WODs for me.  That was not a good thing.  My first WOD back was Tabata This and it was killer. 

I started out strong, with my best row and squats ever, but then I tanked and ended up 3 points lower than what I did last time Sad smile.  Despite doing worse, my pain level after was higher.  My quads killed me for 3 days after!  Going down the stairs was pure torture.  Thankfully I had a massage on Thursday evening and my RMT worked hard on my legs and they felt somewhat better.  Hockey Thursday night seemed to help too, since Friday the pain wasn’t quite so bad.  I need to remember how bad this was and not take 2 weeks off again!
too many rest days

5.  I’m loving all the food prep that I did this week.  I had a busy Sunday of menu planning, grocery shopping and food prep…and it was totally worth it.  I have been eating well and feeling good about my nutrition choices.  This week, I’m eating Nom Nom Paleo Prosciutto Frittata Muffins, Make it Paleo Breakfast Sausage, my own version of sweet potato hash, and The Paleo Kitchen Open Faced Sliders and Raspberry Swirl Muffins.  Yum Yum Yum!!!
photo 4 (2)photo 1 (8)photo 5 (1)photo 3 (5)photo 2 (8) 

Now, it’s late and I’ve had a busy day.  I played golf and hit CrossFit.  I’m exhausted and looking forward to a good night’s sleep. 

Hope your Tuesday was totally random!

Have you made any delicious recipes lately? 
Feel free to share.  I’m always looking for new good eats!


Totally Random Tuesday

totally random Tuesday

It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  Life had been busy and I just don’t seem to have time, or the energy, to post all that regularly.  Hopefully I will get you all caught up on what’s been going on with my in another instalment of Totally Random Tuesday.

1.  I have bumped my CrossFit up to 4 times a week.  This started when I got back from March Break.  I’m loving the extra class, but my body sure felt it for the first few weeks. To help my body cope, I am trying to attend a Mobility Class each week.  My hockey for the season has finished, which means I can go to CrossFit on Thursdays and there is a mobility class that I will try to regularly attend.  I went for the first time last week and it felt good.  Tomorrow I am going to do a WOD at 7pm and then hit mobility at 8.  It should be a good stretch and I’m hoping it helps me make it through 4 days in a row at the Box.  This week I will be going Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. so a good stretch might be just what I need to help me survive! 
stretch its good for you

2.  The Corona Crushers went to Brockville this past weekend for our annual tournament adventure.  This is our 4th year going to this tournament.  We always have a good time, and this year was no exception.  Our game times were pretty good (10pm Friday night, 3pm Saturday afternoon, 9am Sunday and then finals 12:15 Sunday afternoon if we made it).  We got smoked by a very good, young team on Friday night, but we didn’t let that bother out post game celebrations.  We headed back to the hotel and did what the Crushers do best…we partied…hard!  We finally went to bed at 5:30 or so Saturday morning!  Good thing we didn’t play until 3!  Despite the late night, we were up around 10:30 and hit a local diner for a great “morning after the night before” breakfast:
photo 1 (1)
We did a bit of shopping and then we were back on the ice at 3.  We won that game pretty easily and then got right back into party mode.  We went out for dinner and then back to the room for more drinks, laughs and fun.  Saturday was an earlier night, since we played at 9 and needed to win to make the finals.  Sunday’s 9am game was another strong game for us and we did win, which meant we were in the finals at 12;15.

In true Crusher fashion, we enjoyed a few bevvies between games…we may have broken a few rules in doing so!
photo 4

In the finals, we played the same team we played Friday night.  They are a very strong team, and were much better than we were, and once again, they beat us quite handily…but we played a fantastic game.  We played much better than we did Friday night, and even though we lost, we were pretty happy with our performance.  We are already looking forward to next year’s tourney!  Maybe next year we will do a better job lining up for the team photo! 
crushers brockville 2014

3.  I’m back to CrossFit tomorrow…after 4 days off.  I’m a little nervous about how I will feel after being away from the Box for 4 days in a row.  I did play 4 games of hockey during that time off, but it’s not the same as CrossFit!  Tomorrow’s WOD looks like this:
wod apriil 8

For the last few weeks, the WODs have been different than we’ve been used to.  There are now advanced, intermediate and beginner levels to the strength and usually the met con as well. This is following an Optimum Performance Training theory of programming.  I’m not exactly sure what it’s all about or how it is better than what we did before, but I will trust my coaches that they know what they are doing and are programming so we can all make gains. I will either do intermediate or beginner tomorrow. I will decide after the coach gives her pre-WOD talk.  So far, they’ve recommended we go one level below what we think we are until we get a feel for the new programming.  If that is still the case, I will probably do Beginner.  I’m sure it will still be a killer workout!

For the MetCon, I’m pretty sure I will row, since the driveway at the gym is a complete disaster after this brutal winter.  There are giant potholes, heaves and dips all over the place.  I don’t need to roll and ankle or wipe out during the run, so I think I will keep it safe and hit the rower.  Can’t wait to get back at it.

4.  Here’s a funny for anyone who has a cat:  It’s funny, because it’s true!  This has happened more than once at our house!

photo 2 (1)

5.  I have fallen off on my reading lately. I was going great guns until the last week of March and I haven’t read much at all since I finished my last book March 24. I just can’t seem to find anything that seems like something I want to read. I have no shortage of books available, as hubs got a jump drive with about 5000 books on it from someone at work. I just need to take some time to go through them all and find something that looks good.

Any suggestions on what I should read next? 

Hope your Tuesday was Totally Random!


The Friday Five

Another week down, and another weekend is here!  And that means it’s time for …

Here we go!

1.  The kids hockey season starts tomorrow!  Everyone in the house is looking forward the start of the 2013-2014 hockey season.  Tomorrow we get to see who is on their teams and we start spending a good chunk of the weekend in an arena.  At least this year, it will all be at the same rink and sometimes at the same time.  Other times, it will seem like we are spending our whole day there.  Tomorrow will be one of the “whole day” days.  Nick has a game at 1pm, which we need to be at an hour early since it is the first day and the kids need to get their socks and jerseys and there is some paperwork to fill out.  Then at 3:15 Jacko has his first practice, which we also need to be at early for jerseys etc.  This means we will be at the rink from about noon until 4:30.  Nothing like jumping right into it. I can’t wait! 
hockey season

2.  I’m playing what will likely be my last round of golf on Sunday.   It is our EWGA appreciation day and we are playing out at Royal Ontario.  It is a team thing, but I’m hoping I play well as we will still keep our own score.  At each hole, everyone plays their own ball and records their own score.  Then we open a little card that says how we pick the score that we record for the team.  It could be something like:  “who is the next person to have their birthday”, “who has the most pink on”, “who is wearing the most layers of clothing”, and fun things like that, that make it pretty random on who’s score gets picked.  The weather is supposed to be perfect for golf.  Sunny and 23 degrees (Celsius). I can’t wait. 

3.  I tried Kombucha!  I have been reading in lots of blogs about Kombucha and how great it is.  I really had no idea what it was and was a bit nervous to try it out.  Last weekend, I was down at Whole Foods, checking it out for the first time and I looked to see if they had Kombucha.  They did, but I still wasn’t sure what it was.  Luckily for me, there was a girl giving out samples of some other thing just in front of where the Kombucha was. She heard me chatting to hubs about the Kombucha and offered some advice.  I ended up getting 2 different kinds/flavours.  So far, I’ve only tried one: 

photo (25)

This was a Gingerade flavour.  It was actually pretty good.  I took a small glass before meals for a couple of days. I’m not sure I felt any different because of it – I may need to take more to get the full benefits, but I was worried I might react to it, so just started small.  I’ve got another bottle of grape flavour in the fridge and will try to drink it this weekend.  I’m not sure I will become a regular drinker, but will probably drink it on my whole life challenge since I miss the bubbles of my diet pop, and this is naturally fizzy.  It’s a bit of a treat for me now. Who knows, I may keep it up.  Here is an article from the Huffington Post that lists some of the benefits of Kombucha. 

4.  I found some Whole Life Challenge approved snacks.  I actually haven’t been snacking all that much since starting the challenge.  I’m eating pretty filling meals and don’t find that I’m hungry between meals.  That being said, everyone once in a while I do find myself wishing I had something sweet to eat.  Since sugar is out, that doesn’t leave too much.  The coaches at CrossFit posted a few challenge compliant snacks that they found in the local health food grocery store.  I picked up a few different varieties of “brownies”….although I’m not quite sure how they are brownies, since they don’t have chocolate in them!  One is only bananas and the other is bananas and guava.  I will try them tomorrow and see how they taste. 
photo 2photo 1

And last, but certainly not least….

5.  I love CrossFit.  I know that is not something new.  I have been raving about how much I like CrossFit pretty much since the first day I stepped in the Box.  The workouts are killer.  They scare the hell out of me just about every day, but they are awesome.  I leave the Box knowing I have worked hard and done my body good. 

That’s only part of the reason why I love CrossFit.  The other has to do with the sense of community you feel in the Box.  The coaches are amazing.  The are so knowledgeable about the moves and I have learned so much from each one of them.  Every class I get a bit better with each movement.  But the coaches are only half of the equation.  The other half is the other CrossFitters. Everyone is so friendly and encouraging, cheering  you on for your last counts.

I’m often the last one finished the WOD (I’m old and slow, but I’m okay with that!), and so often class members who are finished will stick around until I’m done, helping me count out the last few reps.  It actually happened at today’s class.  3 rounds of 600m run and 30KB swings.  I am a slow runner, so knew I would be near the end.  I was just finishing up my last run when everyone else was done and putting their kettle bells away.  The coach came over to get me moving on the kettle bell swings.  I did 15 and needed to take a break.  By then, two other girls in the class had come over, asked how many I had left to do, and counted me down.  I know I could have finished those last swings if they weren’t there, but just having them standing close by and counting the swings off for me, gave me that extra little motivation I needed to get them done. 

I hear about this on other blogs as well – the sense of community and encouragement that you feel in the Box.  I saw this article today that just sums it up so well.  I hope you will take a few minutes and give it a read:  Crossfitters Eat Their Young – For Time.


Now, it’s late and I need to get to bed so I can get my 7 hours of sleep.  I’ve got CrossFit at 9:30, then the rest of my day will pretty much be spent at the rink.

What have you got planned for the weekend?

Have you tried Kombucha?  What flavour should I try next?

Happy weekend!


Things From The Web

Hey all!   Once again it’s been a while between posts.  I just don’t seem to be able to get to writing as often as I’d like.  Oh well…that’s life!

Here a just a few things that I’ve seen on the web lately that caught my attention.

things from the web

1. Here’s a great quote I saw on a fellow blogger BOXGRL81’s site today.  I love it!  #CrossFit

you need chalk

2.  Earlier this week, on the Late Show with Jimmy Fallon, there was a lip sync battle between Jimmy, Stephen Merchant and Joseph Gordon Levitt.  It’s pretty good! 

Epic lip sync-off!

3.  Since I’m doing the Whole Life Challenge, I am off sugar.  I can have it as an ingredient in a savoury sauce, but I can’t have sweets or use sugar/honey/maple syrup in any recipes.  I don’t really find I am missing it and I will try to keep my sugar intake to a minimum once the challenge is over.  Here’s a little info (from on why you should give up, or at least reduce your sugar intake too.
reasons-to-give-up-sugar (1)

Tonight I’ve got an early hockey game (7:30pm) and then I am hitting the couch to watch the 2 hour season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy.  Wohoo!!!   Parenthood also premieres tonight, but overlaps with Grey’s, so I will PVR it and hopefully watch it at some point over the weekend.

Are you watching Grey’s tonight? 

See you tomorrow for Friday Five!


Double-Down Thursday

Man, this week has just flown by.  Tomorrow is Friday and the weekend is just around the corner.  Wohoo!

I’ve got a busy night ahead of me tonight, with 2 workouts, so writing up a quick post on a break at work.

Tonight I have CrossFit at 6:30 and then hockey at 8:30.

Tonight’s WOD looks not too bad:
Sept 19 wod

Last time we did shoulder press, I really liked it.  Hopefully tonight I will set a PR.  Fingers crossed.  Although the AMRAP looks harmless enough, I’m sure it will be killer.  They all are!  And that’s why I love CrossFit – it’s always a good workout!

I will be going right from the Box to the rink.  We are undefeated in out first two games, so hopefully we can keep the streak alive tonight.  Regardless, it will be a good skate, and there should be a few good laughs on the bench and in the dressing room.  Can’t wait to hit the ice!

At some point in there, I also need to eat something for dinner.  It might just be a larabar on my drive to the rink.  I don’t really want to eat before going to CrossFit…that’s just a recipe for disaster!

Okay, sorry this was so short, but that’s all I can squeeze in.

See you tomorrow for the Friday Five!

What do you eat before you hit CrossFit?
Have you ever seen “Pukie”?


I May Be Old, But I’m Still A Bad Ass!

So, today was my birthday. Other than a birthday lunch with my co-workers, there wasn’t much celebrating today.  Instead, I went to a CrossFit class after work and after that headed straight to the rink to play my first hockey game of the season.  We won!  Yay!  I will be celebrating with my family for a nice dinner out tomorrow night…plus tomorrow I’m getting a massage.  I can’t wait! 

I’ve had a busy week at CrossFit, and I’m hurting (it hurts to lift my arms!), so that massage tomorrow afternoon is going to be AWESOME!  Tuesday and Wednesday’s WOD made many sore muscles, but today’s WOD beat me up the worst. 

The WOD was a repeat of what we did back in May. 
wod sept 5

In May, I used a big, thick band, a light pink kettle bell, and a 16 inch box.  I completed 206 reps.  Tonight I used a much thinner purple band, a 1 pood (35lb) kettle bell, and a 20 inch box.  That is just about Rx.  Although I can now do an unassisted pull up, I didn’t think I would be able to do multiple rounds of 8, so used the band.  It was a good decision. 

Tonight, I only did 203 reps, but all at a tougher level, so I’m pretty happy about that.  I skipped the GHD sit-ups since class ran a bit long and I had to get to the rink for hockey. 

So, here’s the beat up part….check out my hands…
photo (18)

Apparently 56 pull ups and 70 kettle bell swings was a bit more than my hands could take. 

I’m such a BadAss!

How was your Thursday?  One more day ‘til the weekend!!


The Friday Five

Another week is over, and Friday is here!


1.  It has been a crazy week in the world.  Like everyone else, I was shocked and saddened by the horrific events at the Boston Marathon on Monday.  As soon as I found out I texted my friend Kathy since I knew members of her running group were running Boston.  Thankfully all of her friends were fine.  Others were not as lucky.  It is absolutely horrible and still hard to believe.  My thoughts are with all who were impacted by the initial explosions and now as Boston is under lock-down during the manhunt for those responsible. 

boston strong

2.  I did a killer WOD this morning!  Since I’m busy tonight and tomorrow, I had to hit the Box this morning before work to get my 3rd CrossFit class of the week in.  So, I set my alarm for 6:15, got up, had my Ionix Supreme, went back upstairs and tried to do something to control my crazy-ass morning hair, put my contacts in and headed back down to make my breakfast shake.  Normally I wouldn’t eat before going to the Box, but since I was cleansing yesterday and didn’t eat anything aside from the cleanse juice, I figured I might need a bit of nutrition before doing the WOD.  I drank my shake on the drive to the Box.  I’m starting to get used to the’s not horrible, it’s just not the same as the smoothies I usually make (with yogurt & fruit). 

The WOD today was tough…really tough!  At a quick glance, it doesn’t look that bad: 15-12-9 Overhead Squats and Ring Dips.  I had never done an overhead squat before, and the other people in the class hadn’t don’t them that often, so we took some time to breakdown the move and find a good weight to use for the WOD.  Same general principals as a regular squat, but with the bar held overhead.  This ads a whole new element to the squat…you need to have a tight core to help support the weight overhead and keep the bar stable.  I started with just the training bar, then added 5lbs to each side – 25lbs total.  That felt okay, so I thought I would jump to 35lbs.  That felt MUCH tougher.  It actually made me nervous to have it over my head as I was very unstable, so I only did 2 squats at this 35lb level and then dropped back to 30lbs.  That felt much better and I could concentrate on all the different things I needed to think about and do during the lift. 

My coach watched a few and asked me how it felt.  He said it looked good and asked me to go to 35 for a few so he could see them.  I was nervous, but went ahead and put the 10’s back on to get back up to 35.  It didn’t feel as bad as the first time I tried the 35.  Justin said they looked good and thought I should use that weight for the WOD.  I was a bit unsure, but he told me to trust in myself.  “you got this” he said.  So, I gave it a try!

15-12-9 with an 8 minute cap.  I was nervous about doing the 35lb overhead squats and ring dips are really tough for me.  I got my purple band set up since I can’t do them unassisted yet.  (God, when will I get some decent upper body strength!)  We got the countdown and then we were off.  Those overhead squats were tough…really tough!  But, I managed to do all 3 rounds at 35lbs – yay!.  I had different weights close by in case I needed to drop down after the first set.  I don’t love ring dips and today did not change my opinion of them!  I was the last one done the WOD (small class of only 4 people this morning), and it was all I could do to finish within the 8 minutes.  Justin was cheering me on for the last round.  Telling me to break my squats down into sets of three and then the same with the ring dips.  It was getting tight and I only had 20 seconds left to do my last 3 ring dips.  I just made it!  7:59!!!  Phew!!!

3.  I’m playing hockey this weekend.  I’m playing with with my friend Lisa – who I call Lazer, since she made the mistake of wearing her bowling shirt to hockey one night with Lazer written on it! – and my sister, but other than those two, I have no idea who else is in the team.  It should be a fun weekend with a minimum of 3 games, and if we do well, there is the potential for 5 games total.  I’m interested to see how my energy level is over the weekend since I will still be doing my cleanses and having shakes for breakfast and lunches. 
lets play hockey

4.  I am loving all the extra sleep I am getting!  Really, it isn’t all that much more, but I think it is making a big difference in how I’m feeling.  Hopefully I can keep up the trend and head to bed a a decent hour every night. 

sleep is good
5.  I found another dancing video!  Enjoy…The guy in the video is sure having a good time!

Vacation boogie!

Happy  Friday!

Got any big plans for the weekend?


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